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  1. How did the jets screw tebow? If he was good, He have won the starting job or at least would have done more with his opportunities. If he was good he wouldn't have cleared waivers. Jets didn't screw him and they didn't use him wrong. The only way his game works is with broken plays where teams have to respect the pass and he scrambles when the play breaks down. That is not the same thing as a planned run. You can't duplicate spontaneity. They gave him a shot and it didn't work. They tried to trade him and not one team even offered a 7th in 2014, so he was cut. Happens every season to hundreds of players. But because its tebow we screwed him.
  2. 2013 trade a 4th and 10 mil for ivory. 4th and like 3 mil for tebow. 2nd and 40 mil for cromartie 5th and 45 mil for Holmes. Traded a 5th for lito Shepard. Traded whole draft and 3 depth players for Sanchez and green. traded a 2 and 3 for Keller. Traded late round picks for pat Ramsey and that qb from New England and a horrible corner from Dallas. Traded a 2nd for mccareins. Traded a 2 for a 3 and Thomas jones and 20 million contract. Traded a 1 for Doug jolly and mike nugent. Traded 2 firsts for dewayne Robertson. This has never been a team built through the draft and it shows. Frivolous with our picks.
  3. The big issue I have with this is why trade for anyone? We're not a good team with or without him. We need to get our cap right. We need young players and we need multiple holes filled. We could have used that money to keep Slausson and bell for example and still had the draft pick for someone like Jon Franklin or quinton Patton. But instead two of the best organizations in football drafted them. Jon Franklin/quinton Patton at 500k a year is 10 times better than ivory at 3.3mil a year. Can't believe they did this.
  4. It only matters if we plan on cutting him after a year or two. Why trade a high 4th for someone you're going to cut in a year or two
  5. I like the first 2 picks. I'm a Geno hater, but think we got good value in the 2nd with him. I liked Winters, just maybe not in the third while Damontre Moore, Corey Lemonier and Alex Okafor were still around, but I can still live with him. What kills me is letting go of two quility starters at Guard- signing Colon, Signing this guy from Detroit, then drafting 3 more guards. We do not need 6 guards on this team, so who's going to be the wasted signing/draft pick? Where were the impact players? Where are the playmakers? Where are the Pass Rushers? Everyone on this site wanted Tavon Austin at 9 or 13 (not me) but is now justifying how 3 guards and a Fullback in our last 4 selections are picks well spent. I like the idea of rebuilding with young guys, but when you draft 3 Guards, sign 2, and still have a young one with some promise on the roster, these guys aren't going to see the field. They will most likely not be active. Get me a S, WR, TE, OLB who can at least rotate in for a few plays and get some experience.
  6. Maybe he wants Geno Smith to actually have to earn his starting job? Maybe he doesn't want the kid to have to step into the NY media from day one as the starting QB for the Jets? Everyone is all fired up about "Competition" but when Geno has to compete with Sanchez/Garrard/McElroy/Sims/Tebow for the starting job, you think it's ludacris, and Rex already knows who the starter is. Amazing.
  7. Mark Sanchez/Greg McElroy. They weren't the 30th worst pass protecting ol. One game where a 7th round backup QB gets sacked 13 times will skew numbers.
  8. Well after the last 4 rounds netting us 3 guards and a fullback I'd say that an impact player might be one need.
  9. We had a top 5 line last year with that group. Why break it up only to try and fill it with lousy stopgaps, and half of your draft picks?
  10. Feel free to hate away. PS- your team just drafted 3 guards in a row after signing their second one of the off season yesterday. Why didn't we just keep the frigging line from last year? Moore and Slausson were good. Slausson left for under a million, and moore is still unsigned. We let them go, and now have to spend half our draft finding their replacements. Here's a good question for you. Which of these guys are going to be on the field and which are going to be wasted signings/picks who we cut? Brick, Vlad, Mangold, Colon, Howard, Peterman, Winters, Aboshi, Campbell, Schlauderaff? That's 10 guys. 7 are active on game day. Pretty sure the better move is just keeping your cohesive line intact rather than losing 2 quality players, and then signing/drafting 5 players to "Compete" for the same 2 spots and letting the other 3 twiddle their thumbs until we cut them. Meanwhile, we still have the same holes we've had in every off season for the last 7 years-- 2 edge rushers, 2 safteys, WR, TE. I can't think of a year where we haven't had those same needs on this team. Where is my competition at those spots? Barnes was a decent signing as a rotational rusher. Pace is hot garbage, and graded out us one of the worst OLB in the league. Ricky Sapp? Give me a break. Dawan Landry and Josh Bush? Our WR and TE's going to scare anyone? Trade a 4th rounder and 10 million dollars for Chris Ivory and his yearly injuries... meanwhile Green Bay scoops up Jon Franklin in the 4th, and AZ gets Andre Ellingon in the 6th. I'd take either one of them over Ivory... add in the fact that Ivory will cost 6-7 times as much and now I'm really shaking my head. PS- Nice work "restructuring" brick... again. Can't wait to pay him 52 million dollars in the last 4 years of his contract.
  11. Love how we trade a 4th and 10 million over 3 years for Ivory, and the Pats get Blount for a 7th. Unreal. What the **** with the Defensive tackles man? This guy wasn't even invited to the combine. I see him ranked as the 414th best player available in this draft.
  12. I'm not worried about the 3 OLB who were off the board in the first 6 picks. Passing on Corey Lemonier, Damontre Moore, Alex Okafor, Cornelious Washington, Michael Buchanon- Meanwhile, we just drafted 2 guards, and signed another one yesterday. So who out of Brick, Vlad, Mangold, Colon, Howard, Peterman, Winters and this 5th rounder from VA is going to be inactive on game day??? We're only going to dress 7. Same goes for the RB-- which one of them is now going to get cut? I like Barnes. Been waiting for Sapp for 3 years now-- is he going to be my 10 sack guy? I don't hate Winters, but man, to pass on Moore, Lemonier, and Okafor, and use two picks in a row at guard, seems crazy. One of those guys is going to the bench. Meanwhile, we still have holes all over. Overfilling QB, RB, OL, and completly ignoring OLB, WR, TE, S. We lost 2 guards this off season, and added 4. We lost 1 RB and added 2. We added 2 QB's.
  13. I learned that edge rushers have no place on our team. 7 years in a row I'm waiting for a pass rushing OLB. 7 Years in a row we get nobody.
  14. We trade for this guy like he's the missing piece to our team. Still have massive holes all over and massive cap issues. Nice work restructuring brick and screwing us for the next 4 years. Why not use the money to sign a rt g wr te olb s cb and keep the pick to get us a player for the future? I feel like we've already made 3 moves that hurt our future. This trade and restructuring brick and cro.
  15. Powell and Goodson. I'd probably rather have McKnight too based on the money and his ability to play specials.
  16. We just had free agency, and were very tight with our money. We could have signed any one of hundreds of available players to long term deals, but only made a few small moves, and ignored a lot of holes. We sign Goodson, and already have 2 young backs- one of which I believe is better that Ivory. Then, we go and trade for an average back, and give him the long term deal. I really don't get it. Why give up the pick? Why not just fill a need in free agency, and keep your draft picks? It's not like Chris Ivory is some special player and you can't get a guy that caliber in the draft or free agency. This kind of move just kills me. I litterally think Chris Ivory is the third best back on our team right now. This is a tannenbaum type move. Like trading for Lito Sheppard or Tebow. I could puke. Gil Brandt says the saints should be arrested for stealing. Complete crap. Andre Ellington and Jon Franklin will run circles around Ivory- and they'll cost 1/4 of what Ivory will.
  17. That's interesting-- I remember you mentioning that like a month and a half ago in another thread. You are right-- 3rd down D is extremely important, and we're in 4 man fronts with 3+ CB on the field at least half the time anyway. I'm getting excited about these guys. Really like Richardson. Nobody is really talking about what an athletic freak he is in his own right. 6-2 1/2, 300 lbs or so, ran a 4.88, benched 30 reps, jumped 32 inches, 34.5" arms, 10.5" hands, and plays fast. Really good hustle too, which can be a major issue for big DT's. I think him and Wilk as 3-4 ends in a base, with coples getting time as a stand up rusher, or 4-3 base end will work out just fine. Think about our versitility on the DL. If we can pickup one more true pass rusher, like Lemonier, Okafor, Collins, Moore, Montgomery, Washington, Buchanon etc, we're going to have an absurd line in 4 man fronts, and enough versitility to play them all in a variety of packages. I'm pumped about our line. If Milliner can play to his potential, we're going to do very well boys.
  18. Have you read the New York Jets scouting reports on Milliner, or just some mock draft site? 6-1, 200 lb corners who run sub 4.4, who played on multiple national championship teams in the SEC are a dime a dozen? The guy is a very good prospect, and is worthy of the 9th pick for sure.
  19. The thing is-- Revis is gone for better or worse. He's gone. He got injured, he got 16 million, and he's a Buc now. Kyle WIlson is average, and I'm pretty sure his contract is up after next year too isn't it? So while CB doesn't seem like a big need, it kind of is.
  20. Ill say that I'm ok with both picks. I know it's sucks having to lose revis and to draft another corner but Teams lose their stars all the time with no compensation. That's just how a salary cap league works. Richardson wasn't a big perceived need to most fans but I do think be will be very good. That said the way the board fell we didn't have many options. The 3 best pass rushers and best guard were gone by 7. Best 3 ot and best playmaker were gone by 8 so we couldn't even get a trade down for one of those guys. I was pissed off by pick 7 and was praying we traded out but we stayed and grabbed 2 good players. As fans you spend all off season thinking about filling needs. You study a few prospects who fit and you fall in love with guys. That's what good fans do. But it's a double edged sword because if it doesn't go right in your book than the team blew it. Bottom line now is can these two guys be one good players. I think they can. We have 6 more picks and we will likely fill some more holes. Lets step back off the ledge a bit and concede that these guys know more than we do. It's not to say that we can't have opinions but lets let the full process work out before we call for heads to roll. Good luck tonight.
  21. Gotta bump this one. Called Sheldon a month ago and had to fight off the attackers as usual.
  22. Who did you want at 13? Jarvis jones? The guy who Sheldon Richardson ran faster than jumped higher than and was 60 lbs heavier than? Guy has poor size. Poor speed. Poor work ethic. And a poor spine. But we should have drafted him because we need an olb right? Ill take Corey lemonier damontre Moore Jamie Collins Alex okafor or Cornelius Washington over jones and they are still on the board.
  23. Ok stop crying. Most likely we will run a heavy dose of 4-3 putting coples back at rush end. Wilk and Richardson will go inside. All 3 if them are scheme versatile and will be used. Nobody is sitting on the bench. Richardson is replacing devito and does so on a cheaper contract and had way more upside. He will be better than devito was from day one. Those 3 guys will get significant pass rush. We will most likely draft another olb/end type who is also versatile. Tons of good guys left man.
  24. What offensive player would have been a good pick at 9 for us? Eiffert? Meh. Rather ertz in 2nd Kelce in 3rd than eiffert at 9/13. I don't see a huge drop in talent between the 3. No wr was worth z pick there. All the big time lineman but warmack were gone by 9. Idzik said we got 2 of our top 4 highest rated players. GMs don't give specific info like that unless its the truth.
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