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  1. Their schedule is identical to ours, only difference is they get the Ravens (12-4) and Broncos(8-8) while we get the Steelers(12-4) and Chargers(8-8). I'm hearing people say(not on this board, but other boards and ESPN) that the Pats has the easiest schedule, if so do we have the 2nd easiest? JETS Sep 9 - vs Bills - 1:00 Sep 16 - @ Steelers - 4:15 Sep 23 - @ Dolphins - 1:00 Sep 30 - vs 49ers - 1:00 Oct 08 (Monday) - vs Texans - 8:30 Oct 14 - vs Colts - 1:00 Oct 21 - @ Patriots - 4:15 Oct 28 - vs Dolphins - 1:00 Nov 11 - @ Seahawks - 4:05 Nov 18 - @ Rams - 1:00
  2. If we trade Sanchez to Vikings. We get the #3 pick. OMG! I'm so excited! (If this happens) Hopefully they will throw in Percy Harvin in the deal. That was Tebow main option in college.
  3. I don't feel like looking through his timeline to find the exact quote. He said when Peyton first visited the Broncos it was a done deal. That Ten was just a cordial visit. EDIT: I did find this though.
  4. Incarcerated Bob has been legit this year. He said Peyton Manning was going to be a Bronco a week before it happened. He said that the Jets were interested in Tim Tebow before anyone even thought about the Jets in the race. Now he is saying the Jets are shopping Sanchez. He has been on numerous ESPN radio shows talking about the infor he had regarding Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow. I think he is legit. Proof of him saying Peyton Manning will be a Denver Bronco a week before Peyton announced his decision: http://talk.baltimoresun.com/showthread.php?t=314144 http://
  5. *Yawn* Timmy and Kate has been friends for a while.
  6. Sorry!! Maybe I shouldn't have bold that part. I forgot NY people don't like Jordan. Bring up to many bad memories? Knicks have been suffering for a while. sad.
  7. Don't Despair. This will be a great season. In the words of Tebow new teammate Bart Scott; "Can't Wait"!!
  8. If you don't want to read the whole article...I know some people have short attention spans. Than just read the bold parts.
  9. Nope. I was watching that season. Tebow wouldn't have won without Chris. Chris wouldn't have won without Tebow. It was a true 2 QB system.
  10. Because he was the best college qb in the last decade. DUH!!! Some have him top 2 of all time.
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