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  1. Agreed. Readjusting your grip on the ball isn't losing control/possession. He just changed his grip so he didn't lose control when going to the ground. In fact it's even more impressive that he was able to do adjust his grip without losing control of the ball. Catch of the year right there.
  2. Minority? I guess most of us fans are dumb because that's nothing but the truth lol. That's why Gase is trying his hardest to win 4-5 games. Just happens he's a terrible HC who chases away any talent worth anything. It's sink or swim for him. If he goes 0-16 so be it, he fired himself for his shoddy performance and we benefit with the #1 pick. Actually... If we're 0-14 and clinched the pick you minus well fire him and see if an interim coach can win us a game or 2. Who knows, maybe Sam could win if he was allowed to audible by coach God Complex.
  3. On the bright side, seems like Neville Hewitt has been showing some decent heart. Or has become a psycho and is just smashing everyone in his path, either or lol
  4. Darnold is more skilled and has done more with less than Sanchez ever would. But we have no O-line, no running game, not a single NFL wide receiver or tight end. No one will be successful here. Sanchez mind you had 3 HOF caliber O-Lineman with all-pro starters at every positon on O-line, he had a decent tight end, 3 pro bowl wide receivers and an HOF RB. Darnold throws for 40+ TDs with that 2010 Jets team and we win a Super Bowl. This team, this season is depressing. Sanchez is more accomplished but Darnold is way more talented.
  5. Problem with Jamal is he's the greatest BOX safety in the league. His coverage skills are average at best. Seattle paid a lot to receive an average at best safety for their system.
  6. That's no joke either. He could pull a classic Darrelle Revis, reverse uno on you and comeback after Seattle didn't want to pay him LOL
  7. If Favre stayed we would have won at least one SB with Rex.. hell if we could have had both him and Thomas Jones maybe things change. Who knows.
  8. Last time we had a shortened season in the 80s we arguably would have won it all if it wasn't for Shula and the mud bowl.
  9. As much as Michael Vick is a scumbag for what he did, he wasn't a terrible player or caused issues with the Jets. Santonio Holmes quite literally was the worst. I will never forget him getting injured and like a petty child, gave the ball to the other team deliberately to run back for a TD and to this day feels no shame for that. Another selfish cancer that helped held this team back by several years along with others in the circus.
  10. I've said it before about the Rooney rule... Any good businessman is going to choose the best candidate regardless of skin color. If a team deliberately chooses candidates based on the color of someone's skin they won't be a very good football team or business that's for sure. These extra interviews also just wastes everyone's time. It doesn't show the owner isn't racist and if anything it can be detrimental to minorities because perspective candidates of color or whatever will just be participating in an interview where they are not going to get the job anyways and could otherwise be applying for positions they could reasonably get. It's usually decided before the applicant walks in the door.
  11. Get rid of that bum Trumaine and get Clowney on a one year deal. Even IF he doesn't re-sign, the guy is a baller and Trumaine is gone after the year is over anyways. Rather have an all-pro DE than a bum CB who can't cover a bug.
  12. Unfortunately, there is no way I see him getting picked in the top 10. He's a huge risk.

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