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  1. Early indications are Edge stands out for next year in terms of top tier talent and also depth. Which is fortunate for us. outside of that it’s more difficult to say what the top positions will be because 2020 season was messed up.
  2. Something that can be said about the whole Elijah Moore vs Crowder thing is that they can both thrive and actually be assets for eachother similar to how John Brown and Cole Beasley were being used in Buffalo. I remember when we played them and they were like gnats running crossing routes. And in my view Moore and Crowder are better pieces than both Beasley and Brown. Add Davis and Mims on the outside and we can definitely frustrate defenses. Not as good as the Decker, Marshall years but better than anything we've had since.
  3. Love the draft - think we’re looking at two picks between the 10-20 range which this year would have been good enough for a premium player like Slater. also think between Rattler, Howell and 2-3 more potential risers Jets can capitalize on a heavy QB crop. Washington, Detroit, Denver, Texans, Steelers can all be due for a QB. excited to see how the prospects compare to this years crop but looks like Edge is stronger for sure which is perfect for us.
  4. Whatever they do they aren’t going to commit more than 2 years to these players. I honestly think we may be better served letting our current players play with exception to getting vet backup QB and maybe one more edge and linebacker. On the fence if we should get a CB. Otherwise- just let these players develop - fight hard this season - we got 12 picks next year with 7 in the first 4 rounds. Things will be more clear at that point what we need/can commit to for those greater than 2 year contracts.
  5. Be_a_Jet

    Cam Clark

    I thought he played LG. obviously Vera-tucker is going to go there but does Clark have experience on the right side? Too lazy to look it up
  6. I thought he was a slot receiver. I have come to learn he is not.
  7. It has to be Minnesota who got two thirds and still got the guy they wanted.
  8. Let him go to the Patriots. I much rather Mac Jones than see Fields or Lance reach their potential with them
  9. I wonder if the Saints would trade Lattimore for our second rounder. i know they want more but that’s as much as I would be willing to give and if the pick comes around and they really like a player that’s there plus need the cap relief - I would be down with that as long as we already selected an OL at 23
  10. I dislike Merrill Hodges pompous a** more than Bruschi and pretty much everyone. Sounds like a bitter father. Now I’m even more confident. Also, they can both be great. Doesn’t have to be one or the other
  11. Prepare your self for very mixed opinions whoever Jets go for OL. it seems with such great depth and the weird 2020 season plus injury history = a class that is very all over the place in terms of perceived value. unless we get Vera-Tucker or Jenkins, there will be little consensus on value. Which is fine - all about how they play.
  12. Possibly Micah Parsons too. Although he still goes first round
  13. Rosseau Caleb Farley Landon Dickerson
  14. I think if we’re moving up the only place that’s worth while is from 34 to trade back into the late 1st round.
  15. Credibility lost when you said move Becton to right side
  16. Rookie QB, Rookie Coach, Developing roster don’t care about wins this year. I only care that we play hard, we stay close in games and team shows grit, discipline. one thing we can find out this year - is Saleh the man. How does he lead them. this is comparable to Dolphins 2 years ago, their record suck but they played close in all games and most of all Flores showed he was a man to trust and lead. that’s all I want this year.
  17. I’d also say I’m not touching Landon Dickerson. Injury history is too substantial, likelihood he retears his ACL is high - too damn high for a 1st or our early 2nd rounder for me. Great player but can’t take that risk with such a high pick
  18. If AVT is there at 23 I go him, if He’s gone then I go Newsome , if they’re both gone I go Jenkins, if they’re all gone I’m trading down.
  19. I didn’t even hear what he said on the McAfee podcast so idk what he was even right about. if he was talking about the past then I’m sure he’s right. But what is it about Saleh or Joe Douglas that they view as wrong? as far as building the roster we have the most premium picks in the league over the next two drafts. I mean we’re gunna build the roster...
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