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  1. I'm consigning on this one. Well said. I think idzik is negotiating well so far but we will find out soon enough. He's showing big balls so far. Hopefully he doesn't trip on them and botch this. It's not easy getting Max value for anyone when you are in this position. (Injury big contract no cap space and one real partner) here's hoping we're all happy with the outcome.
  2. I'm the one who brought up turner. I said that Ivory is more likely to end up as a back who craps out early due to injuries than he is to end up like turner. (A talented backup who shined when he got the full time role.) Johnson was brought up with 10 other backs who's careers ended early due to injuries. Ever since then I've got this guy squawking about how Larry Johnson Curtis Martin and Walter Peyton are worth more than a 5th round pick while in their prime. Not much of an argument there. The argument shouldnt be about LJ it's about Chris Ivory. I don't want to trade a 2/3/4/5 for him and some people do. Some people will blindly support any move a gm makes and like to trash those who have their own opinion. Nobody has been able to say hardly anything good about ivory in this meaningless thread. Just people arguing to argue. I argue that ivory will be out of the league soon due to injuries and don't feel he is worth the pick or the compensation. Even when healthy he's a jag.
  3. Chris Ivory is no Ahman Green. The Ahman Green I'm talking about in collelation with Ivory is obviously not the guy who ran for 1200+ yards for like 6 years straight, but the one who started 6 games in his last 3 years due to injuries and crapped out of the league mid contract. Mentioning his name with these guys is to show one thing. Once a RB starts getting injured, it's an uphill battle. He's had 6-7 years in a row with injuries and they are going to catch up to him very quickly, if they haven't already. Again, I'm not saying I'd freak out if we spent a 6-7 rounder on him, but if it's a 3-4, I'm questioning our new GM. It it's a 5th, I'm pretty disappointed. I would prefer to grab one of the more talented guys in the draft this year that trade for Chris Ivory. What everyone also forgets is we are only going to carry 3 RB's on the active roster, so what we are really doing is trading Joe McKnight, a pick, and taking on about 1.5 million dollars in extra salary for Chris Ivory. That's not a good deal to me.
  4. You are either too stupid to realize what I said, or you are intentionally trying to start $hit. What did I just write about LJ? "In Johnsons case, I'm obviously not referring to the years when he was a top back, or a high upside guy buried behind priest holmes, but the last 3-4 years in his career when he couldn't stay on the field and was horrendous." You know, those years when he was injured, and looked like Chris Ivory. The only reason why he was on the list was because I came up with a handful of guys who used to be relevant, but crapped out early due to injuries, like I suspect Ivory will do. I love how you pick the one questionable guy on the list and try to peg me down with it, knowing exactly which Larry Johnson I was talking about. In hindsight, I shouldn't have even mentioned his name in the same breath as Chris Ivory, even if I was just referring to his last few sh*tty seasons. So, let me sum it up for you again. When LJ was young, and full of promise, and stuck behind the best RB in the league, or during his 2 big seasons when he was a top back, yes, I would trade a 5th round pick for him, and would pay him the contract to go with it. When he was in the last few years of his career, and was playing like Chris Ivory, no, I wouldn't trade a 5th round pick for him.
  5. I want Revis traded too, but why do people keep talking about how old he is? He's 27 years old right now. He will finish the upcoming season at 28. He will finish the 2014 season at 29. He won't be 30 until the 2015 season.
  6. That's pretty funny, and probably true. I'll admit-- part if my frustration with potentially trading for Ivory comes from following these prospects, and falling in love with their potential. In my mind, there are 5-10 players that I'd love in each round, and think can be good pros--- when Chris Ivory threatens to steal one of those beloved picks from me, I get defensive!! Some will be studs- some will be bums. As a whole, I'd prefer to build through the draft- especially now that we are pretty much in re-building mode. 5.1 ypc is certainly good. It's not the end all, but it does show that Ivory has some talent. It's not the talent I'm worried about though, it's the injuries, the sustainability, and the contract.
  7. Because so many of those guys I listed had careers just like Walter Peyton.
  8. YPC is BS unless you're talking about a guy with at least 200 carries in a season. Ivory had 40 carries last year. You take away his best run, and it's a 4.13 average. Not to discredit that one run, but it goes to show you how quickly that stat can change when you are talking about such a limited amount of carries. With that small body of work, it's like looking at a baseball players stats in May and saying he's going to have a .450 average, 200 RBIs and 92 HR's at the end of the year.
  9. Yes I am saying that. In Johnsons case, I'm obviously not referring to the years when he was a top back, or a high upside guy buried behind priest holmes, but the last 3-4 years in his career when he couldn't stay on the field and was horrendous. These guys were all more relevant than Chris Ivory at some point, and they were all out of the league shortly after. Why? Because backs have a short lifespan as it is, and injuries compound that. Ivory has had signifigant injuries every year since college, and that's with him only being a part time player. You think a guy with this kind of injury history is going to suddenly going to contribute 800 yards a season for 3-4 years and earn his $2 million or so salary? No. There is a much better chance of him being out of the league after this season. Backs like Ivory are a dime a dozen. I rattled off 5 backs I'd rather have than him that were drafted in rounds 4-7 in last years draft alone. If you hit on a back in the late rounds, it's like winning the lotto. Young, hungry guy with upside, and only on the books for half million or so vs a guy who went 7 years in a row with injuries dating back to college, had 217 yards last year, like 350 the year before.
  10. My guess is idzik is trying to get him for a 6 or a 7 and saints will take it on the 18th when nobody else comes in higher. I'd rather have the 6th to be honest. We pick this guy up and were not drafting a back. Last thing I want is for Christine Michael Andre Ellington or Montee ball staring at me in the 4th and we pass because we already have 4 mediocre backs.
  11. None of those backs I listed are good??? Every one of them had more yards as rookies than ivory did last year. They were all in crowed backfields and had to earn carries like ivory did. Keep in mind the guy we are comparing them to man. Ivory had like 240 yards last year. Yes alf Morris was on the number one rushing team. He kind if helped them with that you know. Bryce brown played a few games at a higher level than McCoy. Richardson outplayed a 2nd round pick and stole plenty of carries from Stephen Jackson. Turbin was a beast in limited action if you've ever watched him. Miller had 2 good backs in front of him and showed enough that Miami let bush walk. Chris ivory dude. He's just not as good as you think he is.
  12. This is not a good argument. You can look at some our our sh*tty selections and say that 4-5th rounders are worthless, and I can pick plenty of 4-5 rounders who are good players. This is also considered to be a very deep draft. Draft picks are unproven, yes. But Chris Ivory has proven to be an injury prone backup. How is Chris Ivory any less of a risk than a rookie? He's only had limited snaps in the best offense in the NFL. Been injured every year, and had mediocre production. Think about running backs and how many of them come and go after a few good games. Think about some of these guys for a minute... Kevin Barlow, Derrick Blaylock, Lendale White, Chris Brown, Larry Johnson, Mike Bell, Tatum Bell, Travis Henry, Ahman Green, Carnell Williams, Derrick Ward, Earnest Graham, Michael Pittman-- I could go on and on with runningbacks who appeared to be good players based on a small body of work, but ended up crapping the bed shortly after. Chris Ivory has a much better chance of being one of these forgotten players than having a career path like Michael Turner. As for my assessment of late round picks from the last few drafts-- Lamarr Miller, Robert Turbin, Daryl Richardson, Bryce Brown, Alfred Morris were all picked between rounds 4-7. I would take every one of those guys over Ivory in a heartbeat, and this draft is much deeper at RB than last year.
  13. Sloppy 9ths is the most hysterical thing I have ever heard!!!
  14. I'm sure they feel the same way, and value QB as much as you do. (I agree about QB value-- you need one to win) They might just not like Geno Smith. If you are trying to get laid at a bar, and want a supermodel, but the only thing left is a giant fat chick who just crapped her pants, are you going to take her home just so you can get laid, or are you going to look elseware to find a better girl? (I'd probably fk the fat chick who crapped herself anyway, but that's me)
  15. The Jets are thinking about much more than Geno Smiths perceived value during this draft. They are picking the best players. Based on this report, what they are saying is that at the 9th spot, there are several players that have a much better value to the Jets than Geno Smith. Maybe at 15-20, there won't be as many guys graded higher than Geno, and they would consider him. Not to mention, Geno Smith might not be the Jets highest rated QB.
  16. Can't I have some pre-draft hope of predicting something crazy without you guys showering me with things that make sense? It's certainly not a probable prediction, but one I believe could happen. Regardless of system and all that, Foles was inherited, and Chip Kelley might not want to run his team with an inherited QB. Phily has shown interest in several QB's. My guess is if they drafted one of them in the first 2 rounds, they want that guy to be the future of the team. Vick stays as teh Vet stop gap, Foles gets traded mid draft for a second. I would absolutely take Foles over Smith by the way.
  17. I think if he "wasn't available" at that time, it's because they want to make sure they have a capable long term QB on the roster before trading him away. This would only happen if they got their hands on Geno or Manual first. I'm all about building through the draft, and hate trading away picks, but if Nassib was gone, and we could get Foles for a second or less, I'd do it in a second. His contract is next to nothing, especially after Philly eats the gauranteed money.
  18. When this happens I will request that you all address me as sho-nuff moving forward. I feel this happening.
  19. Just watching nfl network. See Foles taking a snap in the read option. I think it's bs. No way Kelly wants this guy. I see the eagles making a hard push for geno or ej in the draft. I have a feeling idzik likes nassib but may not want to take him at 9 ( or 13) and might not want to trade back up with the second. I have a feeling that a deal may be in place where if nassib (or maybe its another qb they like) isn't there in the second that we will quickly close a deal for Foles. I think Foles can play and wouldn't mind it one bit. That's my bold prediction for the draft!
  20. If Chris ivory was on our roster right now and the saints offered us a 4th -5th round pick everyone on this board would be happy to accept it. Think about it. Also while McKnight isn't great he's not a bad 3rd stringer at all and can contribute on specials. He would be gone if we made this trade and I don't even think ivory is the better all around player.
  21. Agreed. Look at some of the backs in this draft. Lacy, Ball, Bernard, Bell, Michael, Ellington, Franklin, Taylor, Knile Davis, Gillislee, Randal, Barner, Jamison, Lattimore. I'd take any one of these guys over Ivory. What everyone seems to forget is if you draft a guy in say the third round or later, and he ends up a good player, it's like hitting the lottery. Now you get 4 years of multi-million dollar production for about 400-800K a year. If a late rounder doesn't work out, then at least you didn't have to pay him much for little production. Demario Davis as a 3rd round pick has cap values of $534K, $664K, $764K, $854K. Would you rather have Davis, and his tremendous upside, or do you wish we traded that pick for an injury prone rotational guy at 2-3 million per year? I'll tell you what, I'd rather have Davis for 664K than Harris at 10 million. At least Davis earns his check.
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