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  1. But if games end up with no fans, then really it will be strange. But at least there will be games.
  2. Memorial Day 2020

  3. Well good bye Mr Dalton hello Mr Burrow to Bengals!
  4. Stay Safe Stay At Home Stay Strong!

  5. All was not young Sam's fault. He needs protection there. And fast!
  6. Stay Safe Stay Strong

  7. Shows you Matt Patricia is not just a not good coach but an awful human being!
  8. Ready for Virus to End!

  9. Hope you can still stay on here. Life can get in the way. But hope you will say hello!
  10. Yeah as do not blame Brady on everything. Though it is part of his fault.
  11. March Madness

  12. It is that they want to use the money to pay MVP Patrick Mahomes is one of the reasons.
  13. Warm Weather To Come!

  14. Offense scores you the points but defense wins you the game. Look at it that way.
  15. Ready for Valentine's and February 2020!

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