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  1. Whaaattt! the champ is like 70 am gonna pass. don't sign that beast!
  2. Who is this fuggen Mark Sanchez? show us how to get an extra 13 million dollars added to our payroll, you're a dangerous poster!
  3. Not guilty! i am not.... I mean he's not guilty...I didn't.... ahhh..he didn't do it.
  4. Franchez er my bad ! I mean Sanchez! he's next.
  5. Anyone here know about this county south of the Russian border rule the country of Georgia? They're in the news. according to how the media reports it they're being denied the rights to participate in the olympics as a country. Georgia! "FREE THE ABKAZIANS" let them compete also.
  6. Well! I'd just like to report that Scott Dierking just called me a softie! I resemble that remark
  7. Never paid too much attention to asst coach names What's his name? did he play for Pittsburg a few years ago? wasn't he involved in a fire? somebody please satisfy my curiousity.
  8. It's about time somebody do something for the little people about the NFL Superbowl tickets allotment travesty.
  9. OH my god! this is a nghtmare another Jet hater right there with the departed Alex Karras, Pat Summeral was a jet hater too!
  10. flags down! its red!..... Thats a challenge man.
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