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  1. I prefer threads with no context and in long YouTube video format but this will do.
  2. Calabrese staying is huge because he is likely Lafluers successor when he gets his HC shot, which can come as soon as the end of this year depending on how Jets Offense does.
  3. I’d like to bet his house that Hawks won the Jamal Adams trade too
  4. Just had my first child 3 weeks ago. Fortunate to have off from work. Can’t imagine dropping all that responsibility on my wife. Hope Mekhi enjoys every bit of his time - there’s more important things than football and this is voluntary so bagging on him about it is a bad look no matter how you slice it or spin it.
  5. As a firm believer in the reverse jinx this is fantastic material and could pay dividends for Jets’ juju come this season lol
  6. Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne is an example
  7. I think they mainly wanted to get veteran leadership in that safety room this offseason and Whitehead does that too although Williams obviously better player. I agree the right guy at the right place hasn't been available thus we have Whitehead and Pinnock/Davis to start. When 2023/2024 rolls around I anticipate bigger splashes in FA, so far JD holds tight to his line but assume that will change when we are closer to contention.
  8. I like the LB and DT suggestions but would rather not trade 2023 assets for Bates or any safety/player. Let Pinnock develop -see what he’s got - if he stinks it up draft or sign one next year. 2023-2024 is the year of luxury picks and over-reaching/trading for a proven asset i still think roster is too young to trade assets unless it helps Zach (ie Deebo). Who knows, Pinnock could emerge, looked pretty good end of last year.
  9. Im definitely hopeful but also know it’s not make or break if they are elite WR1 or just standard WR1’s/Elite WR2s - only a few elite WR 1s in this league. Hopefully they will be though - at the very least they are light years beyond the prospects we used to draft like Devin Smith, Stephen Hill etc. Excited about them. Maybe I’m underrating his impact - I just never felt he made the other team really scheme defenses around him the way teams scheme around Jamar Chase, Tyreek, Deebo, Hopkins etc. I agree he was really good and a WR1. When the schedule came out I also realized we don’t have anyone on our offense that scares the other team - although I think that will change - my guess is it’s our RB tandem of Breece and Carter will become the “tough” aspect to defend. So many ways this offense can grow with all these prospects Im excited - there’s going to be a superstar somewhere there I just don’t know who.
  10. Garrett is a better prospect but Moore has a higher floor. Both I think have limited ceilings though which for as much as I think they are good, I know we still need that weapon that scares defenses like a DK metcalf who can grab anything in the air or a speedster like Tyreek. It’s like TY Hilton who was fantastic at getting open and had so many receptions - but I don’t think he scared anyone or took over games regularly. But to be fair I think if a TE emerges or Breece becomes Jonathan Taylor then this offense doesn’t necessarily need a tier 1 WR1
  11. Good … I was just about to make a “sign this beast” thread finished off with a “get it done Tanny” sign off
  12. nice but damn that's the game you picked though?
  13. How many DL can we carry? we got Lawson, Huff, Quinnen, Rankins, Solomon, JFM, Jermaine, Jacob Martin, Tim Ward, Vinny Curry, Nathan Shepard, Clemons, Zuniga, Hamilcar that counts 14 but might be missing one. Even so the interior looks thin.
  14. Ya know what would be good, is if Jets had a DK Metcalf. I think at that point the roster would have so much diversity and speed/talent that it would actually be undeniably respect given. I think Corey Davis is good but doesn’t scare anyone and all the other Weapons are so young and unproven. Would love to get a big weapon like him next offseason.
  15. Week 1: Lamar Jackson Week 2: Deshaun Watson? Brisett? Week 3: Joe Burrow Week 4: Trubisky Week 5: Tua Week 6: Aaron Rodgers Week 7: Russell Wilson Week 8: Mac Jones Week 9: Josh Allen Tough first 9 weeks. Its a wake up call that as improved as the Jets have become...the rest of the AFC also got better - a lot better. Even the team with mediocre QBs like Steelers and Pats have HOF coaches and aren't going to be pushovers.
  16. I think the news will be bringing back that white helmet as our alternate helmet and the retro white uni’s.
  17. I know. I have to outwardly project negativity as a superstition. It’s my good luck charm strategy (used it for that Tennessee game actually) Im doing this for all of us lol
  18. 0-1 to start the season guaranteed rj
  19. I gotta say, I don’t get how we as Jets fans sit here and criticize another team so brazenly. i don’t mean that in a “don’t be mean” way. i mean that in a “when have the Jets come out on top in these situations” We crapped on Josh Allen and now he’s best in the league, every year we say “this is the year patriots are dropping off a cliff” and yet they still beat us twice in each year regularly. This is mostly me projecting my strong inclination to believe in Jinxes. We talk crap and it’s going to come back and bite us. He really isn’t that bad - better than Josh Allen was in his first 2 years - anything can happen especially with McDaniel running that offense and all the weipans they have in addition to a stout defense. Im actually fond of reverse Jinxes. I think Tua will light it up and they will go to the playoffs smoking our asses twice in the process. jets have no shot of beating them. ps: Im a grown man
  20. This thread beats the other one because you cited his latest team and recent contract situation.
  21. I think the Reed signing was great value on a good player but I also think it was JDs safety net if Sauce was drafted before us. Now that we got him we have this problem, although it’s a good problem. I’d like: FS: Pinnock Will: Hamsah Nickel:MC2
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