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  1. It's crazy that is something that will never happen again. You will never have an entire conference be rooted so unified and hard for like the AFL was in 1968. Everyone was a fan of the New York Jets on January 12th 1969.
  2. Reynolds1029

    Super Bowl III DVD??

    Believe it or not that DVD was very new then. I remember getting it for Christmas back in 2008 and it was brand new. Watched it a lot back then now I can't find it unfortunately.
  3. Reynolds1029

    Recency Bias

    I agree that the blown call is being made into something bigger than it is because it was missed just before the end of the game. But this call literally sends the Saints right then and there to the Super Bowl. The missed call on Goff is not blatent. It was an accidental facemask and doesn't change the outcome of the game. Cowherd is ASSUMING that the Rams score a TD and that makes the difference. But it only puts them first and goal at the 1. The Saints CAN make a goal line stand and still be in the same situation. This blown call couldn't have been more game changing and it was missed. TL:DR Cowherd is comparing apples to Oranges with these calls. Even with Recency bias taken into account.
  4. Reynolds1029

    It came down to money for McCarthy

    It was never about money. Literal fake news. If it was about money, McCarthy would have had to command Gruden money for it to be a problem.
  5. If I'm stoned, if you didn't see my eyes, you would think I'm sober as well. Easy to act sober while high. It's the eyes a body language that's harder to hide.
  6. I know this is touchy, but Stephen A is a hypocrite, if Gase was a person of color he wouldn't dare mention it. There made it PC as possible!
  7. Honestly looks like Peyton to me. He takes what the defense and his WRs give him. He is a master at pre-snap reads, not many fool him. Total film nut too. He also has a strong enough arm similar to Peyton but it isn't Mahomes, Favre strong. He also isn't reckless like Favre, but he is not afraid of taking chances either. I know this may not be a popular comparasion, but that is who he closly resembles.
  8. Reynolds1029

    Does the Patriots dynasty end today?

    It only ends until Sam wins us the division. Once they have a competitor they're done.
  9. Reynolds1029

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Watching this game on mute makes me really see just how much the NFL wants the Pats to win it's sickening.
  10. Reynolds1029

    Chris Johnson and Mac = Morons

    I didn't realize it was possible to downgrade from Bowles... Never EVER underestimate the talent the Johnson's and Mac have at getting it wrong...
  11. Reynolds1029

    Just hire McCarthy already

    Hate to say it but I'm feeling it's just not gonna happen. If it was going to happen it would have Saturday.
  12. Reynolds1029

    Arians to Buccaneers: official.

    Money isn't going to make McCarthy come here. He wants an owner that is focused on winning and a team that has the pieces in place to be successful. He wants a Super Bowl not money.
  13. Reynolds1029

    Chargers will get spanked next week

    Rivers will beat the Patriots and the Refs. Chargers are the better team and Anthony Lynn will have some vintage 2010 Rex magic in him.
  14. If the Jets won a Super Bowl....... I could care less if Woody blows it all up. No revolt necessary, WE WON A FREAKING SUPER BOWL!!!!!
  15. If he didn't get signed yesterday he was not going to be a Jet. I already knew this. If this situation was perfect in McCarthy's eyes he would have made a deal. It's not and he's taking the year off. If I was him I'd take my millions and retire and enjoy my family while I still have the time at 55.

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