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  1. It would be if you are the one who has to stop that sweaty muscular guy lifting weights. That remnds me. I need to get this 30 lb belly off my body. It's bad when your own daughter says you look pregnant....LOL
  2. I also agree to a point. If a player make an off field offense and makes it right and doesn't repeat it unless it's a felon or criminal offense, it should be forgotten by the media and everyone. But if it is a chronic behavior or a felon or criminal offense such as murder, beating a wife or child, etc. That player should be suspended until they fulfill their obligation with the law just as anyone else does. The problem usually starts in high school. Players have the mentality that since they are stars they can get away with anything. Most of them see the same behavior in college and pro p
  3. Politics...seems like every college has it. In the wake of Urban Meyes conduct investigation makes me think back to Steve Spurrier. Says they are going to retire to private life but look where they are at now? Are they being forced out? Who is actually running the football programs? The president of the College? Sports Director or maybe the alumni. Florida has a string of strong seasons under Meyers with two National Titles and then they go into a slump. Meyers retires for "health" reasons....hummm. Has College become a money making business like the Pros? College is to be a place of educ
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