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  1. Good commentator but whomever at CBS decided it was a good idea for him to cover Dallas games needs to be fired. This guy is such a homer it's nauseating.
  2. Ryan Kahlil wtf are you doing bro. You completely gave up blocking #70 and let him have a clear shot to Falk. This unit is the worst line I've seen play. Ever. A VARSITY O-line could block better.
  3. Lets all take a moment of silence and reflect on the amazing QB we have. The guy posted 0 turnovers and PLAYED WITH MONO Love to see how many turnovers Mark Sanchez, Chad Pennington or Baker Mayfield would have while playing WITH MONO against the Bills defense and an offensive line that's well... offensive. The guy is special and we can be 0-6 when he comes back and he could win us 10 games. If DT could give us an ounce of even his 2017 self we could be going places this year.
  4. We have the best backup QB in the league, yup I said it. Trevor could easily be an efficient game manager and average a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. All we need is some solid run blocking to help Le'veon, the rest will figure itself out. The run opens up the passing game. DT is an upgrade from Enunwa before he was put on IR. He also doesn't get injured, which matters because are you going to tell me Braxton Berrios and Josh Bellamy are better than DT? Last year was his first season ending injury. Not all is lost.
  5. Played Tight End in High School... Never understood how anyone can quit on a route -____-" Football 101 play till the whistle you bums.
  6. Tom Brady couldn't even had a good game against that pressure and that O-Line. Sam just didn't have the cheat codes and a legendary coach to get it done anyways.
  7. No we all underestimate the level of awful Bowles was. After he was "fired" in Buffalo Sam took control of the offense away from that dumbo underqualifed Jeremy Bates.
  8. While we're at it let's bring back Ferguson and Revis and rename the Jets to the 2006-07 Draftee Retirement Home.
  9. Wikileaks will surely release the video in due time LOL
  10. A great defense helps a good offense. If we had Sam on our 2009, 2010 squad, we may be repeat Super Bowl winners. Even with an average at best O-line, Sam is a smart enough QB to escape the run and make plays.
  11. Sadly, CTE is an awful disease... It's strange how it affects some people profoundly, yet some players walk away just fine or mostly fine.
  12. But even Quentin is only a guard. Which is the "strongest" position on our O-Line. Guard really isn't a premium position either and can be filled in free agency which is what Macc did. This team needs another Ferguson and unfortunately the last player of his caliber to come out was Tyron Smith and that was 8 freaking years ago. Drafting lineman has been awful these past few years. We would all be pissed if we drafted a bunch of scrubs at O-line just for the sake of need
  13. Unfortunately there were no Mangolds or Fergusons in this draft or any draft dating back to 2014.
  14. I would have a much bigger problem drafting failures vs having quality talent at other positions. You don't draft bad players just for the sake of need. They won't suddenly become good just because you need a guy. We could have drafted a lineman with every one of our picks. Doesn't mean we'll be good or even have a good O-line because if the talent isn't there you can't force it to be. I would rather have pro bowlers at other positions than mediocre O-line prospects. Edit: I want to add that I share everyone's frustration with our O-line problems and I know it is the most important position in football. But there hasn't been a quality draft for O-line since 2014.

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