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  1. If they didn't pick Nathan Shepard last year I'd like the pick a lot more.
  2. Haven't heard of daily snark so can't speak to their reputation on journalism. But I saw this uni on twitter last week - someone tweeted out the exact same picture but with vikings uniform on it which was said to be original. The person had same hand gesture/posture. Idk, just saying *** EDIT - somebody beat me to it, it wasn't the vikings it was the lions new uni's. my bad. but you get the drift
  3. This was confirmed false. Don't feel like looking for it but the exact "model" figure was used for a vikings uniform display. Somebody photoshopped over it.
  4. mmmm. If Greg Williams doesn't work out I would likeeeee Kris Richard, or Del Rio
  5. Nah I'm good. I like Chris better
  6. Not surprised people want McCarthy. Nobody likes to take risks.
  7. Gary Kubiak but then I also like the Matt Campbell guy. Lincoln Reilly and John Harbaugh are out so those other two are my top choices
  8. Would love Gary Kubiak. Def sign me up for that.
  9. To be honest - if the jerseys are as described, I like it. The Fighter jet logo might need to grow on me but as a general observation in the league, teams with logo helmets look better than teams with words on it.
  10. must be something on your end because i can see it in my original post and in your quoted post. If you have twitter, the info is from twitter handle @TheJetTake

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