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  1. Wouldn't be surprised that he's partly the reason why Lucas wanted out. Can't stand him spewing verbal garbage talking over everyone and the whole cast got the eye roll going when he speaks.
  2. If Wilson keeps playing like this, I have 0 issues moving on... However, with the lackluster QBs coming out this year, it doesn't look to be worth it. You minus well give him a second shot next year then make your move if he doesn't pan out.
  3. Not to mention, Mangini gave the Browns 2 of their best drafts of that decade. Both of which produced Joe Haden and Joe Thomas.
  4. In fairness, 99% of other franchises don't have unknown backups who come out and beat the then best team in the conference while putting up 400yds and has as many tds between 2 games than your 2nd overall pick has put up all year... Its the obsurdity of being a Jets fan.
  5. He might be worth more than that if he keeps his level of play up. We might have won this game if he didn't get hurt. Could still come back strong next week and play if the injury isn't serious.
  6. They needed a 1st round pick if this was going to happen. His veteran presence and leadership has helped make this secondary over achieve where we all thought that they would be a huge burden on the team this year. He may not be worth a 1st on the market, but he is to us and probably was to JD. Who do you replace him with? You just wind up hurting the teams growth and development doing this mid season. The chance of a 3rd rounder replacing him is foolish to think of.
  7. Technically It's 4D chess, not 3D. 3D is normal chess that we always play. Everyone tends to forget the 4th dimension always exists in our world.
  8. That's not 3D chess, it's 4D chess in our universe.
  9. The stupid move was not resigning him for 0 picks.
  10. Any fan should have a problem with this. Any fan could tell you that starting a rookie, particularly with the play style of Wilson with a suspect O-line needed a veteran backup. We had Darnold on a rookie deal but that what "untenable" because reasons. Could have resigned Flacco wasting 0 picks. This was a failure and was obvious months before the season started.
  11. While I agree the class was over hyped and many have been recently, you need a QB to succeed and win championships in today's NFL. You can't get by otherwise. You can't win an SB with a journeyman or a QB that is turnover prone anymore. The rules don't allow you to play great defense anymore.
  12. The team around him can't be great forever. We have a salary cap and consistently drafting low doesn't typically bode well for keeping a team filled with drafted in house talent. Mahomes' quick rise to elite status was because he had a great coaching staff and team that was built in KC that fostered his talent.
  13. No, SNY crew is 100% correct. We became the cardiac Jets yet again because we still don't know how to finish a game. We kept shooting ourselves in the foot to the point where we had to rely on the wind blowing in just the right direction to seal the win. Winning teams don't let it get down to that, especially when there were many opportunities to end the game by before OT. Just because we won, doesn't negate the ton of improvement still needed.
  14. Schotty and Urban aren't making Trevor look too great... And he's supposed to be THE Trevor Lawrence... He also somehow made Russell Wilson look bad and got fired. Bowles has Tom Brady making the defenses job easy and his buddy Bruce at HC.
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