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  1. Happy Halloween

  2. RIP Thoughts and Prayers with His Loved ones. So sad!
  3. October Outstanding

  4. 32 Is considered pros and cons. Pros to bring experience. Cons over not possibly being the player you used to be let's say in the 20's.
  5. Labor Day 2021!

  6. Well he may be too short per NFL experts. But he can let that be a huge asset and not a liability
  7. August Crush

  8. Ready for August!

  9. Well it seems in having a new staff and a new QB to set the tone. Hope the only way to go is up.
  10. July 4th Fireworks

  11. Ready for June and Summertime

  12. Well like that they have a coach in Selah. That can really want to be there. Need players who want to be there. Not Prima Donnas or people who don't want to be there.
  13. Memorial Day 2021

  14. Well don't worry about the comments. No harm or foul there.
  15. Ready for Mother's Day!

  16. IMHO he got a raw deal. And that he never got OL protection on it there. Just saying!
  17. Ready for Spring Awareness

  18. April Awesome!

  19. Sure it will be a good one. No matter what. Congrats!
  20. Marcy Madness 2021!

  21. Hope you have lots of presents and lots of cake there! Happy Birthday!
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