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  1. I'd fire everyone, including myself, and sell the Team to Ozzie Newsome.
  2. And I said that if Mangini was the coach and Rex the DC we probably would have had a SB appearance.
  3. Im actually quite concerned, not because of the potential blowout, but the fact that the Ravens are arguably the most aggressive defense and are #1 in the league in blitzing. I'm concerned for Darnold tonight.
  4. Funny how since Gase has become a HC injuries have been an issue for his teams. Maybe conditioning, nutrition and rest should be something he concentrates more on. Generally speaking of course, since he should be fired on black Monday and we should be moving on from him. So for his next gig maybe he should notice the trend.
  5. Is that you Hackengberg? 😂 Man I miss him around here! I wouldnt be surprised if they did though. It's called "sports entertainment" for a reason.
  6. Yeah, but prediction from one year to the next is just foolish of folks. Predicting that a currently dominate team is probably going to make it to the SB that season isnt as much of a stretch. It's kinda like how everyone last year thought that the Chiefs would be in the SB...and they would have if not for Dee Ford. Such a bonehead move by him. I really believe that they traded him because of that off sides play. It literally costs them a trip to the dance.
  7. Facts. I dont think so either, given the word he used in "almost", but my point is that all of the main pieces in 2017 remained, and they picked up right where they left off. I didnt want to argue that point with him. It's to the point where folks are already predicting the 9ers and Ravens in the SB.
  8. But are they, really? Last year the 49ers almost fired everyone, except their key pieces which remained in place and they've picked up right where they've left off since Jimmy G is back under center. Once they got Jimmy G to facilitate the offense, then everything changed. They were 1-9 before G took over. With him in the game they ended the season 5-1. He started the next season 1-2 but was put on IR for the remainder of the season. This season in his return they're 11-2, quite similar to that 5-1 start he had when he was first traded for. The Eagles are probably the worst team out of the bunch, but probably have the most significant injuries of any of these teams as well. Yet with that they're tied for 1st place in their division with a Cowboys team who's completely underachieving based on their personnel...probably because of coaching???? The Cowboys should be running away with this division as they're playing in a division with 2 of the bottom 5 worst teams in the league and an injured Eagles team. The Cowboys coaching staff is limiting them while the injured Eagles team is overachieving based on their situation and could actually win this division. The Rams are bad? Why, because they're in 3rd place in their division? The Rams have an 8-5 record and play in the toughest division by far as well as in the toughest conference. The 49er's are in 1st place and the Seahawks are in 2nd with MVP candidate Russell Wilson. Sure, they may miss the playoffs, but in terms of division wins and losses, they have 1 more loss than the hawks and 9ers. They're not a bad team at all. They're just not the best in their division this year, but if you were to put them in any other division, especially in the AFC, they'd probably be the best team/ top 3 teams in the AFC based on their play. The Chiefs, specifically Mahomes wasnt going to repeat that MVP performance he had last year. That was ridiculously crazy what he did last year. With that said, the Chiefs are in 1st place in their division with a 9-4 record and a 3 game lead on the the team in 2nd place. Also, the Chiefs are just 1 of 3 teams to have already secured a playoff spot as they've already clinched their division title. Sure, the Chiefs are flawed, but it takes great coaching to work around and protect team flaws, which was my point in regards to the models of these teams. Coaching and depth. When you dont have depth or even a defense, you see why coaching is so important. This is why Andy Reid is a top 3 coach in this league.
  9. Except the Eagles werent a healthy team that season, and the 49ers have 13 players on IR with a handful of those players being starters. There is a model there, it's called Coaching & depth. With depth: The 49ers starting RB has been on IR for the past 2 seasons yet they're one of the best rushing teams in the league. They have starting WR's on IR yet they use scheme and misdirection to make plays in the passing game etc. With coaching: The Rams, Eagles, Chiefs, Ravens... and I'll throw in the 49ers, have the best offensive minds and some of the most stable coaching in the league. The model to success is getting competent coaching and affordable depth (recognizing talent at all positions). That will make up for alot of the injuries, even injuries to your hotshot QB...as the Eagles showed a couple years back.
  10. Then of course there’s Vyncint Smith who showed off his speed on a 37 yard catch and run that helped set up the Jets game winning field goal this past Sunday against Miami. The “slower” Smith reportedly ran a 4.36 in the lead up to the draft just a couple of years ago. Not much experience outside of Anderson, but if Adam Gase can find a way to scheme one or two of them open a time or two, Darnold has a chance to deliver some big plays on offense. The post Addition of Rookie Receiver Gives Jets Four Speedy Targets…now They Just Have to get Open appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... Atleast in regards to Robby Anderson, the problem hasnt been getting open, the problem has been accurate passes which will lead the receiver open. What good is getting open when you have to come back to the ball and the defender is now back in the play? We need better downfield passing. If we get that, then this can open up alot of other things for the offense.
  11. Mangini didnt make the playoffs with Brett Favre because Favre got injured during that 8-3 start to the season, and he was playing with a torn biceps tendon and a bad shoulder, both on his throwing arm during the last 2 months of that season. Because of that the Jets went 1-4 over the last 5 games Mangini and Tanny were both fined 25K for not putting Favre on the injury report as well as issuing a fine to the organization. Quote from this 2009 ESPN article: "Last week, Tannenbaum admitted the Jets should have listed Favre as "probable" on their injury reports. That came a day after Favre said he thought he was hurting the Jets because of the injury and discussed it with the coaches and the front office. He said he would have been willing to sit out, even though that would have ended his streak of consecutive starts, which now stands at 270 games." https://www.espn.com/nfl/news/story?id=4478429 Favre was clearly not himself to the point where he thought that he was "hurting the team by playing". Had he'd been healthy, I think the story would have been different. Furthermore, had they benched Favre maybe we would have won atleast 1 more game with a healthy back up.
  12. Rex was a predictable coach and it showed playing against good to great coahes. Everyone knew that on 3rd down and 5 (or more) that he was going to blitz, they all knew he was going to play man. You know how many times I seen teams like Baltimore run a bootleg on a crucial 3rd down in order to nullify the blitz while running a crosser to nullify man coverage? What's worse, Rex expected every player to be Darrelle Revis when it came to cover skills. Rex Ryan's defense was like a hammer. If you didnt have the ability to scheme against it you'd get hammered. However, if you the remedy you would kill him damn near everytime you played him because he was always a hammer. The Ryan era was better than the prior era's, however, I always wondered what would have been if 2009/10 Mangini would have remained out coach and Rex would have simply been DC. I probably would have seen a SB appearance in my lifetime. Or maybe im being too critical on Rex. Either way, what I can say is that Rex had a pretty stacked team those first 2 seasons that he really wasnt responsible for, once that turnover came and we had to rely on players that came in under him, we started to see that things wasnt working out.
  13. I didnt. I was watching the Jets. Did you watch the game? Or are you just talking sh*t?

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