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  1. I’d also say I’m not touching Landon Dickerson. Injury history is too substantial, likelihood he retears his ACL is high - too damn high for a 1st or our early 2nd rounder for me. Great player but can’t take that risk with such a high pick
  2. If AVT is there at 23 I go him, if He’s gone then I go Newsome , if they’re both gone I go Jenkins, if they’re all gone I’m trading down.
  3. I didn’t even hear what he said on the McAfee podcast so idk what he was even right about. if he was talking about the past then I’m sure he’s right. But what is it about Saleh or Joe Douglas that they view as wrong? as far as building the roster we have the most premium picks in the league over the next two drafts. I mean we’re gunna build the roster...
  4. I mean I guess but for some reason I honestly think all this hate is because of the Golden Boy Sam Darnold. I think he’s a real likeable guy who should have been good but wasn’t. And they blame the Jets. Which is sort of true except for the fact Mike Maccagnan who drafted him isn’t hear anymore and neither are the two coaches he worked under. So they’re just being illogical.
  5. I gotta say. This has to be the most hated this franchise has been from a media stand point. during the buttfumble years we were more so the joke from other fans more recently its been this bombardment of hate from Orlovsky, Ryan Clark, Schlereth, McAfee. All these dudes talk a lot of crap but notice whenever they do they never direct anything to Saleh or Joe Douglas. They always just vaguely say “the Jets” They like our front office and coaching staff but they literally just hate us and old regimes lol. Never seen it before for any fan base/team
  6. I like Saleh's phrases haha. At one of the press conference he had a phrase (attributed it to old saying so he didn't take credit) but he said "If you wanna go fast go alone, if you wanna go far go together." And that really changed how I play call of duty war zone for the better
  7. No way. its Newsome or OL. We have two first round picks next year, save it for a premium WR next year. Goal year one is protect Wilson, year two is upgrade his weapons. Use FA to fill defensive needs in the interim, DL is fine.
  8. I don't get all the crying about drafting offensive lineman, like you know Joe Douglas is a former offensive lineman right? You guys are holding onto your old grudges of Maccagnan and Idzik too much, Douglas is not them, get over it. JD drafted two in his first draft and now he enters perhaps the deepest offensive line class this past decade and you think he's not going to take advantage of that? In addition he's drafting a new QB with the 2nd overall pick and he's not going to invest in protecting him? It is known that JD wants to build through the draft and invest in the trenches
  9. Could careless about his personal opinion except for the fact that it drives a narrative that doesn’t need to be there. Nonetheless Sam is traded so what the hell does it matter now. He’s in the NFC, we’ll play them this year and be done with it for another 4 years and by then we’ll see who’s on top. One thing I can’t decide if I care about or not - none of these beat writers know jack in terms of inside information , they have garbage for sources and zilch for inside scoops.
  10. Love that Twitter uní. It’s arguably the best logo Jets ever had and the uni’s are modern but classic. The new unis get worse the more I look at them. The pointy arrow crap and the New York on the front. Can’t believe they spent like 4 years making that concept and came out with such trash.
  11. Just go balls deep for OL and WR this year man. Next year we got 2 1st round picks and should feel comfortable going for pass rusher then. Gotta protect the rookie QB first - priority one this year. For the love of God please protect this QB -we’ve seen how quickly the inability to get in a rhythm and get completions can be on a young QB. but if Greg Newsome is there at 23 you take him lol. But everywhere else you go offense.
  12. I like the way the OP does business. starts that other thread saying we have 13 picks in 2022 when we have 11. Then when other people bring it up he said “verify that and I will” - like dude it’s your damn thread get it right - you look it up lol starts this thread misspelling the primary name in the title. And is also very wrong. This is entertainment.
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