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  1. No Gase hasn't and neither have the other 31 out of 32 teams do this. Because no coach is BB and no other coach plays to their opponents weaknesses. All other coaches in the NFL play to their teams strengths and focus on being a better version of themselves each week. They don't focus on other teams, they focus on being better than their opponents. "Imposing their will" as other coaches say. This is where BB is different. He takes whatever you do best and your strengths and eliminates it. Then he attacks you where you're weakest and wins games. It's why all his players struggle outside his system and Brady would be bagging groceries without him and he knows it. Guys just do their job and what their told each week. There is no individualism with their team. There's no standout guy, no Prezzzident Adams, it's just a system and BB knows his players strengths and uses them to exploit weaknesses in other teams, that sometimes no other team in the league knows about. The Johnson's royally f***ed us out of having his genius and we have gotten the privilege to watch him walk all over us and the division for 20 years because of their pettiness when they bought the team. The real enemy to the Jets isn't BB or Brady, only the owners of our beloved Jets.
  2. Bless Austin is a first round talent that only dropped to the 6th round because of his knees. The guy played like vintage Cromartie out there. Winters hurts the team more by playing. He's awful and was only average at best in his 20s and is awful now approaching his 30s. Macc got fired for not addressing the O-line throughout his tenure. You can forgive some mistakes but that was the one that sealed his fate. If he wanted to save his job he would have traded Leo after drafting Q and got some picks to build the O-line but NOPE. No wonder why him and Gase couldn't be in the same room together after the draft.
  3. He played the best game of any other CB on the team this seasont today Love it. Almost had a nice pick too. The guys got Cromartie type athleticism and length hopefully he can stay healthy.
  4. You're absolutely right. 5-11 is so much better than 1-15. But who would you replace him with? Oh right there isn't anyone because all the college teams are outbidding the NFL in coaching talent.
  5. Total BS rumor spewed by that disgusting piece of filth Mehta to only stir up the locker room more than it already is.... I'm 99% certain he was never on the block.
  6. Well I'd just hope it's a 2020 2nd and like a 6th in 2019 LOL Leo sucked here and I have a gut feeling getting traded will light a fire under his ass and be John Abraham type deal. Problem is that won't happen because he went to the Giants which is as big of dumpster fire and isn't even a change of atmosphere. Hell he can even hangout with his old Jet teammates like nothing happened 😂
  7. B. A for JD getting Gettleman to bite but B overall because I feel dip$hit Macc could have gotten a 2 on draft night after getting Q but he didn't because Leo is his "gem" and having a bunch of fat guys on the D line TOTALLY works in todays NFL.
  8. Preach it. We can't win any games when we're constantly losing in the trenches. Belichick couldn't save this mess. Sam has no time to throw and its why Mac got fired.
  9. As bad as the situation is that isn't going to fix anything. Do you want to be the Browns? We had an opportunity to get better this offseason and our former GM failed us. O-line needs to be blown up and start from scratch this offseason. You won't win any games if you're losing in the trenches. Bill Belichick couldn't win with these gaping roster holes.
  10. If you can't win with Aaron Rodgers what do we have to talk about? He sucks. He's an awful coach. We dodged a bullet with him. No clue why everyone thought he's a can't miss hire. He sucks and there's a reason why he's not coaching and got fired. Gase wasn't my first choice, Rhule was but I'll take Gase over McCarthy anyday.
  11. The roster just as much of a dumpster fire on offense as it is defense. But solid defense beats New England. You only need a ball control offense with a strong running game to beat them, how do you think we beat them in the past? Certainly wasn't due to our past QBs..... But if the defense is getting slaughtered on the first drive you minus well pack your bags because you aren't out scoring NE. Which is why the Chiefs lost last year btw. They couldn't get just one stop. Belichick finds our weaknesses and exploits them. The O line never stood a chance and Sam couldn't read the different looks they were disguising and I can't blame him when he was constantly being put on the ground or has a man in his face when he's throwing the ball. Beating NE is a pipe dream with the way this team is built even if we had Peyton Manning under center.
  12. Unpopular opinion here... Gase and Williams were in a no win situation vs Belichick. Belichick couldn't beat Belichick with the holes on this roster. Our CBs would have trouble starting for Alabama, Mosley is a ghost and hurt the team when he was in and Cashman is promising but still too inexperienced to face an offense run by a HOFer. The D line is so fat and slow and can't collapse Brady's pocket and force him to make bad decisions. We will win at least 6 games down the stretch because we can hide our roster deficiencies vs other bad teams. We can't fool Belichick with our weaknesses. Joe has his work cut out for him!

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