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  1. my team is more tragic than yours.I reserve the right to bitch wherever I want
  2. Yah well lost claiborne for a effing 4 th rounder . Not happy
  3. Hope so. The Bucs are entertaining trading down and I doubt they are are gonna want the house for it. We have way to many holes to fill and 5 draft picks.
  4. No just you. Must of missed in my post where it says " signed up for jetnation so Klecko could personally amuse me"
  5. At least you gave it a good try...http://www.13wmaz.com/video/1567265231001/1/A-Mans-Bid-to-Join-NFL-Cheerleading-Squad
  6. The sad part is they will more than likely still end up winning the nfc south.. ugh
  7. Those who use "brah" and "gnarly" are the ones with the best chances of drowning also. Carry on
  8. http://www.bigcatcountry.com/2012/4/7/2931368/2012-nfl-mock-mock-draft
  9. I am female and will be at this game. My brother is coming in from Pa just to subject me with having to go watch another sorry team attempt to play football. I'm a Bucs fan and scream at the offense enough at my own games. Not a Tebow troll either. The Bucs boards are horrible . This board is way more amusing.
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