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  1. Thoughts and prayers to you and the family - Jetnation here for you.
  2. I don't necessarily want all these players off the team but I do want us to have better starters than them in 2021 Center: McGovern Right Guard: Van Roten CB2: Bless Austin TE: They all got issues Edge: Lawson not gunna do it himself and he's not a game changer anyways he's just the best we had in a while but its a low bar
  3. I get sh*t all the time cuz I actually liked him. I told my friends that the trade was a steal and just undeniably a must do trade. But I also said I wish it didn’t get to the point that we had to trade him basically because we sucked so bad and there was no hope with Gase leading the way at the time. I was just tired of 1) not drafting good players and 2) even when we do draft an all great player we can’t keep him cuz team culture was so bad. So even though I liked the trade I hated losing a great player that we drafted. now I’m glad we sucked and he complained b
  4. If we get Moses for the RT spot that can immediately boost our options in early round 1. I imagine it will be Edge rusher and really can’t see it being anything else for that first pick. beyond that I think needs will be TE, LB, IOL, CB and to a lesser extent WR. How this season plays out will tell us which is needed more hoping we can hit on a premier rusher.
  5. No. Truth is Fant will be on the field this season it’s just not clear in what spot. Between Moses or Becton, one of them dudes are missing games
  6. Trueee but hope we don’t end up with a top 5 pick because I want Wilson and team confidence/moral to be high. if there’s a way to get a top 5 pick and have at least 6 wins I’d take that tho lol. hopefully there is an excess of blue chip players next year considering there is likely more players to opt in for draft than in this past one.
  7. Normally agree with this (similarly I don’t think we need to sign a Vet CB). however in this case I think it’s smart given he wouldn’t take a spot from a rookie (just Fant). Fant is likely let go next year anyway. And Moses is a former captain, great locker room guy, with stud OL play on the right side. We can still draft a center or right guard high next year and keep building the OL. And this creates quality depth if Becton goes down (whoever they send to Left Fant or Moses are better than current options) So I agree on your premise but you gotta take everything ca
  8. Gunna try to attack this without jokes lol We needed him before...we were a trash team with a trash coach and he gave us what we needed for those first two years. His last year was forgettable but it was the last offseason that really made him lose the fans. I liked him. I thought he was a great player - one that even on a good team would stand out - something we haven't had in a long time. He made a major impact in games and he brought a lot of energy. He was the one good thing Jets fans could point to. Having said that he would be more trouble than he's
  9. Dame has to be top 3 most likeable players and that team as well. That’s my bad. Love the blazers
  10. Lotta energy, I love it. Coulda guessed you were a Pacers fan tbh. If you stayed a Jets fan through their garbage in a big market , The Pacers have been way more entertaining so I don’t see your point. Pacers have had really great players and comparatively been way more competitive than the Jets. You got Utah, Phoenix and Denver leading the West. You see what you want to see homie! It’s okay, don’t worry!!
  11. You straight lying that you used to be a true NBA fan lmao. Could already tell what type of fan you were so no worries lol. You wish the NBA was hurtin don’t lie we know the truth my guy
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