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  1. I believe tie-breaker for 1st overall pick is strength of schedule correct? In which case we would lose that as ours is a top 3 in that category this year.
  2. Love the kid, love the skills. Concerned about injury to that ankle.
  3. Nice Cager vid. Looks like he finds ways to get the ball in the red zone well
  4. I disagree with this point. We picked Becton at 11, sure we picked him over Lamb and Jeudy but I’d say most people would agree with going OL there (even if they don’t agree on Becton). At minimal - it’s arguable point to go OL over WR - but WR wasn’t the “must do” After that...it’s not like Douglas slipped WRs. They were all taken, and the very good ones like Higgins and Pittman were taken right away - we had no shot. By the time we were up in 2nd scraps were left - Van Jefferson and Claypool were chosen Between our original 2nd rounder and the one we traded back to. Ending up with Mims over Jefferson and Claypool I think is a what I would’ve went with anyway. Guess we’ll see how Mims develops - hoping he’s not another one of the long list of failed 2nd rounders.
  5. I’m right there with you. Wouldn’t mind them putting Gase in a trash can right now actually. But fact of the matter is whoever is coaching- it’s an uphill battle throwing to Mediocre receivers covered by very good CBs. But just because it’s an uphill battle I wouldn’t give Gase a pass. I think he should be fired yesterday. one thing I realized in regards to Douglas. Doesn’t look like the Eagles or Ravens have been that special in regards to garnering good receivers. Ravens coach everyone up though so less noticed. I’m curious what JD’s philosophy on WR’s will be.
  6. Not Good. AFC East CBS include: Byron Jones Xavien Howard Tredavious White Josh Norman Stephon Gilmore That other Pats CB Good coaching can still get players open but it’s definitely an uphill battle. I’d argue best group of CBs in any division. conversely, Stefon Diggs is going to go up against Pierre Desir....

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