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  1. Let's all wish @Maxman a very happy birthday today!!
  2. Sorry you feel that way. I’m a Jets fan I try to keep it positive.
  3. I like hearing Joe Nolan on third down. I actually like how the Jets hype the crowd and keep it going during commercial breaks. I have said it before, but when the Jets play the Giants "away," the games are quiet and boring.
  4. The tailgate was more fun than the game. Glad everyone had a good time and got to meet to fellow JN posters. I wish I could have talked to more people as well but MaxMan was too busy bossing me around. Maybe next time...
  5. The lines were terrible. I understand they are long if you wait until the last minute, but at least they move. This year, they didn't move very fast at all.
  6. This is going to be so fun - can't wait to get the site together and hang.
  7. No problem at all Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Congrats to @BUM-KNEE! He is the Sam Darnold Bobblehead Winner! Thank you to everyone who participated.
  9. Congrats to @Scott Dierking & @Lith They each won a Carhartt hat. Guys - please send me a private message with the address of where you'd like these mailed. Thanks to everyone for participating!
  10. I’m definitely going if this happens. The club food they serve is amazing
  11. Would love for the Vikings to shove it up Tom’s ...
  12. Bierhaus NYC, a German beer hall near Grand Central, will be having Jets & Giants Players appearances throughout the month of October for Monday Night Football. Their first player is linebacker Demario Davis. He's coming in to watch Monday Night Football with the fans, sign autographs and take photos. What a great way to celebrate Oktoberfest! 10/2 DEMARIO DAVIS - JETS10/9 KERRY WYNN - GIANTS10/16 BUSTER SKRINE - JETS10/23 - TBA Reserve here: http://www.bierhausnyc.com/reservations
  13. Wow, something was done in favor of the Jets for once. We cannot afford to lose these guys... http://am970theanswer.com/news/lifestyle/jets-lee-williams-cleared-by-nfl-of-any-conduct-violations
  14. Happy Birthday Phil!!!!!!!! I'm going to embarrass you on social media now.
  15. He better wear a Jets uniform....
  16. Of course, rumors are swirling that Revis may return to the Jets because they won't let Morris Claiborne wear #24. I originally heard this on ESPN Radio last night, but then looked it up and found this article stating they may retire his number instead. Reports from camp are saying our corners give us Jets fans some hope. Who knows...the fan in me still has faith From the NBC Sports Desk(top): Jets wouldn’t give Morris Claiborne the No. 24 Darrelle Revis made famous Posted by Charean Williams on July 31, 2017, 8:02 PM EDT Getty Images Morris Claiborne wanted to we
  17. I'm really curious about this "nice" surprise.....
  18. Just read this article... http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/01/02/report-if-johnson-serves-trump-control-of-jets-likely-to-shift-to-brother/ Do you think this would have a positive or negative impact on the team? How about for Jets fans?
  19. The legendary NY Jets Sack Exchange will be signing autographs at the Steiner sports store at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Saturday January 7th from 12 - 1:30pm. Call (516) 739-0580 for more information and to pre-order tickets! Event Details All Four Members of the New York Jets ‘Sack Exchange’; Mark Gastineau, Marty Lyons, Joe Klecko & Abdul Salaam At The Steiner Sports Store at Roosevelt Field Mall Sat. January 7th from 12-1:30pm Items to be signed are not included, Raw Unsigned Product will be available for purchase day of the signing Call (516) 739-0580 f
  20. I'll be there! But I won Joe's raffle and will be tailgating on a yacht (ooh lala) But Eric and I are looking to party Saturday night too -let us know!
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