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  1. I don't believe homosexuality is acceptable behavior.
  2. Why twist my words and insinuate i'm an idolator? Be real. TT is blessed and I feel he is annointed. I'm certainly not calling him GOD. Obviously, TT is NOT like other humans and if he was, we certainly would not be discussing him. TT is not better than others, he is just a chosen leader.
  3. You don't get it, but maybe one day you will. Like I stated, physical pain doesn't have the same effect on TT as it does regular human beings.
  4. Thanks for taking care of that, I hate lies. Some people have no morals, just spouting any drivel that comes to mind and hoping it makes them look better.
  5. Lmao @ Tebow not playing because of broken ribs. Tim Tebow doesn't bow to the weakness of the physical body. In HS, he ran for a TD on a broken leg for quite a ways.
  6. 1. I love TT because he is a beam of light, and he stands for what is right. In a world full of weak followers, he is a leader. A man with a stance. 2. TT does care about me. I waited on TT at a restaurant in Gainesville, mingled with him for about an hour. He had a smile that could melt you, and he was humble to boot. TT cares about all of us. 3. I get a lot out of standing tall for a man of his calibur. 4. He would go out of his way to help me, and he did. 5. I do not make minimum wage. Even if I did, money is not fulfilling. TT does amazing things with his money, things
  7. I'm fond of you as well. Ha ha, if your name was Fonda...that could've been an interesting play on words. We're so silly.
  8. http://tebowtojacksonville.com/?page_id=6# We greatly appreciate all your support. With enough uproar, we can turn this thing around in NY. TT is being sabotaged and this has to change. God bless.
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