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  1. Really hate that for Sam Darnold. May had made a big mistake coming out of college so soon. Like that of Mark Sanchez did. Had they stayed longer they may had been elite. Like Peyton Manning did in UT and look at where he will be in Canton Ohio.
  2. Have a great Halloween

  3. Gase is on his last leg. Leave it at that!
  4. Ready for October Openings!

  5. Yeah need to have the Jets cheerleaders there over for the team!
  6. Winds of Autumn!

  7. Wonder who would replace Manish if they do come a time and a place for that!
  8. Remember to September!

  9. Really nobody should sign him. He is a basket case. Though still has the W.R. moves
  10. Back to School!

  11. August Awesome!

  12. Chris Jones is young and not over the hill. And could help the Chiefs win many SB's.
  13. Ready to Have Virus Ending

  14. Happy great and blessed birthday with lots of presents and cake!

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