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  1. Villain The Foe

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    Could you imagine someone blaming this on Bryce Petty? Some jets fans would have celebrated that sack had it been Geno Smith. And I absolutely agree with you. The moment Brick and Mangold was looking like they were on their way out, I said that it's best to draft their replacement the year before they leave so once they are gone we already have their replacements with a year in the season as well as pro level development. Matter of fact, remember when Sam Darnold injured his elbow in the Colts game after throwing an INT to Malik Hooker then making the tackle? Lets see why Darnold threw that INT. Here's a GIF that I just created. Look at Spencer Long step on Winters foot, Winters cant recover and gets absolutely blown up, Darnold has to get rid of the ball because of the pressure, throws a Pick and then injures his elbow making the tackle. To add insult to injury, the snap was also low. lol. We need competent reliable olinemen now. It wouldnt have become such a dire need if Macc would have approached the Oline with some respect and understanding when it comes to the peformance and success of now just the QB but the Offense as a whole. I really would love for us to fire him before tomorrow night's draft! lol.
  2. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    No, im going to continue not to make this overly difficult for the sake of a concept. It's unfortunate because I do wish that you could engage with this circular derptalk, since this is really the first time that we actually spoke "football". I enjoyed it even though I disagree with you.
  3. Villain The Foe

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    I'll even double down on your statement. Back when we were playing in the AFCCG we had guys like Jumbo Elliott and Kevin Mawae. Matter of fact, the last times the Jets made the playoffs they either had the best Center in the league (Mawae) or a top 5 Center in the league (Mangold).
  4. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Then I guess the best way to fix this situation is to produce terrible seasons so we can always pick in the top 3. 🤨 Also, we have to also take your article and put it in proper context given that it's easy to convince people that the "trade down crowd" has blinders on. Question, and this is a legit question. How many of those top 3 picks that have a lesser bust rate consist of "Guards and Centers"????????? Exactly.
  5. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    I never said that OL didnt hit FA every single year. I said "Great Olinemen rarely if ever hit free agency". Do you get some good players hitting free agency? Yeah, but the great Olinemen are more often than not resigned. Great Olinemen are drafted and kept. Guys like Quinten Nelson wont see free agency until they're on their decline and then some other team will sign them based on name recognition. Get a couple good years out of him but they're not getting a career out of that player. A perfect example of this is Alan Faneca. Faneca was drafted by the Steelers in the 1st round, and he gave them 10 dominant years. Then Faneca becomes a Jet and all we get are two very good years from him, but it was never Peak Faneca, though given the fact that we actually invested in guys like Brick and Mangold, Faneca's presence in the lockerroom was probably more important than his two good years on the team. The point here is that sure, you can get 3-5 years out of the guys above, but it doesnt mean that they will be great or even good seasons. Beachum and Winters are replaceable, we need a Center and Osemele will be this generations Faneca and we'll need a replacement by 2021. The upgrade doesnt mean much based on the way you put it. Did we add Osemele and Compton? Yes we did. that doesnt mean that we dont need to address Tackle, Center and Guard given the current starters. Just because we added to the group, doesnt mean that we're finished adding to the group. It's not finished. It has nothing to do with Darnold, it has everything to do with the fact that the change was made when McCown was the QB yet that change didnt do much for McCown, yet somehow it did for Darnold even though Darnold's sack amount went up on average during that change? You're presenting your opinion, and im countering your opinion with the fact that Darnold got sacked more. I agree with this ^^^^^^ such as having a Center who can hike the ball. This is what we've been reduced to under Macc. I agree with this also. The change at Center was an upgrade by default. Harrison could actually snap the ball. But that's a reflection of how bad the Oline was, in particular the Center position to begin with. Just because you were an upgrade because you were able to hike the ball properly doesnt mean that you were a good Center, especially when you were part of that offensive line that gave up an average of 3 sacks per game over those last 3 games, which was the highest average during any time in Darnold's rookie season. There's more to Center than just hiking the ball is all im saying. Harrison didnt solidify himself as the starter for this team. And both Winters and Beachum has shown their inconsistencies throughout the year and can be replaced, and Shell is coming back from a blown out knee from the last game of the season. This is what I mean by just because you bring in new guys doesnt mean that the job is done.
  6. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    This is a valid concern. But this is why you have scouts and GM's. Think about it, these Olinemen may not be considered a "top 3 talent", but many of them have been given 1st round grades, which means that they're considered a 1st round talent. And just like talents to be considered 1st round talents, there has also been talents considered top 3, 5 and 10 that have succeeded, busted or settled somewhere in between. I think the part that is overlooked with that "We have Sam must draft offense" is the logic behind it. If we had a capable offensive line then that wouldnt be the logical thing to do and the decision would be a bit easier. But we have a GM who thought dedicating 2 late round picks to the Oline over the past 4 years was the smart thing to do. Now we are in the unique position of having such a high draft pick in a draft that may not have any Olineman as a top 3 prospect, but the draft has about 10 Olinemen with either a 1st round grade or a 1st-2nd round grade. What many folks here are saying is that it's better to be in that "woulda coulda shoulda" situation by trading down and maybe end up passing on a real impact defensive player, than to continuously ignore the elephant in the room and continue to push out the person we call our "Franchise" Quarterback with nothing to support him. That would be an absolute catastrophe given that Darnold is a Jet & the Franchise and no longer just a draft prospect. Ill even go worse case scenario. I dont think any rational person would be upset if Macc decided to trade down in order to pick up Olinemen to protect his QB that were considered 1st and 2nd round talent, even if it didnt work out. The problem today is that the Oline isnt working out AND he has done nothing to change it other than get older veterans let go by their former teams who were unwilling to give them a new contract.
  7. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    I havent, and I mean literally, have not seen anyone on this board adamantly suggesting taking an Olineman at 3. I've seen folks suggest trading down, acquiring more picks and then using those picks to pick up Olinemen and other offensive needs. Now there may have been someone who's said it, but that has not been the general position of folks looking for the Jets to draft Olineman. Many of us are saying that this is the perfect opportunity to trade down becasue you can do so and still get a top tackle, guard or center in the draft. Whats illogical are the folks who claim that it's somehow "impossible" to trade down from #3, yet at the same time talk about how awesome and revolutionary Bosa, Williams and Allen are. That's pretty logical, especially if folks may not consider them top 3 players, but most certainly 1st round talent. You can pick up a guard right now, play Winters this year and have his replacement...same thing with Tackle and Beachum or Shell. Center could be a starter immediately. Folks are jumping to conclusions that folks who want to protect Darnold coming from an irrational, illogical position. I think that folks just dont want to hear trading down and taking Olinemen, while trying to convince themselves that the upgrade to the Oline that were made makes up for the fact that Beachum, Shell and Winters are all suspect and we have no idea who our Center is going to be. How is anyone comfortable with that?
  8. Villain The Foe

    The case against Williams is weak

    We heard the same thing about Leo Williams. Leonard Williams is the "perfect" NFL draft prospect https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2374633-is-leonard-williams-the-perfect-nfl-draft-prospect Why USC's Leonard Williams is the "top prospect" in the 2015 draft: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000477687/article/why-uscs-leonard-williams-is-top-prospect-in-2015-nfl-draft Top 50 prospects "led by" Leonard Williams https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/sports/wp/2015/04/15/top-50-nfl-draft-prospects-for-2015-led-by-leonard-williams-jameis-winston/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.c527b5773d5a Hot 100+40: Leonard Williams "Top Prospect" of the 2015 draft http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000486422/article/hot-100-40-leonard-williams-top-prospect-in-2015-nfl-draft The case for "trading up" to draft Leonard Williams https://www.nola.com/saints/2015/04/the_case_for_trading_up_to_get.html The next "won-hit" wonder, Leonard Williams https://sportsunbiased.com/nfl/40833/2015-nfl-draft-top-prospect-predictions-de-leonard-williams/ I can go all day with that. Now im not saying that Q wont be good or even the next John Randall or Warren Sapp. What I am saying is that we've heard it all before, and then 4 years later folks will forget all about the hype of yesteryear and be on to the next guy. We have more pressing needs than drafting a 4-3 DT to our 3-4 defense.
  9. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Good point. Though I will say that great olinemen rarely, if ever, hit free agency. And usually the good ones who do are typically in their decline...probably because of age. Kelechi Osemele is 29 years old. We'll get a couple years out of him, sure, but this is the exact reason why we must NOW draft the younger replacements. We're not getting 3-5 years out of Beachum, Osemele and Winters. The Oline had the biggest upgrade outside of RB, but when you look deeper it doesnt mean much. We can use an upgrade at both Tackle positions and at RG. I couldnt tell you what we have at Center, and let me explain. You claimed that Sam played his best ball "once they made that move". Well, Harrison came in as the official starter for the Jets during week 10, when Darnold was hurt. McCown came in and looked ABSOLUTELY horrible in his 3 starts. Week 13 comes around and Sam is back in and he's given safe plays to deal with against Buffalo. But here's the kicker. In the last 3 games that Darnold played great in, Darnold also took an average of 3 sacks per game, which in that 3 game stretch was the highest average of the season for him. I believe that it would be safer to say that Darnold got better after coming back from his injury given the chemistry that he developed with Anderson. Why? Because Darnold success directly correlates with the performance that Anderson had in those games when Darnold came back from injury. Meanwhile, Darnold had a new center yet was taking more sacks on average than he did before the injury. We need a Center, a Guard and a tackle.
  10. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Yes he did. Now watch this. You see Mangold miss that A-gap blitz? Mangold isnt blocking anyone, yet #58 came right up the middle untouched. How about this here. Look at how Mangold and whoever is the Left Guard both whiff on this play here. The left guard is so terrible in his one-on-one that Mangold cant do his job, and because of that Mangold never sees the stunting Dlineman. Well, I said that Geno clearly made mistakes. Matter of fact, it was his mistake above to not realize wher ehe was on the field and take that safety and it was also a bad decision to throw that INT off of his back foot. Yet as usual, folks will rather call this "excuses for Geno" instead of looking at the entire play which includes the Oline and see what the heck happened. Many of Geno's mistakes occurred with multiple defenders in the backfield. In the video I presented to you, Sam Darnold threw a very similar INT against the Jags, which is shown in that video. The play was called back because of a penalty, but the exact same mistake Geno made Darnold made as well. So am I also making excuses for Darnold? No. Even the creator of the video stated that it was still a poor decision by Darnold, but what he didnt do was just stop there by "blaming Darnold" and showed the reason why the INT was thrown in the first place. It's hard to have discussions like this because folks tend to stay in their feelings about player, even if you sit there, provide GIF's and videos and even say "Im not making excuses for Geno", folks will conclude that you're making excuses for Geno. The irony of this though, I've been called a Baker Mayfield Browns fan (not by you), yet all I've been doing is advocating for some more protection for Sam Darnold.
  11. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    The perfect example of this is the Denver Broncos. They had Bradley Chubb and Von Miller. You know what that amounted to? A 6-10 record and the 10th pick in the draft. Why? Because their offense couldnt score points. You absolutely get it. Not only do you want to keep your defense off the field, but you want to consistently score with your offense. Look how well that worked for the Kansas City Chiefs? They made it to the AFCCG and it would have been the SB if not for that penalty, but the point here is, when the Chiefs defense did get on the field they knew that the overwhelming majority of the time the opposing team is going to pass the ball because they have to make up for the 21 points Mahomes just put up in the first 20 minutes of play. Oh, and keep in mind that the Chiefs defense collectively was STILL terrible, yet it had 3 statistically good pass rushers in Chris Jones, Justin Houston and Dee Ford. It's that the rest of the defense was suspect. Yet it was the offense, the ability to attack down field or run the ball that carried that entire Chiefs team. Precisely. Do we have a premier pass rusher? No, but the Jets were 12 in QB pressures, albeit while being creative. And I've said this a few times the Jets have atleast 1 probowler on every level of the defense. The offense have no probowler talent at receiver, the Oline or Tight End positions and we just now picked up an All-pro RB but we have a 2nd year QB that will need to be protected and Bell is going to see alot more 8 in the box given that this isnt Pittsburgh with AB and JuJu on the outside. It is absolutely imperative that we address the offensive line. It is not a "Best available player" thing, given that Macc had 4 years to address the Oline even with that philosophy and he always found a "better player" to pick instead. Now it's become a need because we've drafted a QB with nothing to consistently protect him. Did you see those GIF's in the other thread that I mentioned? Geno Smith was making terrible decisions, but half of the decisions that I seen him make I literally seen Sam make in the video above, and it's all due to the Oline.
  12. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    This. And I think Carr holds the record for the most sacks and QB hits taken by a rookie QB. That experience probably cost Carr his career, because he left Houston and was still seeing ghost even while out in NY with the Giants. He was never able to shake that Houston situation. This situation would not be this bad if Idzik and Macc took this position seriously. How are you a GM of a team with a bottom of the league offensive line, and you've drafted just 2 olinemen in your 4 seasons and the highest pick was a 4th rounder? Now we're in a position to where we've drafted a franchise QB to put behind that oline and fans are concerned about trading down for a lineman, because they're not sure of how good that lineman is given that none of them have been constantly mocked as a top 3 talent. IMO, this isnt a problem of the draft not having talent at the Oline position, it's about none of the talent being being considered the next Quentin Nelson, a pick that folks would be more comfortable with taking at 3 if they had to settle on taking an Olineman. Well, Mike Maccagnan is being paid millions to figure this out. I am confident that there is a tackle in this class that is better than Beachum or Shell. Im confident that there is a guard in this class better than Winters. I am most definitely confident that there is a Center better than our current vacancy at Center. This statement here is the truth, and has always been the truth: Folks overlook Oline because it's not a sexy position that people want to invest highly in. It's like how no one talks about the 3 cone drill, but they all drool over the 40 yard dash, yet coaches like Bill Belichick have consistently taken players who have dominated the 3 cone because it displays a mixture of agility and quickness.
  13. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Villain: What is "SOJ". Alex Trebek: That is correct Villain. You've won the double jeopardy round!
  14. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Fresh new response. Friday there will be new topics. Dont worry my child.
  15. Villain The Foe

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Brother, it's like talking to a wall.

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