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  1. Don't underestimate Red Lobster caesar salads now.. and Mcds crispy chicken caesar was no slouch either!
  2. Cool! Another coached being hired because he held a legendary QB's jock strap! Johnson's at their finest!
  3. All of his picks were whiffs with the exception of Sheldon Richardson, who wasn't terrible, but far from 1st round pick worthy. He sucked at drafting. Should have never hired him and should have fired Rex in 2012 to give us more options at GM.
  4. They don't call it the Idzik 12 for no reason. He missed on every single draft pick he made. Not that his replacement was much better.. Idzik's philosophy of building through the draft was correct. Problem is the guy couldn't find talent through the draft to save his life.
  5. Nope! Save it for when Trevor wins a SB for us!
  6. Mike T couldn't run a draft to save his life. Want to know why those were our best drafts? Because Mangini basically had full control on draft picks. His drafts went from great to instant total garbage once Rex was calling the shots. Coincidence? Definitely not. Honestly believe the Mangini firing is where it all went wrong for us. We were trending in the right direction but Favre's injury cost us and then Rex blew up everything Mangini and Mike T were building.
  7. It's ownership who's ultimately to blame. Woody enabled Rex and Mike T to run a circus and put us in cap hell and then botched the Mike T firing and held onto Rex when he should have moved on in 2012. If we moved on from Rex vs chasing ghosts trying to bring those AFC Conf. games back with forcing Rex onto Idzik or any other GM candidate we likely avoid this mess. Remember we settled for less for a GM because fans and Woody were dead set on keeping our cheerleader. We then doubled down and kept repeating the same mistakes for the last 8 years so go figure. It all falls on ownership
  8. Problem is, when he didn't have Cromartie and Revis he still pretended like Kyle Wilson could be just as good. His defense sucked once they were gone and we learned Rex is just a one trick pony and can't adjust his scheme to the talent on the field. Like every other crappy HC.
  9. How many times did we see Kyle Wilson gasping for his life being beat deep for a score in man coverage? Too many to count LOL Rexy still Rexin, clueless as ever.
  10. I wouldn't say most Jets fans think he wasn't good. Most think he's good he's just not 6th overall good and never was. You wanna draft a safety at #6? Fine but he better come out looking like Ed Reed and Jamal just doesn't. He can't cover and track the ball like Ed. He's great at stuffing the run and getting sacks no doubt, but a 2D guy isn't what you want at #6. Not going to speak for him personally as I've never met him but he also comes off as an obnoxious narc on social media so that's not helping with fans either. Again not things fans want out of #6 overall... With Pat Mahomes and
  11. Same reason why Bowles stubbornly stuck with Kacy Rodgers till the end. You don't fire your friends in the NFL no matter how terrible they are. If you have to you will at the end of the season. Gase is riding out this season and will hopefully be shown the door with the rest of his offensive staff same as Bowles.
  12. I'm not feeling comfortable until Jacksonville gets a win.
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