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  1. I'm hoping I don't have to. If we trade the 39th pick for this guy it would be an extremely bad move. The only time it makes sense to trade a high pick for a guy in the off season is if you are 1-2 players away from a SB run, it's a high priority position, and you acquire the old contract, where the other team already paid out the bonus, or if its a player who's value far excedes that of anyone you can draft in that spot. Chris Ivory may have some potential, but he is not the kind of player who demands a second round pick, and the Jets are not in the position to be trading away picks. We are in the position we are in right now because we traded away too many picks. Thomas Jones, Lito Sheppard, Cromartie, Holmes, Tebow. Some of those guys helped us when we were a good team, but they also left us completly devoid of depth, and put us in cap hell. Trading a second round pick when you are rebuilding, and getting out of cap hell is not the right way to get the team back to respectability.
  2. If this visit is not in connection with the Revis trade, I will be livid. I couldn't even fathom trading a high second for Chris Ivory. He's a pretty good player, but lets not start this crap again with trading away picks. Keep the picks- get young, and get the cap right. The only way we should be making a move for a RB is in May, if we don't end up drafting a guy. Good values at RB are going to be available in rounds 3-5. I'd much rather draft Andre Ellington in the 4th round than spend a second on Ivory. Not to mention, we already have 3 guys, and I would assume this puts McKnight on the chopping block since we're not going to carry 4 RB on game day. McKnight isn't that horrible. I'm having flashbacks to Justin McCareins.
  3. Please call into the NFL Network and tell that story word for word. Better yet, make the player Bjorn Werner, and change the bar to the Hoffbrau House. Missing bicuspid- hysterical!
  4. Big, strong, fast, smart, productive, and I'll go out on a limb and assume he's hard working and takes to coaching well since he's a Princeton guy. What's not to like about a kid like this? No chance in hell he goes undrafted. If we had a chance at him in the 5th, I would absolutely pull the trigger.
  5. Dude, there are sh*t tons of good players in the 2-3 rounds this year. Well known analysts are saying that the quality of the players projected between 11 and 50 doesn't change hardly at all. I'm hoping that between the Revis trade, and trading down with one of the first round picks, we can end up with 5 or even 6 picks in the first 3 rounds. We can really rebuild this team quickly if we hit these draft picks. OLB Corey Lemonier (love him) Alex Okafor Jamie Collins Damontre Moore S Jon Cyprian (love him) Eric Reid Matt Elam G/T Larry Warford Kyle Long Melenik Watson WR Justin Hunter Deandre Hopkins Robert Woods (love him) Quinton Patton QB Ryan Nassib Matt Barkley EJ Manual RB Gio Bernard Eddie Lacy Christine Michael Andre Ellington, Ball, Bell, Franklin, Davis Tyler Effert, Zack Ertz, Kevin Minter, Alec Ogletree, Margus Hunt, John Jenkins
  6. I don't understand why you think Cosell and others are forcing nassib. They like him. Did you listen to the beginning when he described in detail what he looks for in a qb? It's not 90 yard td passes to open wr like the average fan judges on.
  7. I agree. Ansah is the guy I'd want more than anyone in this draft and if he's there at 9 I'd certainly want to grab him. Longest 3 weeks of all time. I can't take it anymore.
  8. I'm not proving your point, you are missing mine. We need a lot more than a probowler on this team. If we were San Fran I'd say yes let's get some first rounders in here to get us over the hump. Long term building, which is what the jets need requires more than 1 impact player. 2nd rounders are also impact players. That list I made has plenty of talent. Suggesting that we trade back a few spots is not some horrible idea which will leave us with no talented players to choose from. This is known to be a draft that is thin with top 10 talent but very deep. If our options at 9 include warmack Jarvis jones and tavon Austin I'd rather trade back a few and pick from cooper mingo and Patterson. (Simplistic argument)
  9. KC had 6 probowlers last season and they are picking #1. There's obviously much more to winning than a few stars. We have 20 holes on this team and need youth, depth, speed and a QB. Would you prefer Chance Warmack at 9, or Jon Cooper at 18 plus a second round pick that gets us Eric Reid? Anyway, the post wasn't so much to say we need to change out draft strategy and get 5 2nd round picks, but just to bring some of the lesser debated prospects to the table and show that there is in fact more to the draft than the top 9 picks. As for the Poker analagy- you have it backwards. AA suited looks pretty, but can lose to AK, or even 7-2 in any given hand. You have the best chance of winning with AA, but you can also get burned. There will be 6th and 7th rounders who have better careers than guys who go in the top 15 of this years draft. Nobody knows who they are yet- which is why I'd prefer to move back and draft quantity over quality. It helps to get the cap right, and you can fill the holes with youth.
  10. Lemonier is amazing. I tend to think he's going earlier than expected and might creep into the late first, early second. Productive in the SEC, great size speed, and strength. A guy like him can easily end up better than some of these guys being talked about as top 15 pass rushers.
  11. I wouldn't mind at all. I'd love to trade back 8-10 spots or so, and grab Warmack, Cooper or even Fluker (RT) IF they are all gone, Patterson or Vaccaro wouldn't disappoint me one bit.
  12. You don't have to like the guy- that's on you. But I'll tell you what, I saw Mark Sanchez torch my Nittany Lions in a bowl game, and thought the kid was going to be an absolute stud in the NFL. What I didn't see was how the kid handled adversity. How he handled losing. How he handled pressure. Neither of us are capable of making a legit NFL evaluation, so really neither of us even has a leg to stand on as far as arguing who's right and who's wrong. NFL scouts can't even get this stuff right most of the time. Don't hate on the kid though-- we met with him and had a lengthy meeting with him. I'm sure he's on our radar to some degree.
  13. I put them in at the bottom under "random guys who might present value" for the sake of keeping the post a little shorter. For the second round, I only like the two I had listed, but yeah, McDonald and Esco would be good guys a little later on as well.
  14. Physically, he's got enough- Big arm, tough kid, very strong. His stats were great, while playing for a lousy team, with not much talent around him. He played in a pro style WCO, and had pressure on him all the time. What I noticed about him, unlike Geno, is that he had to fight for every hard he gained. There were no gimmie 90 yard bombs to some wide open receiver due to a spread formation. But the biggest thing I like about the kid is his attitude. When I see Mark Sanchez, I see a huge pssy. He isn't a leader, and never will be. When I see Geno, I see someone who is trying to say and do the right things, but it's not natural. I don't see him as the kind of guy who's going to take over a locker room and lead grown men. He's not being who he really is, and personally, I think he's a total fraud. I see Barkley as an absolute punk. Watch the clip with him and Mariucci on the white board and you will see it for yourself. Then I see Nassib. Laid back, cool kid who comes off as honest. I see him being a leader. Watched several post game press conferences, inverviews, comine interview etc. Love the kid. Watch the Mizzu game of Nassib, and some interviews, and you might learn to love him. PS I don't like Mike Glennon because he looks too much like Napolean Dynamite.
  15. I keep playing out draft scenerios out in my head, and the second round (as with most years) just seems stacked with talent. I feel like any one of these guys has the chance to come in and bring a similar impact to anyone of the top ten targets we've been talking about. Here's a small list of guys that i'd have interest in between the late first and early 3rd. I've also listed a few possible fallers (think about where Upshaw, DeCastro and Cordy Glenn went last year) OLB Corey Lemonier (love him) Alex Okafor Jamie Collins Possible fallers-:Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore S Jon Cyprian (love him) Eric Reid Matt Elam G/T Larry Warford Kyle Long Possible faller: Melenik Watson WR Justin Hunter Deandre Hopkins Robert Woods (love him) Quinton Patton Possible Faller : Kennan Allen Wheaton, Bailey and Wiliams would all be nice targets in the 3rd. There are 100 good WR's in this draft. QB Ryan Nassib (love him, and would take him over Geno or Barkley any day of the week) Matt Barkley EJ Manual RB Gio Bernard Eddie Lacy Christine Michael (best back in the draft imo, just a moron.) Later picks: Andre Ellington, Ball, Bell, Franklin, Davis Tons of good backs available Random guys that might fall and present value Tyler Effert, Zack Ertz, Kevin Minter, Alec Ogletree, Margus Hunt, John Jenkins Out of that list, there's like 20 or more players that I would be thrilled to have. As I do every year, I would love to work out way into the late first or second round and load up on these guys. They are all going to come with cheap contracts, and have almost as good of a chance to become stars as first round targets. Would anyone really be shocked and appauled of say Corey Lemonier ended up a better player than Ansah or Mingo? Would it be crazy if Ryan Nassib ended up a better QB than Geno Smith? Would it be impossible for Christine Michael to end up as the best back in the draft? The answer is no. We have to find a way to trade back and grab some of these players. I hope Idzik settles with the Bucs for this years second and next years first, and I hope we trade back into the mid-late first and pickup another 2nd + in the process.
  16. Listen to what Pat Kirwin has to say about Mingo. He loves the guy, and prefers him to Jordan. With a coach like Rex who can find a specialist role for Mingo, I think we're a great team for him. He could just rush the passer in year one, then learn the LB position as he adds weight and strength. I'm not worried about him not bench pressing. Who I do worry about is Jarvis Jones and his 4.92 40. He's already slower than a 35 year old Bryan Thomas, and he's not even in the league yet. What's he going to be running when he's 32? Wrong build, lack of speed, questionable work ethic. You have to realize, LSU has a stacked D, and rotates players often. Mingo was also doubled quite a bit, and is probably playing out of position as a 225 lb DE. (college weight) In my opinion, if you like Jordan, there's no reason not to like Mingo. Same strengths, same flaws.
  17. If he had produced like that for more than one season, he would probably cost 4 times as much, and would be a Miami Dolphin.
  18. It is actually. You can find it right next to the film, "Mike Goodson sucks, because he fumbles too many balls"
  19. I really don't see that, but if you've watched Mike Goodson play for the last 4 years and came to that conclusion, than you've earned that right. I think they signed him to get the bulk of the carries, but BP is going to out play him. Powell had 17 catches last season with limited action, and was a better goal line runner than Green, in my opinion anyway. Guy was breaking off 5-10 yard TD runs last year, and should only improve with another year of work, and a better OC. With Goodson's 7 fumbles in 250 or so touches, I see us using him to spell Powell between the 40's. Goodson puts one or two on the ground in a critical spot and he's on the bench. The fumbling issue should not be overlooked.
  20. Do you think Goodson is better than Powell? Do you think he has more upside than Powell? I'm not saying he's going to be 3rd on the depth chart but I'll tell you what, he's going to have to up his game if he wants to get more touches than Powell. I'd say Powell is going to earn the starting spot, and Goodson and McKnight will get a few touches each- assuming McKnight is still a Jet, and we don't draft another back.
  21. Agreed. I actualy wish this was a 2 year deal because of that potential upside, but 1 year 1.2 million works for me. No Dead money against the cap in 2 years, and if he's a flop it doesn't kill us. Gives us good flexibility with Slausson, Moore, and the Draft to not overpay/overdraft. Good signing.
  22. If you have no idea if this is a good move or not, why are you this upset that in my opinion, the resources would have been better spent elseware? Obviously every GM in the NFL spends more time thinking about moves than fans do. Does that mean that if I didn't like the Vernon Gholston pick, I'm not entitled to think it sucks since the GM/scouts know more than me? Am I not allowed to be upset with Mark Sanchez contract because Mike T knows more about football than me? Why don't you just give me your opinion, and the rest of us Jets fans will just adapt to your view, and then we will never have to debate football again. We can just support everything our GM does.
  23. What you are saying about the 3rd rounder + goodson is exactly what I'm talking about with the 6.9 million that goodson is taking from our cap. So the fair argument is 3rd round + mike goodson - roughly 2.3 million dollars vs 3rd round RB + Say Matt Slauson who we could have signed with that 2.3 million - the draft pick. I don't understand why you are being such a hard on about this, but it's fine. You are not really putting together a very good argument either way. And yes, running backs with 1500 yard potential can be found in the 3-5th round of the draft- especially this one. Oh, and I like how my 3-5 round RB selection is a 3rd when you want it to be, and a 5th when you want it to be to support your lousy argument.
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