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  1. Reynolds1029

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    After my last post I may not make it through the night!!
  2. Reynolds1029

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    But you completely dodged my comments on Todd Bowles. What most fans fail to see is that a GM can't just pick whatever player he feels has the best chance to make an impact. Because those players may or may not fit into Todd Bowles' scheme or coaching style. There is a lot more to being a GM than just picking the hottest and best the NCAA has to offer. The player needs to be a fit for the team as a whole. If you forcefeed a GM a coach that he did not select or necessarily want? You wind up with essentially a power struggle on who to select and leads to much infighting over coffee issues and player selections. The Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan relationship is just another typical Woody Johnson fuc*up. He quite literally repeated the same mistake for the THRID TIME. Forcing a current head coach from the old regime onto a new incoming GM. (Herm Edwards when Mike T took over for Bradway, Rex Ryan when John Idzik got hired and finally Tood Bowles v. Mike Maccagnan) If you look around the league, this always fails and we're no exception. Woody fails at everything in life except for having a nice hedge fund. But Mike Maccagnan did something truly special that deserves the chance with his own HC. He found the NEW YORK FRIGGIN JETS A FREAKING FRANCHISE QB. HE DID SOMETHING THAT WE COULDN'T DO FOR 50 YEARS. NOT EVEN PARCELLS OR REX DID THIS. CALL IT LUCK OR WHATEVER GIVE THAT MAN A COOKIE WITH HIS COFFEE!!!! On a different note I also would like to mention this. GMs can learn from past mistakes. The guy was a complete rookie and was just a really nerdy scout to managing a whole roster and being the face of it (with a coach he didn't pick). I believe Mac with 4 years under his belt is going to be a lot smarter than the next scout or whomever whose name none of us knew of until he was a headline on the New York Post. Give the guy a break, he deserves his own coach and his own roster before we send him to the wolves. All of his predecessors were worse than him, sometimes...... We the fans are the reason why we can't have nice things................
  3. Reynolds1029

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    He should'nt put his job on the line for a QB that he isn't 110% confident in. He wasn't confident in Deshaun and Patrick. Other teams weren't either and that's why they fell to us at 6. If those picks we're such slam dunks other teams would have scooped them up earlier. But they didn't because they both had vast red flags coming into the draft. I liked that he waited for the stronger 2018 class and the draft move was genius. He was confident in 3 guys and traded to #3 to get one of them. It was gutsy and deserves all the credit for this. Also a GM HAS to cater to the needs of the HC that HE INHEIRTED. He can't just pick whomever he feels is best. He needs to pick whomever he feels will fit his coach. So the picks that Maccagnan made were also influenced heavily by Todd Bowles and I do think Todd Bowles is equally responsible for the mess that the roster is. This is 3 years of Todd's guys not particularly Macc's guys. This is why Maccagnan all along needed a coach that he picked and can stand by. He was forced fed Todd Bowles and it's unfair for Maccagnan to be fired because Bowles can't coach the talent he was given, and Bowles was given A LOT of high draft picks for HIS defense.
  4. If you can get CBS6 in Albany you can still watch it. But yes it is blacked out on CBS2
  5. As someone who has done acid before. You begin to realize the NY Jets are just an infinite feedback loop.
  6. The moment we decided to call plays to push the ball down the field and Darnold is fu$%ing amazing and we score for the first time today. FIRE BOWLES AND BATES AND RODGERS AFTER THIS GAME THEY ARE ATROCIOUS. QUIT PLAYING DARNOLD LIKE HE IS A ROOKIE
  7. Reynolds1029

    OT: So tired of Sunday Night Football

    Now that I just did a quick research my memory served me correct. THE LAST FREAKING time the Jets played Sunday Night was the Butt Fumble, Thanksgiving 2012. LMAO
  8. Reynolds1029

    OT: So tired of Sunday Night Football

    I know. You said "2011?" and I think last time truly might have been the butt fumble? lol
  9. Reynolds1029

    OT: So tired of Sunday Night Football

    The fu#$king buttfumble.....
  10. Reynolds1029


    That football couldn't have been thrown any better!!!!!!!!!! Just floated into Robbie's hands
  11. Reynolds1029

    At least the patriots are getting reamed.

    Fact. OBJ never makes "his catch" or even half of his one-handed catches without those sticky gloves.
  12. The future will never be us developing AI to do a specific task. What is currently being worked on is AI that teaches itself. We can never create an AI to do what you are asking, it would take hundreds of man hours and still be imperfect. But an AI that taught itself to do the task we want, now THAT is the future. This is the technology that Alphabet and other tech giants are working towards and is already here in it's infant stages.
  13. If you slow it waaaay down you'll notice that he throws the football so fast, THE CAMERA cant even keep up.
  14. Dude Hack is so bad that we could have been 0-16 with the Cleveland Browns. They got there from crap QB play and turnovers. I honestly think Deshone Kizer is better than Hack.
  15. This is a stupid article. You can rip Maccagnan for missing on some picks. But to rip him for holding onto them is stupid. With late round picks, you don't expect then to pan out until their 2nd or 3rd year. It would be stupid of him to cut anyone until the end of the preseason.

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