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  1. Reynolds1029

    Kraft Wins again

    Wikileaks will surely release the video in due time LOL
  2. Reynolds1029

    What if Polite AND Quinnen BOTH shine?

    A great defense helps a good offense. If we had Sam on our 2009, 2010 squad, we may be repeat Super Bowl winners. Even with an average at best O-line, Sam is a smart enough QB to escape the run and make plays.
  3. Reynolds1029

    Richie Incognito

    Sadly, CTE is an awful disease... It's strange how it affects some people profoundly, yet some players walk away just fine or mostly fine.
  4. But even Quentin is only a guard. Which is the "strongest" position on our O-Line. Guard really isn't a premium position either and can be filled in free agency which is what Macc did. This team needs another Ferguson and unfortunately the last player of his caliber to come out was Tyron Smith and that was 8 freaking years ago. Drafting lineman has been awful these past few years. We would all be pissed if we drafted a bunch of scrubs at O-line just for the sake of need
  5. Unfortunately there were no Mangolds or Fergusons in this draft or any draft dating back to 2014.
  6. I would have a much bigger problem drafting failures vs having quality talent at other positions. You don't draft bad players just for the sake of need. They won't suddenly become good just because you need a guy. We could have drafted a lineman with every one of our picks. Doesn't mean we'll be good or even have a good O-line because if the talent isn't there you can't force it to be. I would rather have pro bowlers at other positions than mediocre O-line prospects. Edit: I want to add that I share everyone's frustration with our O-line problems and I know it is the most important position in football. But there hasn't been a quality draft for O-line since 2014.
  7. It also explains why the Cardinals have THE WORST offensive line yet used the 3rd most picks? I hate stats like these, they tell nothing. We also forget there is this thing called free agency to get lineman. Drafting O-line is also extremely hard nowadays and truly greats tackles have been very hard to come by outside of the top 10.
  8. But he may not fit the scheme Gase is trying to run. Remember he has trouble running routes correctly if its not just run straight down the field. Regardless a 3rd round pick is not enough for his talent. We need at least a 2nd for him.
  9. Reynolds1029

    Jets "Determined" to Trade Down

    They'll definitely trade down and draft some O-Lineman. It's a smart plan, Darnold will be dangerous no matter who he's throwing to with a quality offensive line blocking for him.
  10. Reynolds1029

    GM related question

    Uh.. hate to break it to you but realistically speaking, we will have ruined Sam Darnold by 2020 if we're not .500. There's no way he would be on the team with a new incoming GM. The GM will always want his guy.
  11. Because none of the 2017 QB Draft class were thought to be nearly as good as the 2018 class. If everyone knew what Mahomes and Watson would turn out to be we would have never had a shot at them. They would have went at no. 1 and 2.
  12. Barkley can be as good as Barry Sanders but even he couldn't overcome $hit QB play. NEVER take an RB at no. 2 when you don't have a QB to take the field. Josh McCown would be an upgrade for the Giants because Eli really is THAT bad nowadays.
  13. It's crazy that is something that will never happen again. You will never have an entire conference be rooted so unified and hard for like the AFL was in 1968. Everyone was a fan of the New York Jets on January 12th 1969.
  14. Reynolds1029

    Super Bowl III DVD??

    Believe it or not that DVD was very new then. I remember getting it for Christmas back in 2008 and it was brand new. Watched it a lot back then now I can't find it unfortunately.
  15. Reynolds1029

    Recency Bias

    I agree that the blown call is being made into something bigger than it is because it was missed just before the end of the game. But this call literally sends the Saints right then and there to the Super Bowl. The missed call on Goff is not blatent. It was an accidental facemask and doesn't change the outcome of the game. Cowherd is ASSUMING that the Rams score a TD and that makes the difference. But it only puts them first and goal at the 1. The Saints CAN make a goal line stand and still be in the same situation. This blown call couldn't have been more game changing and it was missed. TL:DR Cowherd is comparing apples to Oranges with these calls. Even with Recency bias taken into account.

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