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  1. In all honesty, I really do think all Mark Sanchez needs to succeed is more time to play. He could still have the ability to be "elite." He has very similar numbers to Eli at the 3 year mark in his career. We have seen that Mark has the winning mentality, he really just needs more time to progress. I hope the Jets don't shoot themselves in the foot and isn't too impatient, because some guys just need that extra year or two to take it to the next level.

  2. I think that the RT problem can be solved simply with time. Great offensive lines play well when they know how to play with each other. Remember when the Jets had the best O-line in the league? That O-line also had the most games in a row played together. I also think that the fact they are going to Cortland this year will be huge. They definitely missed that bonding last year. Cortland was a huge variable missing last year IMO

  3. my dad is a season ticket holder and i went to every game with him since i was seven. we sit in section 135. i just started college and i miss it like hell. enjoy each and every game, because theyre awesome! I didnt even know there was a "family section." the new stadium is pretty tame compared to the old meadowlands, but then again, we used to be in the nosebleed section which is always crazier than downstairs. I have only seen 2 fights since they opened the new stadium.

  4. lol...I know...that's why I said it. However, I have a great admiration for Broadway Joe. I don't know if you guys consider him the greatest Jet ever, but from my perspective, he seems to be at least the most popular.

    Broadway Joe was probably the "Greatest" Jet because he was the only QB to lead the franchise to the big one. He definitely was not the best Jets player. Id give that to either Joe Klecko, Mark Gastineau or Curtis Martin.

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