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  1. Well, im a Mayfield fanboy, so I cant fault him in his fanboyism. But I dont have to hate on Darnold to make Mayfield look good. In that regard Colin is an asshat.
  2. Which again, was probably due to that entitlement. He may not be as great on the Professional level, but his critics are probably not as accomplished with their dreams as he's been with his. Not bad for a kid coming out of the hood in Miami. And even if he's not a great pro, he's 1 of just 1,696 NFL-level football players, which makes him overwhelmingly better than most. He was smart enough and had enough entitlement to expect more for himself.
  3. Cowherd is just trolling. He sees that it's bringing in clicks, views and ratings. The dude is pulling a Howard Stern. I do love how Colin & Friends are now beginning to "hedge their statements". First the dude was just a scrub who played in the Big 12 and got by with all of his "NFL talent" surrounding him...yet no one can tell me any of those offensive superstars who are lighting it up in the league. Then he was just another Air Raid QB who will not be able to make the transition. Then it was he's undraftable, he's Johnny Manziel...just look at the police footage, he's too short. Now Cowherd is saying that "he's not going to bust". Cowherd is officially hedging those statements now. So if he's wrong he'll point to everything he said during the season, things that he only said after the fact, after Baker began playing. Cowherd is a troll, and he's monetizing it.
  4. It was probably that entitlement that got him out of the hood in Miami.
  5. Definitely. Better playcalling on 1st and 2nd down and we'll be good. Darnold also needs is a true playmaker. A guy who he can really rely on when things get tough. Many good/great QBs have a target that their OC can scheme into one-on-one coverage. Being able to know that a 50/50 ball really means "open" with a particular player really helps the QB. We either need a respectable #1 or a savage TE.
  6. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2018/10/11/17965720/sam-darnold-has-been-elite-on-3rd-down-but-has-struggled-on-early-downs?utm_campaign=ganggreennation&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Source
  7. Sam Darnold has been elite on 3rd down, but has struggled on early downs By Michael Nania@Michael_Nania Oct 11, 2018, 5:42pm EDT SHARE Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images Sam Darnold has had the typical start for a rookie quarterback in the NFL, showcasing some eye-popping highs and some face-palming lows. All in all, his numbers line up almost dead on with the league average expectancy for rookies in recent history. Over the past decade (from 2008-2017), 21 rookie quarterbacks have thrown 100 passes or more over their team’s first five games of the season. Those players posted an average passer rating of 74.8 - Darnold is currently at 77.2. There have been players who have gone on to become greats who have started off worse (Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan), and players who went on to become busts who started off better (Robert Griffin III, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel). Still, it’s interesting to chop up the numbers and see exactly which situations a quarterback has thrived and struggled. While looking through Darnold’s splits, I noticed a particular area where the discrepancy in his production is noticeably large. He has produced at elite levels on 3rd down, but put up backup-quality numbers on 1st and 2nd down. Sam Darnold, on 3rd down: *- Ranks among the 29 quarterbacks with 30+ passing attempts on 3rd down. Raw numbers: 22/43, 344 yards, 5 touchdowns, 1 interception. 107.1 passer rating (4th) 8.0 yards per attempt (7th) 15.6 yards per completion (1st) 51.2% completion rate (27th) 5 touchdowns (2nd) 1 interception (T-11th fewest) 13 first down completions (T-13th) Sam Darnold, on 1st and 2nd down: *- Ranks among the 27 quarterbacks with 90+ passing attempts on 1st-2nd down. Raw numbers: 58/102, 687 yards, 2 touchdowns, 5 interceptions. 63.6 passer rating (27th) 6.7 yards per attempt (26th) 11.8 yards per completion (12th) 56.9% completion rate (27th) 2 touchdowns (27th) 5 interception (T-4th most) > 4.9% INT rate, 2nd highest 29 first down completions (27th) What gives? On the early downs, Darnold has easily been the league’s worst starter. He’s gotten yardage out of the passes he has completed, but he has turned the ball over too much and has not made nearly enough plays. On 3rd down, Darnold has been explosive, throwing the second most touchdowns with 4 of those coming from a distance of 20+ yards. He’s only thrown one interception, which was the deflected pass against Denver. He’s moved the chains at a league average rate. How does this compare to the other rookie quarterbacks? Let’s put Darnold’s numbers alongside those of the other rookies who have played significant time so far. 3rd down: Darnold - 107.1 rating / 5 TD-1 INT / 8.0 Y/A Baker Mayfield - 75.5 / 0-1 / 8.2 Josh Rosen - 54.4 / 0-0 / 3.8 Josh Allen - 36.6 / 0-3 / 6.2 1st-2nd down: Rosen - 96.1 / 2-0 / 7.9 Mayfield - 85.4 / 3-2 / 7.8 Allen - 69.0 / 2-2 / 5.8 Darnold - 63.6 / 2-5 / 6.7
  8. Villain The Foe

    Will the real Jets please stand up?

    The team is inconsistent. That's a problem because the team is much better when it comes to talent. We also as Jets fans have to stop with the excuses. When we beat Detroit we were all pedal to the metal and talking up all these guys. We lose to the Browns then suddenly a team that has one 1 game in two years has "so much more talent" than the Jets. The problem is consistency and discipline required to do your job. One of my main concerns is the Oline. Folks who know me knows that I've been hesitant with Sam Darnold. I didnt like the fact that he left school early, regressed in his last year and was a USC QB. With that said, watching these games I do not see the offensive failures being on the rookie, but on veteran Olinemen. We've been arguing this back and forth...which ironically the back and forth comes every time we win or when we lose. When we lose we kill the Oline, which is valid, but when we win we go back to making excuses and how this oline isnt so bad. The Oline is bad because they dont handle their responsibilities. And if any team were to just look at the tape they will see what the Jets clearly cannot handle right now. There is simply no reason why this Oline should ever be defended when this is what they're putting on tape against legit defenses. I've seen folks kill Sam Darnold, especially after the Jags game. But as a rookie he's going to have up's and downs. What he needs most desperately is a consistent Oline. What we seen against Denver is potential being realized, only for the Jets to revert back to stupidity either the following week or when we face a good team. Beating up on a bad Denver team or a Detroit team that didnt change its "hand signals" should be expected. Not being disciplined in what each players job is, is what cost us in the Dolphins and Browns games. Speaking of the Dolphins games. A breakdown in player responsibility is what lost that game. Many folks were upset at Jamal Adams on this play, but the man said it wasnt his responsiblity, and he was correct. He could have left his responsibility and covered Gore, but when you expect your teammates to do their job, then you dont expect that you have to leave your responsibility to cover someone else's. Plays like this is why the Jets arent reaching their potential. It's not that the Dolphins or Browns have so much better talent....no, it's that these dudes are not dialing it in for 60 minutes. "Will the real NY Jets please Stand up" is a great request. Because they're not standing up in every game. The Jets should be 3-2 minimum. They shouldnt have blown a 14 point lead against the Browns. And if they played 60 minutes of football against the Dolphins then the Jets should be 4-1. The Jags were clearly the better team, but even in that game the Jets, in particular the Oline, shouldnt have been so disrespected. The Oline is bad, and this dolphins play above is why I miss Demario Davis.
  9. Villain The Foe

    Lets play a game.

    Todd Gurley would be my pick. He's scored a TD in every game this season, but most importantly he picks up the offense when the QB isnt able to shoulder the load. I also think he has the most TD's since entering the league. If I had to trade Sam Darnold, I would be comfortable with McCown and Gurley.
  10. Marpet was never seeing FA. He's a very good lineman.
  11. Villain The Foe

    Jaylon Smith to sit out 2016...is he worth taking in the 2nd Round?

    That hit he put on Watson at halftime. My goodness. Literally outran Watson to the edge to keep him out the endzone.
  12. Villain The Foe

    Falcons 1 and 4 - Dan Quinn Sucks

    Dude took his team to a SB and was 1 quarter away from winning it. Bowles cant even put together a playoff team.
  13. Villain The Foe

    Ereck Flowers

    No. We have enough bums. IF he was good enough for depth then he'd be depth on the Giants depth chart. They decided instead to cut him...mid season at that. Read the tea leaves.
  14. Villain The Foe


    Actually, I wont say a word in the thread in order to prove a point. Folks were quite vocal last week during his loss, also stressing how he never played a legit defense. Well he did, and now folks are quiet. I figured I'd leave it alone since no one wants to talk Baker this week. . P.S. I was watching the Cleveland game in my Baker Jersey. lol. Mike Glennon!?!?!?

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