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  1. nice but damn that's the game you picked though?
  2. How many DL can we carry? we got Lawson, Huff, Quinnen, Rankins, Solomon, JFM, Jermaine, Jacob Martin, Tim Ward, Vinny Curry, Nathan Shepard, Clemons, Zuniga, Hamilcar that counts 14 but might be missing one. Even so the interior looks thin.
  3. Ya know what would be good, is if Jets had a DK Metcalf. I think at that point the roster would have so much diversity and speed/talent that it would actually be undeniably respect given. I think Corey Davis is good but doesn’t scare anyone and all the other Weapons are so young and unproven. Would love to get a big weapon like him next offseason.
  4. Week 1: Lamar Jackson Week 2: Deshaun Watson? Brisett? Week 3: Joe Burrow Week 4: Trubisky Week 5: Tua Week 6: Aaron Rodgers Week 7: Russell Wilson Week 8: Mac Jones Week 9: Josh Allen Tough first 9 weeks. Its a wake up call that as improved as the Jets have become...the rest of the AFC also got better - a lot better. Even the team with mediocre QBs like Steelers and Pats have HOF coaches and aren't going to be pushovers.
  5. I think the news will be bringing back that white helmet as our alternate helmet and the retro white uni’s.
  6. I know. I have to outwardly project negativity as a superstition. It’s my good luck charm strategy (used it for that Tennessee game actually) Im doing this for all of us lol
  7. 0-1 to start the season guaranteed rj
  8. I gotta say, I don’t get how we as Jets fans sit here and criticize another team so brazenly. i don’t mean that in a “don’t be mean” way. i mean that in a “when have the Jets come out on top in these situations” We crapped on Josh Allen and now he’s best in the league, every year we say “this is the year patriots are dropping off a cliff” and yet they still beat us twice in each year regularly. This is mostly me projecting my strong inclination to believe in Jinxes. We talk crap and it’s going to come back and bite us. He really isn’t that bad - better than Josh Allen was in his first 2 years - anything can happen especially with McDaniel running that offense and all the weipans they have in addition to a stout defense. Im actually fond of reverse Jinxes. I think Tua will light it up and they will go to the playoffs smoking our asses twice in the process. jets have no shot of beating them. ps: Im a grown man
  9. This thread beats the other one because you cited his latest team and recent contract situation.
  10. I think the Reed signing was great value on a good player but I also think it was JDs safety net if Sauce was drafted before us. Now that we got him we have this problem, although it’s a good problem. I’d like: FS: Pinnock Will: Hamsah Nickel:MC2
  11. Sauce gunna take 2 and Zach going back to 1. sauce and Reed rock the 2-4, ZW got the 1 I just made all that up but I do feel #1 should go to an offensive player
  12. They do thus crap bc Jets fans are the most engaging on Twitter/internet. It’s not news to say the AFC is hard
  13. I think the Jets will be much improved but I also think Bills Roster is super bowl level and Dolphins are better than they were last year. Yea they changed coaches but they changed to McDaniels who aside from his limited speaking abilities is the most tenured Shanahan disciple and runs a system we are similarly proud of with Lafleur so not sure how we can bash him. Also they had a great defense last year and they didn’t change much on coaching that side or personnel wise. For them I think they are poised for a strong improvement but it all depends on Tua. I do think we gained the most ground on the Pats though. It’s just that so much of the AFC got better with their QBs that we are really going to need a big jump from Zach just to keep up. I think we can be a lot better this year I just don’t know how many wins that results in.
  14. Silly to do anything more than 1st round this early sooo my guess is if we land somewhere between 10-15 this year in terms of picks then that will put us in a good spot to take the top 1-2 LB or Possibly DL. This happen to be areas of need as I imagine we are still going to have a hard time stopping the run this year. Other potential need is OT if Becton doesn’t work out but hoping he does. so maybe Sewell? Bresee? Also wouldn’t be surprised if we go edge again if that’s BPA.
  15. If this is the type of crap we’re complaining about then we must be in a new era of Jets football cuz this is small stuff compared to what actually matters and compared to what we’ve rightfully complained about over past decade.
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