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  1. Reynolds1029

    Forget Cousins - Trade for Foles

    The Eagles are the 2010 Jets. Mediocre QB but great OL that gives him time to throw to open targets and a great defense that got to Brady. Mark Sanchez beat the Patriots and played like a star. Now he is 3rd string QB for the Bears....
  2. Sorry but Bowles is wrong here. At 5-7 what little hope our team had for the playoffs was on the line. You need to take every reasonable risk you can. Not calling the timeout is foolish. Even more foolish is putting an injured QB out on the field. Infact it's FIREABLE. You caused your starting QB his season at the end of the day. He was banged up he should have been OUT. He broke his hand because when you are hurting, you are not thinking about protecting your body therefore it caused Josh to not protect himself and break his hand. Todd Bowles is a foolish ignorant a**hole at the end of the day and should be FIRED.
  3. Rex always had control of who starts and who dosen't. He was just trying to make Geno and John Idzik look stupid by having his savior Mark Sanchez win the "big one." But instead it blew up in his face and had to start Geno for the year due to Mark's injury.
  4. Geno clearly wasen't ready in 2013 and he put Sanchez in a meaningless preseason game. He got hurt and Geno starts when he should have sat on the bench. Rex was wrong putting Sanchez in that Giants game. Rex also said that he dosen't want him as his QB. Why draft him and why play him for 2 years if you don't want him as your QB? He makes Rex look hilariously stupid because he is.
  5. I get that he should have just said nothing but Rex was completely wrong for saying that seeing how he drafted the guy. And oh basically forced him into the starting role
  6. Reynolds1029

    Bill Cowher's Wife is a Huge Jet Fan

    Seriously... why would we want someone who hasen't coached in over a decade? The game has changed waaay to much. That would be like hiring Chan Gailey to be our HC but worse.
  7. Reynolds1029

    Where to watch Jets in Baltimore/Towson

    Try Buffalo Wild Wings. Pretty sure all of them have Sunday Ticket. I'm sure they would turn a screen on for you.
  8. Reynolds1029

    Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    Unfortunately we wont start Petty until we are mathematically eliminated.
  9. Reynolds1029

    Brock Osweiler released...

    I never heard of him being a cancer. He has way more potential than a 38 year old scrub.
  10. Reynolds1029

    Brock Osweiler released...

    Well what would be the harm of signing him and cutting Mccown?
  11. Reynolds1029

    Sheldon Traded

    It's impossible to screw up the tank. If Woody is all for it (which none of these clean house moves on the roster would have been done if he wasn't) then it WILL happen. He will fire Bowles and hire Kotite for the season if we win more than 2 games.
  12. Reynolds1029

    This is 1977

    No. I'd rather not have a team filled with 30 plus year old bums that run out of gas come January. Free agency is to put some missing pieces together from the nucleus we developed through the draft. Not build from it. It's how you end up in cap hell. It's how you screw over the future. I watch the Jets because one day I know they will win a championship. We've made enough runs in 49 years, we're all sick of that. We all want Super Bowls, anything less than that none of us should be satisfied. I'm not satisfied in the way Woody Johnson has ran this sh$t show. He spent a ton of money and got nothing from it. He is left with a team that is left in shambles. All because he thought he could buy all of his problems away. Probably what he has done with everything in his life. We NEED a QB. Stop being delusional. All of you. Joe Namath left 41 years ago. So it's been 41 years since we had a FRANCHISE QB. We also NEED to build this team the right way. You draft a strong nucleus and fill in the gaps with free agency. No half assing this. It should take no more than 3 years for this. Not 14 or whatever. No one said we have to be the Bill or the Raiders and be stupid.
  13. Reynolds1029

    The Ghost of Revis Past?

    Does anybody remember Phillip Adams after Revis left? I would love to know why we would want to retire his number. We didn't in 2014 so what makes him so special now? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Really Macc couldn't have gone wrong either way. You got what seems to be a sure all pro safety in your lap or you can stock pile for next year. Personally this is a rebuild and he made the right choice and took Adams. You never know what pick that team will be picking next year. You also don't know about the draft class next year. Either decision is a gamble. He went with his gut and is paid to make these kind of tough decisions. I would have liked a trade down but we're not him and not paid his salary to do this.
  15. Reynolds1029

    Who could be the "WTF????" pick

    Myles Garrett if he falls like Leonard Williams.