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  1. Well, with that philosophy, why don't we all just ignore the off season and find out what moves the team made week one, and just agree with them because our GM knows more than us. What is the "True insight" that you have that I am missing? I have my opinion about the move, and it's not just frivolous, it's thought out. I'm not looking at one aspect of this, and saying- 6.9 million for a backup is too much, so it's a bad signing. I gave enough reasons to support my beliefs. If you like the signing, than that's just splended. I would rather think about what else we could have done with our limited resources- like sign Dustin Keller, who walked for a sh*tty one year deal to our rival. And for the record- I know how NFL contracts work. Unless this deal is for 1 million gauranteed, and has a third year salary of 5 million, I don't like it. And yes, I have a job.
  2. What about the fantastic career of Mike Goodson shows you that he's deserving of 6.9 million over 3 years? If we signed him at 3 million, I wouldn't mind. 4 Million and I'd be meh about it. 6.9??? For a team that has about 17 million to sign/draft a RB, 2 starting guards, at least 2 starting LB's, 2 starting Safteys, 1-2 rotational D Linemen, a starting TE, 1-2 rotational CB's and a starting kicker, and will possibly lose another 3 million in cap space do to the revis trade- YES I am upset about spending that money on Mike Goodson.
  3. I see you're one of those guys. Is anyone screaming and yelling other than you? No. As for who we pick in the 3-5 round instead of a RB- I don't know, any one of the several holes we have, which still includes RB. I still think we should get a RB because nobody in this bunch is more than a JAG. You're talking about his 4.5 a carry-- well that's what McKnight averages too. I think my argument for why this isn't a great signing goes a little deeper than just crying about not winning the SB. You are also poo pooing his "2 million dollars" When we have this many holes, and are letting our own FA sign marginal contracts elseware, a 3 year 6.9 million dollar deal to a JAG is a much bigger deal that you make it out to be. And you act like you have some deep insight into the draft where Bell and Ball are certainly going to be gone in the 2nd. There's a ton of backs out there and I highly doubt they are gone in the 2nd. If they are, then there's 10 more talented backs that will be there in the 3-5th like I said. You want to be a homer and just assume all moves are great, that's fine. There are some of us who don't blindly support every move that our GM makes.
  4. I can be fairly sure that a guy like Monte Ball, LeVeon Bell, Andre Ellington, Christine Michael etc has a floor about where goodson has played so far, and has the upside of a 1500 yard back. Goodsons best year was 103 carries, 452 yards, 4.4ypc 3 td 4 fumbles and another 310 yards receiving. He hasn't had another year anywhere close to that by the way, and he's had several injuries to boot. I just don't see signing a guy with this production for 6.9 million.
  5. One would hope, but those are pretty lofty expectations for a guy who hasn't accomplished much at all. I'd rather have McKnight in his role and draft a kid with potential to be a star. Look at his numbers compared to McKnight (who sucks by the way) and tell me he's worth more than 800K a season. PS McKnight averages over 29 yards per return- goodson is under 22. This is absurd to me.
  6. trying to find it but can't. I want to be optimistic about Idzik, but spending about 3.5 million this year on Garrard and Goodson seems insane to me when we're letting Keller and Devito walk, and haven't closed the deal on either starting guard. There's a ton of good RB's that will be around in the 3-5 round that would outplay Goodson as rookies, would have more upside, and would cost a fraction of his contract. Not happy about this.
  7. Wow, I really think we overpaid this guy. In an off season where I completly support these second/third tier FA, 6.9 over 3 years is WAY too much for a guy like this. To me, there's not enough difference between him and McKnight to even sign him. When I heard we were looking at him I figured we'd give him a 1 year deal with little gauranteed, and possibly cut him or McKnight in TC when they are outplayed by a rookie. To do this when we're losing Keller and DeVito for marginal contracts, and haven't even re-signed either starting guard is foolish. I think Goodson can contribute, but to me, you pay 2.3 mil a season to a 1000 yard back, and I don't see him doing that for us.
  8. To add to that point, I think Davis would be a stud as a 4-3 OLB and is probably out of position in the middle of a 3-4. Rex will always switch up the fronts, but I think we'll be doing it with mainly a 4-3 base, and will be adding personel that fits it. Honestly, 10 years ago, the 3-4 was amazing because hardly anyone ran it. You could pickup very talented players on the cheap because they didn't fit with the 4-3 teams. Now, it's about 50-50, and these 3-4 players are harder to find- hence command bigger salaries than they would have in the past. I'm thinking that this same theory will now apply to the 4-3 OLB's. Most of them don't fit in a 3-4 at all. That takes about half the teams out of their market.
  9. Umm, Pat Kirwan? One of the best guys on NFL Radio... used to work in the Jets front office... got his info from someone inside the jets office... I'd say he's got a more qualified opinion that anyone on a Message board. Not to mention that wasn't opinion- it was what he heard from a reliable source. Look, this thread was started mainly to discuss personell. We will certainly run several fronts, but I think we will be moving away from the traditional 3-4 personell, and heading towards more 4-3 personell. Two more guys you argued with were just let go. DeVito and Pouha are gone. So now we lost 5 traditional 3-4 players. The remaining players we have in the front 7 are best suited in my opinion as 4-3 guys. This brings me back to my initial post-- don't be surprised if we look to a guy like Floyd at #9, and use him and Wilk in the middle, coples on the outside, Davis as OLB and pickup another pass rushing DE.
  10. Tim and Pat on NFL Radio just said Jets are going to more 4 man fronts this season. You guys going to call them and tell them how crazy they are? Don't be shocked.
  11. Well that was selective quoting if I've ever seen it... you happened to ignore the rest. Maybe I should say that this D seems to be looking towards using more 4-3 personel than 3-4. Coples and Davis are certainly not your typical 3-4 players. Was Coples drafted to rush the passer, or to play as a block occupying 2 gap DE? Davis can fit in the middle, but he's about 20 lbs shy of your typical 3-4 MLB, and is best suited to do what he did in college, which is OLB in a 4-3. The guys I mentioned that we are looking at are also 4-3 OLB. It wouldn't make sense that we are looking at them as 3-4 MLB with Davis and Harris, and they're not big edge rushing OLB's. So what are they then? 4-3 OLB. I'm not saying that Rex is going to stick to 4-3 only but this draft is going to be very telling.
  12. If you watch youtube vids of these guys, it's hard to deny that Christine Michael is the best back in the draft. Runs low and hard- he's Quick, fast and powerful. Ellington is a close second to me. A shifty speed back, but isn't afraid to take a hit. He'll drag guys even at 200 lbs. When I look at Gio Bernard, I don't see anything special. Good not great speed, and doesn't break any tackles. Bell has great numbers, but runs completly upright. I don't think he will hold up well in the NFL. Gilleslie looked good at the SB. Franklin looks good, but in my opinion, Michael and Ellington are the two best backs other than Lacy.
  13. Thomas is a FA, Scott and Pace are gone. Here is the evidence supporting the base 4-3... We just lost 3 players who are best suited for 3-4. Coples and Davis are best suited for 4-3. Wilkerson and Coples proved they can generate pressure from the line. The players I mentioned we are meeting with also seem best suited for 4-3. The only position they would fit in a 3-4 D is MLB, which we already have filled with quality players. We played a lot of 4-3 the last few years, and with massive personnel changes with 3-4 guys, I really think this is a probable move. We'll have a much better idea after the draft. Don't be surprised if we let go of DeVito and possibly Pouha and pick someone like Floyd or Sheldon Richardson at 9, then grab a DE in the 2nd round. I actually hope I'm wrong because I prefer a base 3-4, but don't be surprised.
  14. I can't imagine why they would consider taking another MLB for a 3-4 base D. Doesn't make sense. They obviously drafted Davis to play the middle and replace Bart. Why would they use another high pick on a guy like Moore to play MLB? I know Moore and Hodges can play the middle if need be, but they are better suited as 4-3 OLB. They are not the kind of guys best at their best when slamming into guards all day. I could be wrong, but when I see Coples, Davis, Moore, and Hodges, I see guys that look more like 4-3 base players than 3-4 base. When I consider we just lost 3 of our 3-4 base LB's, I think it is more than a possibility that we are looking to switch the system.
  15. This is what conventional wisdom is, but I don't think it's going to be the case moving forward. I think Rex would play the formations that his players are best suited for. We just lost 3 LB's that are suited for the 3-4. Things change. To say that they won't even though the evidence supports it is just blindly following.
  16. We met with more guys than I listed, these are just the front 7 players. Yes, Coples played DT as well in college, but he's obviously not doing that in the NFL. He's not a stand up OLB either... he's a 4-3 end, and that's really how we used him last season. I just find it interesting that Coples and Davis are both looked at more as 4-3 guys, and now there's a list of 4-3 players that we've met with. Moore and Hodges do not seem like 3-4 LB's at all. With Harris and Davis at MLB, I highly doubt we are meeting with all these guys to be MLB. I really think they are being looked at as coverage/run stuffing OLB in a 4-3.
  17. I was on nyjetscap the other day, and he strongly believes that the Jets are switching to a 4-3. Then I looked at the players we have met with, and realized most of these guys seem like 4-3 players. Then think about last years draft... Coples is almost exclusivly a 4-3 end. Davis can play MLB in a 3-4 but is really best suited as a 4-3 OLB. I have a feeling that guys like Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo are not even being considered, but guys like Sheldon Richardson and Sharif Floyd are. Look for us to draft a true 4-3 DE... 6-5-270 or so, or a penetrating DT, and draft an OLB who can cover and stuff the run, rather than rush the QB. Here's the list of guys we met with. Josh Boyd, DL, Mississippi State (EW) Gerald Hodges, LB, Penn State (EW) Wes Horton, DL, USC (EW) Sio Moore, LB, Connecticut (EW) Kevin Reddick, LB, North Carolina (SR) Does this make sense to anyone else?
  18. Well I obviously had a sh*tty night. Damn, I wanted Ingram, Decastro or a trade back. Praying that round 2 is very kind to me.
  19. Poe can sk my big dk. Guy averaged like 2.5 tackles per game against the lowest competition there is. In order to be good, he's going to need to basically double his production against players 10 times more skilled than what he's used to playing against. How in the fk is that supposed to happen? I'd include him in my list of players I don't want to see. I only left him off because I don't think he's on our radar. I really hope I'm right about that. If we picked him in round 2 I might not be happy about it.
  20. I hear you with Jones-- I wouldn't be thrilled with him at 16 etiher, but I wouldn't be overly disappointed either. I read an article today saying why he's going to be a good pro. Things like hand usage, and a variety of pass rush moves are reasons why the guru's think he's going to be a good pro. These are things that the average fan doesn't really see, or look for in an evaluation. It's easy to watch Courtney Upshaw bull rush a tackle and get a sack, but these scouts look at things much differently than you and I. I watched Jones, and saw a good player with a good build and decent measurables. These guys see something totally different apparently. He's very smart, and has high character, which is much needed on this team, so for that alone, he gets moved up to me. If we could trade back and still land him, I'd be happy. I'd still rather have Nick Perry though
  21. Ha! I hit send, and then there you were! Sorry about that. I do this so I don't end up hating our picks. I came around on others already- Brockers, Chandler Jones, Upshaw were all guys I wanted to avoid a few weeks back, but I'd be ok with them.
  22. I love Cox-- not the biggest need, but he is a terror. Our DL would be set for 10 years. Brockers is a different player. Seems like less of a penetrator, but more stout. They both played against Bama this year-- it's interesting to see them both against the same opponent. Brockers was doubled on EVERY play. Barron and Richardson seem like they won't make it. I'm with you on Ingram to an extent. I don't want to trade up for him. I would be happy with him at 16, but the concerns with him are obvious too. Every OLB prospect has pretty major flaws this year. Size, speed, injuries, experience, whatever. If ingram was in last years class, he would have probably gone in the late 1st round. I'm praying for a trade back. Lets drop back to 24ish and draft Doug Martin!
  23. This site is terrible. It's draft day, and there's nothing going on, no responses, no good discussion. Dead beat.
  24. Every year there are a handful of players I'm praying the Jets don't draft. Over the last few years it was Bobby Carpenter and Matt Leinart, Adam Carriker, Chad Henne and Verson Gholston (thought he would be good, but injury prone) Josh Freeman, last year it was Adrian Clayborn and Corey Luiget. This year, there are not that many guys I want to avoid, but there are basically 2 in the first round I really don't want. #1 - Quinton Coples. Obvious concerns about his motor are the #1 problem for me. Besides this, I don't really see how he fits into our system. He's a 4-3 DT or DE, yet Rex is considering him at OLB? His agility numbers were extremely slow. 7.57 3 cone and 4.78 short shuttle. That's slow even for a 350lb Guard and this guy is supposed to play OLB? Fletcher Cox for example had a 7.07 3 cone and 4.53 shuttle, and he's a DT. #2 - Michael Floyd. I don't have as much concern about his ability, but I don't want him for 3 reasons. #1 - I don't want to invest such a high draft pick on a WR. We will not get the full value out of him for obvious reasons. #2 - Injury concerns. Tore up the knee, and broke the collarbone. #3 - Character concerns. Two Alcohol arrests already? For some reason WR's have been causing problems all over the NFL, and I feel like with the high percentage of run plays, and shaky QB play, we need a WR who is NOT going to cry for the ball, who is not going to cause problems in the locker room, and will work hard to improve. I'd rather a less talented, high character guy in the later rounds. I'm not looking for a debate on these guys-- I'm actually open for reasons why I'm wrong, because there is a good chance I will end up having to love one of these guys. Let me know your thoughts, and throw in a few of your own players you want to avoid. Happy Draft Day!
  25. You couldn't be more wrong about Upshaw. How is he a 3rd down player? Are you suggesting that his game is only about pass rushing, and he doesn't have the skills to stop the run? Quite the opposite. If anything, he's going to be a Bryan Thomas type of player- strong against the run, and able to produce 6-8 sacks a year. He's not going to be a 15 sack per year guy most likely, but he is a very well rounded defender. That said, I don't love the guy, but I certainly wouldn't consider it to be a mistake. I would rather draft Upshaw at 16 than trade the 1st and 2nd to draft Ingram. See who's there at 16-- if Barron, Ingram, DeCastro, Cox or somehow Richardson is there- draft them. If not, drop back 4-8 spots and add some more picks. Simple!
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