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  1. I agree. Stingley is gunna stay high because of his freshman year and I’m sure he will do very well at Combine too but idc- I like Gardners value a lot more. I actually just hope Echols plays well all season and we don’t have to invest a 1st rounder in CB. If Hall, Echols, Carter Guidry keep playing how they playing then I’d rather just use a 2nd or 3rd rounder to get depth and develop more talent. We’ll see - a lot depends on where that Seattle pick falls
  2. Hot take: I’m not touchin Stingley. he had one dominant year his freshman year and has fell of cliff. His play is worse and locker room stuff is off. Give me Hutchinson and Linderbaum all day. id consider Hamilton because he’s so damn good but Safety position just not worth that investment so early.
  3. I’ll take Hutchinson and Linderbaum thank you very much
  4. Every time Adams does something embarrassing it kills me bc I was actually standing up for him to friends at the time of trade and now I see how insufferable he is and he isn’t even that special on the field anymore. this one stings
  5. I think by seasons end we won’t be in a top 5 spot but that’s just me. I do think Linderbaum will be there for the taking though for at least 1 of the picks. He would be tremendous help. I think priority #1 this offseason is getting Wyatt Teller or Scherff, preferably Teller and doing so at any cost. Gives us major flexibility in draft
  6. Don’t worry Watson is going to Dolphins next year and then we’ll really be screwed
  7. As a fan and if I put my GM hat on, I think its wise not to bring veteran FA's at positions that we have young talent in already i.e. CB, edge, LB. It does nothing but stunt growth and doesn't even give us a player that would stick around anyway. There are two categories which I think warrant veteran FA: 1) It helps the rookie QB 2) A position we don't really have developing young talent in. With these in mind I actually think JD did an okay job. His two blunders are not getting a better TE, and keeping VanRoten. The TE one is forgivable but Van Roten is st
  8. Logging off this now cuz the emotions are crazy as usual. Some are warranted for sure but it’s a lot. Biggest thing for me is how terrible they are in 1st quarter because that’s consistent. At first I put it on Lafleur but it’s Zach too. He’s not hitting the easy throws. oh well not trying to ruin my Sunday
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