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  1. WOW, I applaud this. Wouldn't really change anything, but I want to do 2 more scenerios... #22 - Nick Perry #37 - Doug Martin Trade #77 and Browns 4th for the 60th pick - Dwayne Allen TE 5th - Marvin McNutt - WR 6th - Mike Brewster - C/G 6th - Levy Adcock - T 7th - Najee Goodie - MLB 7th - Neiko Thorpo - S #22 - Cordy Glenn - G/T #37 - Chandler Jones OLB #77 - Chris Givens - WR CLE 4th - Brandon Taylor - S 5th - Antonio Allen - S 6th - Mike Brewster #22 - Donte Hightower - MLB/OLB #37 - Alshon Jeffrey - WR Trade #77 and Clevlands 4th for 60th Pick - Bobbie Massie - T Trade 5th and 6th for the 120th pick - Brandon Taylor - S I can't wait. All of these situations would get us some Horse Cockin' players. Biting my fingernails for the next week and a half.
  2. Good point- I forgot about that trade. Either way, stranger things have happened in the draft than him falling to 16. The question is really, if he's by far the best on the board, do you take him despite the stronger need at other positions? Mike DeVito is a decent player, but is in the last year of his contract, and he's really just an average player. Great teams don't just draft for need, they draft for value. While DE does not seem pressing now, what happens if Devto Walks after next year? What if Pouha starts to slow down? What if Ellis never pans out? It could be a huge need by next years draft. Anyway I just wanted to spice things up and talk about another player. I can't wait for this draft.
  3. hotcoles87

    RT at 16?

    I agree-- I love Perry. The 3 cone and shuttle drills worry me a little, along with questions about his ability at OLB, but I'd love that kid on our team.
  4. hotcoles87

    RT at 16?

    "Also, are you saying that Glenn, Hightower, Cox, Upshaw, and Barron will all be there at 25?." Again- no. I was clear in what I said. I listed 17 players (even forgot a few, like Mercilus) and said I would think at least 5 of them will be there. Pick 25 was definitly on the more risky side of the proposed trade, we would be safer, trading back to say 18-22, but the point is still the same. If we don't get one of those top options I listed, I would rather trade back and let the value fall to us. We could potentially get the same guy we would have taken at 16 anyway.
  5. A lot of people are saying the same thing about Keucly too though. He might be there.
  6. I have spent the better part of my draft research on the Obvious needs-- S, OLB, T, but once I opened it up to DE, I realized that Fletcher Cox is a complete beast. He's 6-4, 298 with long, 34 1/2" arms, big 10 3/8" hands. Prototype 3-4 DE size. He was very productive in college, and plays like an animal. Seems like a pretty good character guy too. Then the guy blows up the combine. He does 30 bench reps with those long arms. Runs a 4.79 40 (1 100th of a second slower than Melvin Ingram) Runs a 7.07 3 cone (over a 10th of a second faster than Mercilus or Branch, 2 10ths of a second faster than Nick Perry) I would really llike to fix the S, OLB, T needs, but if he's on the board at 16, and Richardson, DeCastro and Ingram are all gone, I might just want to grab this guy. Another player I like at a position we are not in dire need of is Dwayne Allen, TE. He's a very good blocking TE, and had a productive career catching the ball as well. Didn't do that well in the speed drills, but he's the best all around TE in the draft. I don't know about picking him with our second rounder, and I doubt he'd last into the third, but maybe we could drop back a few spots in the 2nd and try to scoop him up later in the round as a value pick. Sparano would love this kid's ability to block. Assuming we don't take a WR early, I think he would reduce the urgency of picking a WR early. I'd love to run 2 TE sets with him, Keller, Santonio and Kerley/Schillens/Turner. What do you all think?
  7. hotcoles87

    RT at 16?

    So who is the slam dunk pick at 16 other than the top 3 that I already listed-- Decastro, Ingram and Richardson? I feel like all of those other guys are in the same value range, so why not trade back? Maybe you have a few of those prospects ranked much higher than others, but I don't see much difference in value between Mark Barron, Nick Perry, Courtney Upshaw, Cordy Glenn, Fletcher Cox, Donte Hightower etc. Why not move back and add more picks? By the way, Nick Perry does not compare to Aaron Maybin in the slightest. He outweighs the guy by about 30 lbs, and has a lot more power than Maybin-- Maybin is probably the last DE/OLB I would use to compare to Nick Perry.
  8. hotcoles87

    RT at 16?

    It all depends on how the board falls, but unless a guy like Trent Richardson, Melvln Ingram or David DeCastro is there at 16, I'd prefer to trade back. At pick 16, we're going to have options such as Nick Perry, Riley Reiff, Luke Kuechley, Quinton Coples, Cordy Glenn, Donte Hightower, Courtney Upshaw, Fletcher Cox, Michael Floyd, Dre Kirkpatrick, Kendal Wright, Michael Brockers, Mark Barron, Alshon Jeffrey, Jon Martin, Andre Branch, Mike Adams etc. Some of them may be gone already, but I would feel confident that at least 15 of those 17 will be there at pick 16. I feel like at least 5 of those guys will be there at say pick 25. If I had the choice of picking say, Cordy Glenn at 16 or any of those other players at pick 22-26 with an additional 2nd/3rd rounder out of the deal, I would certainly make the trade.
  9. hotcoles87

    RT at 16?

    I don't think there's any reason to pidgeon hole ourselves into any one position at 16. With big needs at OLB, S, OL, and help needed at WR, RB, TE and DL, it just doesn't make sense to force a pick. Someone very good will be there at 16 at one of these positions. If there are several good options, which I think there will be, we should trade back.
  10. What's up fellow fans I've been working on my rankings for the 2012 draft, and signed up for this site just to get some input and other opinions of players. I will say this, there is a lot of talent at needed positions in the draft- I feel like impact players can be had well into the middle rounds. Anyway, here is how I've ranked some players. I put the pick value I would like in round 1 to display value in case of a trade. I don't want to trade up for anyone, but I do feel that if we traded back, there will be a top tier player at a position of need anywhere between 20-28. I've seen plenty of message boards, and the discussions seem to be limited to a handfull of players being selected. I feel like looking at the players in this format will encourage more discussion, and is more big picture than just discussing weather Courtney Upshaw is worth the 16th pick. My basic view on this years draft is if one of the Tier one Players is not available- we trade back. My idea of tier one players may be different than some. Lets talk! Please see the attached file for rankings. Apparently I can't format this correctly. draft.doc
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