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  1. Well the fans are pretty spot on compared to the Jets when it comes to.... You know who and when to fire them. Not a single member of management or coach has had success after leaving us. Last guy was Belichick, even he could see how horrible Woody was coming into the dumpster fire. Hess wasn't a good owner either until he got so old he stopped giving a damn. We can't attract talent, let alone hire them. The owner is a walking bald malignant tumor sucking everything successful from the team.
  2. I think 2 tackles should be selected in the first. Or an LT and a C.
  3. No but it's his fault that he allowed himself to get bull rushed all day. If he's the that he should be, he doesn't get pushed into the defense which causes the defender to roll onto his leg. D'Brick never got hurt because he did his job and showed up every game.
  4. Use ExpressVPN on whatever device you have connected to the TV to stream and connect to a NY server. Then sign into the CBS app with your cable login or subscribe to Paramount+ and you can stream live "local" games. Cost $12-22/month extra. This setup works for my parents in SC.
  5. Nick Mangold was my best jersey investment! Too bad it's 2 sizes too big for me now...
  6. I mean.... if I'm trying to become generationally wealthy and get drafted 6th overall, I'd be hiding under that table too staying tf out of that. Not a huge fan of Jamal but this was actually pretty selfishly genius on his part given he was probably still a teenager.
  7. He was barely worth the 5M/year we were paying him. Let alone 10+M to pick up this guy. No thanks.
  8. He already got paid by being picked 6th overall. He played what he was worth when he was here. No more no less.
  9. I'd much rather sacrifice picks for high quality, long term talent over the 4 years then cut/traded JAGS that guys like Macc, Idzik and Tannenbaum have been picking.
  10. Don't underestimate Red Lobster caesar salads now.. and Mcds crispy chicken caesar was no slouch either!
  11. Cool! Another coached being hired because he held a legendary QB's jock strap! Johnson's at their finest!
  12. All of his picks were whiffs with the exception of Sheldon Richardson, who wasn't terrible, but far from 1st round pick worthy. He sucked at drafting. Should have never hired him and should have fired Rex in 2012 to give us more options at GM.
  13. They don't call it the Idzik 12 for no reason. He missed on every single draft pick he made. Not that his replacement was much better.. Idzik's philosophy of building through the draft was correct. Problem is the guy couldn't find talent through the draft to save his life.
  14. Nope! Save it for when Trevor wins a SB for us!
  15. Mike T couldn't run a draft to save his life. Want to know why those were our best drafts? Because Mangini basically had full control on draft picks. His drafts went from great to instant total garbage once Rex was calling the shots. Coincidence? Definitely not. Honestly believe the Mangini firing is where it all went wrong for us. We were trending in the right direction but Favre's injury cost us and then Rex blew up everything Mangini and Mike T were building.
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