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  1. Where did bobfootball.com rank him?
  2. Here's the problem with fans "analyzing" picks. It's garbage in, garbage out and nothing but recycled opinions. Just because some dope with a website didn't put McDougal on his top 100 list or whatever doesn't mean he can't play. Some schmo from a Jets message board actually believes that because a certain player isn't on "his board" (which is likely a third of a sheet of paper with 50 names on it.) that it's a bad pick and the Jets are morons. Nobody knows him because he was injured and didn't go to the combine. McDougal can play. He can tackle, he's a smart player, he can cover and he's got ball skills. When you find yourself questioning people like NFL coaches, GM's, and scouts, you might want to take a step back and ask yourself if the 3 minute youtube video you saw last week makes you a credible talent evaluator or not.
  3. Dude you are so annoying. The draft is the best 3 days of the year, but all I see on this board today is 300 posts from you looking to pick at people. Stop being such a message board douch. Some guy says Pryor reminds him of Landry and you get all c.unty about it. Maybe it's not that accurate but who cares. They both hit hard that's all he's trying to say. Someone says Pryor was brought in to help the turnover margin and you shoot that down. I have news for you-- the current starting Safetys on the Jets had a combined 2 int's and 1 FF. A playmaker in the secondary is more than necessary. You can keep hating all you want, but this kid is a player, and he makes the Jets a better team. 11 more picks to go. I can't even imagine how annoying you are going to be with those.
  4. Kony Ealy-- Mark it down. Guy is an animal. Quality players are lining up with needs at WR/TE bigtime. Going into tonight with Ealy, Lee, Amaro, Jenkins and about 8 other WR's worthy of a 2/3 pick, I'm feeling very good. I'd love 2 picks in the second, or 3 total tonight. Don't think 12 draft picks will make the squad, so lets consolidate a bit and take some surefire players today. Love the draft.
  5. Dennard is 5-10 with short arms and ran a 4.5. You watch him play in college and you can see he has questionable speed and had to rely on mugging guys a lot of the time. If we thought he was BPA he would be a Jet right now. Pryor is going to light it up.
  6. Not undermining the point at all. Pointing out to the guys crying about not drafting for need that Brandon Cooks playing slot WR would not really fill a need either. If anything, Saftey is a bigger need than Slot WR. Regardless- we got the best player. The Jets had Pryor higher on the board than Cooks and that's the bottom line.
  7. OK I just went back and saw where you jumped in. I see what you are saying with the "hole in my logic" but you're missing what I'm pointing out. I'm saying Pryor was the best player available- not Cooks. Period. If Cooks was the best player available we would have drafted him regardless of Kerley. But for fans crying that we did't get Cooks- we don't need the guy anyway- we have a good Slot guy in Kerley. If we have a need at WR, it's not at the slot. We got the best player available- we didn't go crazy and trade half our picks to fill a more pressing need, and we have 11 more picks.
  8. Me bringing up Kerley has nothing do to with the Jets draft board. If Cooks was the best player, they would have drafted him regardless of my views on Jeremy Kerley. I just don't have that much pull with the organization anymore. From a fan perspective, I believe we don't need Cooks because he is a slot WR and we have one who's very good in my opinion. Whether that factored into our decision to "pass on cooks" I don't know. Personally, I just think we liked Pryor that much. If we go WR I'd rather draft a guy with some size who's more suited for the outside. But that's just fan talk. If they picked him and truely thought he was the best guy, then I'd support it - Kerley or not. But they didn't. Because he wasn't the best player. John Itzik isn't going to break his balls to placate crying fans. Anyone crying about the offense needs to realize that we brought in the best QB, WR, RB in free agency. We need 2 players on offense right now- #2 WR and #2 TE. Guard is a possibility depending on their views on last years guys, RB is a possibility with two backs on 2 year deals and powel in his last year.
  9. Dude give it up. Cooks wasn't BPA according to the board or we would have picked him. If it was even close I'm sure Idzik would have gone with Cooks since WR is the more pressing need. Cooks is 5 foot nothing and needs an accurate QB to be successful. He'll do great with the Saints I'm sure but personally I like probably 6 more WR's who are still on the board better than Cooks. We didn't panic - we didn't trade 3 picks to overdraft Beckham in the top 10. There are still 10 WR's and at least 2 TE's on the board who can come in and start. I know what it's like to not be thrilled with the direction the draft is going, but you shouldn't be upset man. Pryor is going to be a good player and will probably be our starter for years. We still have 11 picks. We could come out of the next 2 rounds with Jordan Matthews and Sef Jenkins.
  10. Then they would have drafted him.
  11. When he's Sacking QB's, blasting the ball out of a WR's hands over the middle and forcing fumbles you will understand why we drafted him. Landry makes no plays. 1 sack 1 int no FF in 16 games. Just because youtube highlights show him knocking the pi$$ of guys doesn't mean he can't cover either. He'll be the best Safety we've had in 20 years.
  12. Oh yeah that's right. Guys like Jim Leonard, Mike DeVito, Sione Pouha, Brodney Pool, Eric Smith, Marcus Dixon, Garret McIntire, Nick Bellor, Aaron Maybin and Drew Coleman are all such studs. You do realize those guys were on our team when we went to the AFC Championship twice right? What an idiotic statement. We have had one of the least talented teams in the NFL and have done pretty well considering. One of the worst QB situations in the NFL 5 years running. Just stop.
  13. So because he's not on the level of a top 5 pick it's a bad move? Yes he makes us better. Safety has been a need for years dude.
  14. This is crazy- I don't understand the hate for the pick. Pryor is a good player and we've needed a Safety for about 18 years now. So many people preach Best player available-- then when it happens they cry because we didn't draft a WR. Please. Our WR situation is already twice as good as it was last year and we still have 11 picks left. I've got news for you-- our next pick might not be a WR either. We are taking advantage of the depth at WR. Marquise Lee, Jordan Matthews, Moncrief, Lattimer, Adams, Robinson, Landry, Bryant, Richardson-- There's not a big difference between Odel Beckham and any of these guys. Chances are, 2 or 3 of these guys will end up better than him anyway. The wrong move would have been panicking and trading a 1 and 2 and 4 to move up for Odel Beckham, or picking Cooks at 18. We don't need another slot WR. Kerley is one of the few bright spots on our offense and it would make no sense picking Cooks. With Marquise Lee, Kony Ealy, Sef Jenkins and Jace Amaro on the board I hope we package up a 4th and scoop one of these guys early in the second.
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