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  1. Personally, I think Maccagnan earned his spot to stay. He may not have thrived but he's not getting fired over his level of management. Bowles sucks and I don't even want to get into it. Most interesting for me is...what kind of coach Maccagnan would hire. Bowles wasn't his guy. We don't even know how Mac would perform or what his tendencies might be when it comes to selecting coaches. If Bowles goes, I think next head coach will be someone Mac is married to for better or worse. Pressure will be heavy on Mac.
  2. Be_a_Jet

    Pray for us to lose to Bills

    Defelippo next year - its gotta be him
  3. Be_a_Jet

    the top 5 running backs in the NFL

    Peterson is not. Gurley, Bell, Elliot, Saquon, Kamara, Hunt
  4. I dropped my head in silence about 10 solid seconds and then said "Well he can only get better from here."
  5. Helmet: Green Away: All Black with Green Numbers/stripes/accents Home: All White with Green Numbers/stripes/accent This would best case scenario for me.
  6. Best idea yet. Only tough decision would be what color helmet though since you can only have one helmet design/colorway
  7. " Not sucked" is a strong endorsement. They've been a regular disappointment considering their roster over the years. Also disagree with best uniforms in football opinion but whatever I guess thats why we're here. Panthers light blue prob best argument
  8. Thought of one - the Panthers with their light blue jerseys. Only one I could think of but they also got the black jersey
  9. I understand peoples gravitation toward the kelly green but honestly i like our color green, or I would also like to go even darker. Genuinely need help. Can anyone identify a good team that has light colors that are good? (obviously whites don't count) Light colors = soft
  10. I don’t get the hate on this pick. Baker is gunna be a Franchise quarterback or he’s not. Just the same as Darnold. Plus jets could have very easily landed Baker instead of Darnold and I’d probably have the same amount of confidence in him being the answer as I have in Darnold. Im cautiously optimistic either way. Anything more than that is asking for too much from a Jet fan.
  11. Be_a_Jet

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    I’m super surprised no one made a thread about Josh Allen’s instagram. I would’ve but I’m lazy. Long story short. He’s a known patriots fan and has several pics in patriots gear and at games.
  12. Be_a_Jet

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    This is a great Segway to introduce my thread in the NFL Draft Section on Mayfield vs Rosen. Jus kidding.
  13. Be_a_Jet

    Underlying variable to Rosen vs Mayfield

    I don’t think this line of thinking will come into play within the organization at all I’m just saying amongst the fans I noted it. Personally, I think both will be starters in the NFL. I think Rosen has greatest likelihood of being the best in this class barring injury. Rosen can be next Aaron Rodgers if he stays healthy - I don’t question his commitment personally.
  14. Be_a_Jet

    Underlying variable to Rosen vs Mayfield

    Very good points. But there’s no doubt there are people out there that are objective like yourselves. Also, I don’t really mean that people don’t like Rosen because of his political views necessarily, just that they don’t like him because he doesn’t have that toughness and brovado that Mayfield exudes. The external attributes that gave Trump appeal to many. This is why I say there is an undertone or underlying variable conscious or not that is palpable for SOME people. Flip side could be said for Mayfield - usually those who say Mayfield is Manziel 2.0 which I feel he is clearly not. @maury77 agrees with me so at least I know I’m not crazy lol.
  15. I’m going to be as general and neutral as I can be on this subject because this obviously gets people all up in arms. This is just an observation There is a palpable variable when I talk to people who like Rosen vs those who like Mayfield. That variable is politics. Like actual politics. My question is have you guys felt it too either on this board or in personal conversations? I’ve found those who like Mayfield and dislike Rosen identify as Republican and point to Rosen’s “soft” nature and opinionated personality as something they don’t want around the Jets organization. Ive also found those who like Rosen to identify as more liberal, not really concerned with potential consequences of his opinionated nature. I’ve also noted these same people less moved by Mayfields “chip on his shoulder” compared the republican supporters. Im not saying if you like Mayfield or if you like Rosen you fit into this category. I’m just saying I’ve noticed it shine through in the conversations I’ve had

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