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  1. JPPT1974

    Mahomes Breakdown

    Looks like a stick of gum there that pink thing!
  2. Ready for Autumn Winds!

  3. Just hope that Sam D can get back to health. Season really depends on him!
  4. Ready for October 2019!

  5. They were really good until the end. Really it is about finishing the game. No matter what.
  6. Ready for NFL 100th Anniversary!

  7. Good luck to the Colts. And really Andrew has had injuries. Really ticked me off over in the fans booing him. He even says it hurt!
  8. Labor Day 2019!

  9. Why doesn't Mr Curry ask the family of the late Neil Armstrong if it is a hoax?!
  10. Back to School!

  11. August Awesome!

  12. Second year and really you have to give him the benefit of the doubt from last year. Due to the fact of him being a rookie.
  13. Ready for July Jumping!

  14. Surprised that Patriots are low and Brady's name is not mentioned. Oh well!

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