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  1. Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

  2. Question is why are they letting him do kickoffs, that is why the team has Greg the Leg Zuerlein is beyond me?!
  3. Hey wonder why Braden has been doing kickoffs instead of Greg? As the latter is usually a touchback machine.
  4. Ready for November to Remember!

  5. Hey why is Braden doing the kickoffs and not Greg the Leg there?!
  6. Not me at all. As really love my single and independence there. But hey that is just me at the age of nearly 48, single, no kids, not even dating LOL. But still just never was my thing but others may feel contrary.
  7. October Skies

  8. Ready for Labor Day 2022

  9. Just hope that he does not rush into healing. Needs to heal right.
  10. Ready for August Here!

  11. Well just hope that Selah is much more relaxed there. Knowing he was trying to have one experience under his belt. To figure out and workout some kinks. To get the team chemistry going.
  12. Ready for June Here!

  13. Hope it is worth good things to come!
  14. Ready for Happy Memorial Day and Mother's Day 2022!!

  15. Very funny but very true West Side Johnny!
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