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  1. You will always be the peanut butter princess, jif.
  2. One more post for you to quote and call me Lady Ape? Ill have my babies be nice to you.
  3. PS: I'm gonna miss your dumb ass. Come visit the wolfkin.
  4. verbal was right. I will not be back. So, celebrate. Kae: I am sorry for overreacting, but your game was lopsided. Town had more power roles, scum had no fake claims, and what was a 50% chance was 2 time happening in 8 night phases. 75%. You also confirmed the cop and got two mafia killed, and rushed a deadline. It felt like you honestly didn't want scum to have a chance. I know you all make fun of DMers, and I am not the best player, but I am far better than you all assume. I don't even want to bother making a case when I just get ignoed and mocked. That being said, so long JN mafia, and gfy. Also, lynch pac for me lots.
  5. I was mod killd because her game is lopsided and she has ****ed scum every chance she gets. **** you.
  6. I already know the results will be town. I was simply asking what the game plan is.
  7. So, are we back to lynching JiF? If AVM is deputy, that is. Or do we still want to lynch AVM today?
  8. Where the **** is Kae. Wasn't deadline an hour ago?
  9. Once again I typed this from mobile with my nephew and little brother in law rambling and holding my newest nephew. I really don't care what you think.
  10. That is not everything that ape said but whatever.
  11. I'm not quoting because **** you. Mobile mafia sucks donkey balls and it is difficult enough for me to type. Why JiF is scum: 1. Batman sh*t. What the ****. You normally are retarded but it was like you were just trying to get everyone to completely disregard your statements. 2. Crusher death. Everyone has their one person that can figure them out. No one kills the crushlove. 3. Self voting. How better to appear town than "admitting" to being scum and mock self voting. Seriously? No one does that anymore. 4. GF possibility. A deputy and a cop, and we have seen no scum power roles as of yet. Someone mentioned an RB but doubtful since ishy is still getting results. Wth two investigative roles, there has to be some sort of hiding role for scum. 5. Lily. She defended jif. I can see her defending basel since they are close, but why would she defend jif of all people. 6. Overreacting. You threw a ****in fit when the possibility of a godfather came up. I know ape is saying he thinks wombat is godfather, but i don't see it. If there is a godfather, it has to be you. No one has defended wombat and he was entertaining the possibility. May have even been the one that brought it up. Now, gfy. I just typed that while two kids told me absurd stories, a new born on my chest, my mil talking about some bible stuff, and the piano being banged on.
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