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  1. Facts, though Aaron Darnold wasnt the Darnold we know now when Greg was there....but the writing was on the was for sure.
  2. Bruh, you dont even believe that yourself lol
  3. I wonder what Safety Greg Williams was taking about when he told Adams "I've coached better players than you". Hopefully Williams will make a JN account in order to clear this up!
  4. Adams was voted 1st and 2nd team all pro. Micah is a pretty good safety as well.
  5. 1 year later Jamal's an All Pro, which is what you expect from 6th overall picks...amirite?
  6. You know its lame when folks still have to reach for "rookie" clips. Now I remember what it was that I responded to from you while you were on vaca.
  7. Will be my next Jersey purchase. My favorite on offense for sure.
  8. I do not expect a losing record. 8-8 or better. Gase is supposed to be a better overall coach than Bowles along with being offensive-minded. I personally love the Greg Williams hire as he is clearly better than Kacey Rogers given his resume. Also, as the initial post suggests, we have our franchise QB. So Darnold should field a better product than any QB who's started for this team since Penny. The Jets spent over $150 million in free agency to get guys like C.J. Mosley, the best MLB we've had since Marvin Jones or David Harris. And LeVeon Bell, the best RB threat we've had since "my favorite" Martin. We've drafted who may be considered the next big defensive lineman to come out of college since Aaron Darnold along with a 1st round talent by some in the 3rd round in Polite. If we have a losing record in any way, this season is a failure. We have better coaching, a franchise QB, splurged in free agency and guy a top guy in the draft. That needs to translate on the field, period.
  9. Seems like the movie's plot for the new Batman movie has been leaked.
  10. Meh, McCown and Fitz was more than enough to expose how terrible our old GM was. He got paid, good for him. That's as far as it goes.
  11. I haven't. But I can atleast see the reasoning. Bills are rivals and when Baker was taken 1st overall, the football world basically said that it was a very "Brownsy move" to pick Baker over Darnold. What's the Jets fan reason for the saltiness? We literally got the guy we wanted, Baker was off the board before we picked and given all of the negative talk on Baker, its clear that generally fans either didn't want or even consider him. Jets nation got everything we wanted out of the draft yet some fans seem salty at the Browns. Its just weird. I talk crap about the Bills qb anytime the topic comes up. Dude is a tight end with a powerful inaccurate arm. But I mostly talk because they're rivals and it's for sport. There's no real animosity towards them. The only team I really dislike are the Pats.
  12. I agree and I think that the veterans on the team would have confronted Sam on the issue, not for a lack of leadership or even the overall position, but for responding to a particular question with more than just that general position. In otherwords, family business stays in house. In order for Sam, Baker or any other player to learn that they will usually learn it from the Veterans on the team. I dont see a problem with what Baker said, because he's right. However, I understand veterans speaking to him when he got a bit more specific in one of his responses. It's one thing as a leader to let it be known that the train is moving with or without folks no matter who they are, it's another to move out of the realm of generalizations, which he did in one of the responses. That happens when journalist are digging for stories during the dog days. As for Sam, I think it's safe to say that if Sam did this, the title of that thread wouldnt be "Implosion already happening for the Jets?".
  13. The only outsiders that want to take them down a notch are the outsiders they passed on their way up. Maybe our Jets should do better, then we wouldnt have to worry about what the Browns do. Maybe we should visit a Patriots forum, see how much they care. And it seems like this thread has been said and done with...and it tripled in size since my last post back on page 3. I guess Villain isnt needed to pump a page worth of posts in an effort to artificially inflate how interesting the Browns are to Jets fans not named Villain The Foe. lol. This is my 13th post in this thread...9 pages in, 12 posts within the first 3 pages. Given your use of Jamal Adams and my position for Jets fans to "get over it", it could be perceived like all I've ever said was "get over it". Here's my Jamal Adams thread created by me, which probably has about 12 posts by me in the first 2 pages alone, with plenty more throughout the 12 pages total. Feel free to count the amount total and get back to me. Here's the thread that sparked me to even create the thread above. Feel free to count the amount of posts in this one as well. I would assume that there's more than 12 posts of me saying "get over it". Cool Story bro. Oh, and I wasnt defending Mayfield. I was showing how many Jets fans are simply haters and would have praised Darnold in this situation. That's all. This thread has tripled in size without me saying a word...without me adding anything new to this coversation. lmao.
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