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  1. So funny. Everyone talks about how we need to draft best player available until it happens. Then they cry. The draft isn't over. The next 2 picks will likely be starters and well see what happens Day 3. I'd rather take the guys we got than take Jarvis jones or any wr. Richardson ran a faster 40 at his pro day than Jarvis jones and he's 60 lbs heavier. Richardson is a Wilkerson clone. Big fast long arms strong. Ill take that all day.
  2. I called a 4-3 base and this pick over a month ago and got bitched at. Looks like its happening. Not a huge Dan to be honest.
  3. No dude I'm not annoyed. Just tired of people on message boards who try to discredit someone because they think their opinions are facts. Since when do GMs tell their draft day plans in advance? It's the draft. Anything can happen. Crazier things will happen than Dallas moving up 5 spots.
  4. hotcoles87

    My Mock

    Austin to Philly at 4. Interesting. Stranger things have happened.
  5. Oh ok my bad. So my 3 far fetched just for fun mock drafts are now tarnished because you have inside information that says Dallas will not under any Circumstances trade up. So what slot are they going to pick? who are they taking? Who is trading up to 18 and who are they going to pick? Dude nobody knows anything right now. Experts wouldn't make a claim like that. Jerry jones probably wouldn't even say that right now because nobody knows how the draft is going to fall. Yet you think you can discredit someone's bs mock draft on a message board for clueless fans because you have the facts. You don't like the players I picked that's fine but don't act like you know anything about this draft to be a fact because you know nothing.
  6. 2 replies 2 gholston remarks. Shocker. Because this guy has the same grandparents as Vernon gholston he is not worthy of a 4th round pick. Good work boys. By that logic we already have our qb of the future because we have Phil Simms kid already on the roster.
  7. I'm sitting here twiddling my dick just waiting for the draft. Here are a few mocks I just made up. Here's a fun mock draft with some trades. 9 - trade back to 16. Rams take Austin and get our 4th. Nets us 16, and 46 13 - trade back to 18. Dallas takes Warmack. Nets us 18, 80 and 114 16 - Jon Cooper 18 - Tyler Eiffert 39 - Ryan Nassib 46 - Corey Lemonier 72 - Christine Michael 80 - Stedman Bailey 106 - Duke Williams 114 - William Gholston 141 - Kevin Reddick 178 - Connor Vernon 215 - Brad Wing Here's another with no trades 9 - Mingo 13 - Cooper 39 - Eric Reid 72 - Darious Slay 106 - Andre Ellington 141 - Matt Scott 178 - Dion Sims 215 - Mike Catapano 9 - Ansah 13 - DJ Hayden 39 - Robert Woods 72 - Giovani Bernard 106 - Brian Winters 141 - TJ McDonald 178 - Landry Jones 215 - Devin Taylor
  8. Agreed. I hate being the guy to go against the grain, but I like Reid, Cyprian and Elam better than Vaccaro. One of those guys will be there with our 2nd. Plug and play from day one.
  9. Oh ok. Well which tight end who is better than those guys should we take and what round is appropriate? That's like saying the colts shouldn't have picked Andrew luck until the 6th round because he isn't as good as Tom Brady.
  10. I like the Vance McDonald pick. Thing is, if he's your guy- you can't risk losing him to another team. You have to take him at 13, 9, or even consider trading all the way up to #1 to get him.
  11. Enough with Swope already! With those same picks-- 18 - Eiffert 23 - Nassib 39 - Lemonier 47 - Warford 72 - Michael Winner.
  12. I've watched Reid before, but man this kid looks good. Big hitter-- I can see him getting 4 sacks for us. Great measurables. Long arms-- 33 1/2 inches. One of the best 10's at the combine. Some of the best jumps, good 40, good bench. He should be one of our top targets if we trade back. Side note-- anyone know if Xavier Rhodes could play saftey? He's got the size for one on paper, but he looks thin to me. I hate comparing two guys from the same school just because, but he really reminds me of Cro-- tall, long legged guy. If he could play saftey, he'd potentially be a decent pick if he's there later in the first as well.
  13. Hopkins is amazing-- would love him. To bad he took a giant dump in his hotel room and got caught. I'm hoping that guy falls bad and we can scoop him up with our pick #72. It's wishful thinking, but think about Justin Houston. PS Ryan Swope looks like Johnny from Karate Kid.
  14. Dion Jordan Cory Lemonier Jamie Collins Christine Michael Andre Ellington Johnathan Cyprian Cornelius Washington Ryan Nassib Robert Woods Kevin Minter
  15. Why does everyone like Ryan Swope? He looked absolutely terrible in the Combine Drills. Out of two runs through the Gauntlet drill, I'm pretty sure he caught like 4 out of the 12 balls.
  16. That would be nice but if you look at the trades from last year most of the teams moving back got less than the chart value.
  17. In this draft, and considering we still have the #9 to work with, I'd trade 13 for 31 and 34 in a heartbeat. 9, 31, 34, 39-- Mingo, Cyprian, Nassib, Ertz Cooper, Lemonier, Reid, Woods Star, Patterson, Elam, Collins Wishfull thinking... 9 - Jordan, 31 - Eiffert, 34 - Cyprian, 39 - Nassib, Warford in 3rd, Christine Michael in 4th, TJ McDonald in 5th, Mike Catapano in 6th, Some WR in 7th Oh yes.
  18. Yup. Once Tampa gets into a bit of cap trouble, or has a 6-10 season, I think Revis is one of the first to go. I give this 3 years max.
  19. The 49ers, Falcons, Eagles and Saints just held press conferences and said if they knew the compensation was so low, they would have tried to make the trade also. No. No they didn't.
  20. Oh Stop. 1-25 are not interchangeable and that 4,3 next year will 99.9% be their 3rd. (if revis is on the bucs on the 3rd day of the new league year) We don't have cap problems for next year? Right-- because we don't have good QB, WR, RB, G, RT, OLB, NT, S right now. When those issues are addressed properly, and we get our QB, we will not be in the position to sign a 16 MILLION DOLLAR CORNER. What were you expecting Revis to command in compensation while coming off the injury, and wanting 16 million a year in a year where the best FA corners got 1 year 5 mil deals? It's not Idziks fault we had 1 team interested. If we had 5 teams interested, we probably could have received more. But there is a big reason only 1 team was interested. It's pointless to sign a corner to that $$ if you don't have a QB who can take you to the playoffs, let alone the Superbowl. We are in rebuilding mode man, and the 9,13,39 will net us some great players, and probably even more picks if we trade back.
  21. The value of this trade really isn't that bad. Idzik really valued the 13th pick. I would have preferred a 2 and 3 this year, and the 1 next year. However, what we ended up getting has more value according to the chart. What we got has more value than a 2 this year, and their 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 next year. I would certainly prefer that, but obviously Idzik put a premium on that 13th. Hopefully we trade back a bit and can pickup a 1 or 2 for next year, and still have a strong draft for this season. If we traded back with Minny or Atlanta, we could get their first and second this year, and a first or second next year. Hopefully we get that done, and we'll have plenty of ammo in both drafts.
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