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  1. If Watson stays then that’s fine - I’d rather that then him go to Miami. But i don’t think Stafford or keeping Darnold is the move. If Watson stays - get Zach Wilson or Fields and let’s get this thing rollin with new coach, new system, new GM, new everything. Use all those draft picks everyone is talking about and let’s build this thing.
  2. I need clarity on this. my understanding is he can be traded at anytime because he’s not FA. They don’t have to wait till March for new league year to start and FA to start correct? I’ll also add, next step is likely that Texans hire their HC before making any big decision on Watson.
  3. Sam Darnold would no doubt be better in this system but it’s time to turn the page. Even if he’s good somewhere else he’s not going to be great. I don’t want to find ourselves stuck in mediocrity 2-3 years down the road - dealing with Darnold who is just not good enough to contend but not bad enough to get rid of - it’s the ultimate losing cycle. new GM, new HC, #2 overall pick, new energy - the time is now to move on and wish him luck.
  4. I love that video - just looked it up again and laughed for 5 minutes, thanks
  5. He had a Labral repair, I'd rather that than a rotator cuff repair. Don't think it's a big issue as long as he does proper strengthening of that shoulder.
  6. Cant lie, I've never seen that shirt or hat and it sorta gave me chills to think about if it went our way.
  7. Very very good points. in addition, including Darnold in that scenario would essentially allow them to trade out of that #2 spot and likely get ANOTHER 1st round pick. They would look like geniuses. on our end, we were likely going to use one of those 1st rounders on a QB anyway so that cancels out one of the 1st rounders we send to Houston. We will still have 1st, 2nd, 3rd round picks in 2022, and have time to make other trades to potentially recoup a 2023 1st rounder or acquire other draft capital in 2nd 3rd round. A good GM can make that happen.
  8. Honestly I think if we give them the #2, they will trade it for even more picks. Especially if they have Darnold. They could essentially turn Watson into 6 1st Round/2nd round picks when it’s all said and done. it also would be very Patriots like for Caserio to do that.
  9. There are not many good CBs beyond the 1st round this year. CB pool is poor in the draft compared to other years so value is low. on flip side though this draft is deep in OL (very deep), Edge, WR which is still good for us edit:: just realized this was brought up already my B
  10. People say he’s like Rex for his energy but I actually think he feels more like John Harbaugh but with more energy/defensive leanings. Maybe McDermott too.
  11. That compensation is not nearly enough for a 10 pick jump, cmon my guy Also, Wyatt Davis is not likely going past the 1st half of the draft as he is the 1st IOL that’s going to be off the board and is very very good.

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