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  1. I put all my chips on Watson during the draft. I don't get how he was overlooked. Prob the biggest true Winner to come out of college since i don't even know who.
  2. Kyle Fuller?

    Just remember someone giving me sh*t on here because I didn't think Kyle Fuller was the best thing since sliced bread. That was fun.
  3. Good read. Quality post
  4. Didn't catch that but would have loved to have seen him get called out by his own colleagues. He's a joke
  5. Kinda have a pretty bad-ass defense

    Cornerback corps is swiss cheese plus we still can't get to the quarterback. I like out trajectory for sure but we got a bit of ways to go
  6. Pete Prisco is an ass. He's a Jet hater year in/year out
  7. Deshaun Watson must be the pick

    "Brilliant between the ears and special in his heart" - Dabo Swinney I vote Deshaun
  8. I'm all in for Watson - pretty confident but more just like "f*** it" lets go for it. Crap about waiting for next year is so dumb. So much changes and honestly with exception to Sam Darnold I would take Watson over anyone coming out next year.
  9. Hodge+Herm on Lattimore

    Very true. Very true. Although they mix in some people who have credibility and make sense without speaking in that way like Damien Woody. Can't think of anyone else actually lol
  10. Hodge+Herm on Lattimore

    The thing is...Skip bayless is so bad that no one listens or believes what he says anyway. People think what Merril Hodge has merit which makes it more annoying when he says stupid sh*t cuz I know people are out there like "oh wow good point" just because it's him. Skip went from my most hated to not even on the list as a "analyst" Right now its between Teddy Bruschi and Hodge - Hodge is in the lead.
  11. Hodge+Herm on Lattimore

    Merril Hodge is my least favorite sports analyst/commentator whatever. Worse than Skip Bayless.
  12. Las Vegas Raiders Approved 31-1

    Easy to see why Dolphins would be against it. Same type of players who are looking to have a good time pretty much going to Miami or LA. Now they got Vegas too.
  13. For me it's not even a matter of being pessimistic or jaded fan. I hated the Hackenberg pick the moment it happened and If anything - early reports are more negative than good in regards to his practice abilities since wearing the green and white. After that first drive in his first preseason game I was ready to sack up and admit I was wrong. I want to be wrong. But I really thought he was a sh*t quarterback prospect out of college. He hasn't moved the needle for me.
  14. Always been against Jets drafting a QB - just dont have faith in us picking the right one. Deshaun Watson changed that for me. I may end up being wrong but I'm putting all my chips on him.