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  1. I've said it before about the Rooney rule... Any good businessman is going to choose the best candidate regardless of skin color. If a team deliberately chooses candidates based on the color of someone's skin they won't be a very good football team or business that's for sure. These extra interviews also just wastes everyone's time. It doesn't show the owner isn't racist and if anything it can be detrimental to minorities because perspective candidates of color or whatever will just be participating in an interview where they are not going to get the job anyways and could otherwise be applying for positions they could reasonably get. It's usually decided before the applicant walks in the door.
  2. Get rid of that bum Trumaine and get Clowney on a one year deal. Even IF he doesn't re-sign, the guy is a baller and Trumaine is gone after the year is over anyways. Rather have an all-pro DE than a bum CB who can't cover a bug.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no way I see him getting picked in the top 10. He's a huge risk.
  4. The guy hasn't been able to finish a single season without injury dating back to his High School days. That will only get worse against NFL defenders and will end his career before it even begins if he is selected in the top 10 with a sub-par O-line. Even then, he played for Alabama, the best team in the country and still got routinely banged up. I have serious doubts if he's even draftable at all. If I'm a GM there is no way I'm using a first or second round pick on him.
  5. You know.... I really thought after Sam started his first pre-season game I would never have to read this thread again and well.. here we are, in came an email notification and I thought I was hallucinating. I mean we're seriously talking about Bryce Petty and Hack when Sam Darnold is on our roster... maybe we really don't deserve Sam after all..
  6. You're right, building a team of studs around an average at best QB won us so many Super Bowls between 2009-2011. Look at the last 30 years, by and large it's the best QBs who win Super Bowls. Also never mind the fact we acted like these studs were free and crashed and burned the second cap hell took affect.
  7. Sam has the higher ceiling. Bridgewater is good but he's not turn your franchise around top 10 QB good. Also no way Chris Johnson doesn't draft a QB after essentially tanking for a pick in the 2018 Draft. I say Chris because really he calls all the shots the GM just suggests what to do sadly.
  8. It's tough to get the ball to any said WR when our last franchise QB before Sam was Joe Namath
  9. No Gase hasn't and neither have the other 31 out of 32 teams do this. Because no coach is BB and no other coach plays to their opponents weaknesses. All other coaches in the NFL play to their teams strengths and focus on being a better version of themselves each week. They don't focus on other teams, they focus on being better than their opponents. "Imposing their will" as other coaches say. This is where BB is different. He takes whatever you do best and your strengths and eliminates it. Then he attacks you where you're weakest and wins games. It's why all his players struggle outside his system and Brady would be bagging groceries without him and he knows it. Guys just do their job and what their told each week. There is no individualism with their team. There's no standout guy, no Prezzzident Adams, it's just a system and BB knows his players strengths and uses them to exploit weaknesses in other teams, that sometimes no other team in the league knows about. The Johnson's royally f***ed us out of having his genius and we have gotten the privilege to watch him walk all over us and the division for 20 years because of their pettiness when they bought the team. The real enemy to the Jets isn't BB or Brady, only the owners of our beloved Jets.
  10. Bless Austin is a first round talent that only dropped to the 6th round because of his knees. The guy played like vintage Cromartie out there. Winters hurts the team more by playing. He's awful and was only average at best in his 20s and is awful now approaching his 30s. Macc got fired for not addressing the O-line throughout his tenure. You can forgive some mistakes but that was the one that sealed his fate. If he wanted to save his job he would have traded Leo after drafting Q and got some picks to build the O-line but NOPE. No wonder why him and Gase couldn't be in the same room together after the draft.
  11. He played the best game of any other CB on the team this seasont today Love it. Almost had a nice pick too. The guys got Cromartie type athleticism and length hopefully he can stay healthy.
  12. You're absolutely right. 5-11 is so much better than 1-15. But who would you replace him with? Oh right there isn't anyone because all the college teams are outbidding the NFL in coaching talent.
  13. Total BS rumor spewed by that disgusting piece of filth Mehta to only stir up the locker room more than it already is.... I'm 99% certain he was never on the block.

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