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  1. Ummmmm...no. You have fun taking your vacation to Disney World and maybe even Universal Studios. I'll take mine to remote tropical locations and surf world class waves. Learn about the culture, mingle with the locals till and eat the native dish (comida tipica) till my bones are too old to do it. Which will be a long time from now the way I take care of my tan toned body. Besides, I'm in my prime brah. Not some old fatty like you.

    The initial forecast is saying 6-8 feet occasional +. Thats 12-15 foot faces down there. The Mexican Pipeline, brah. Only gnarly rippers in the line up. Gringos and local shredders.

    Shesh, you're such a kook you probably dont even know about the world class surfing from you native Island. Aguadilla and Ricon have some of the best surf I've ever seen. Gorgeous too. My trips have taken me to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Mexico, Hawaii, soon Ecuador, Tahiti, and Indonesia....those are some terrible sounding vacations.

    Those who use "brah" and "gnarly" are the ones with the best chances of drowning also. Carry on

  2. Meeting in the Mod Lounge:

    Max: Hey guys, why don't we have many female members on the board anymore?

    Chorus: Because you keep making jokes about non-consensual sex to them.

    Max: oh.

    I am female and will be at this game. My brother is coming in from Pa just to subject me with having to go watch another sorry team attempt to play football. I'm a Bucs fan and scream at the offense enough at my own games. Not a Tebow troll either. The Bucs boards are horrible . This board is way more amusing.

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