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  1. But if it's "free agency", then how are they stealing them? Wouldnt it be more like, the Pats let them walk? I guess say anything just to feel like we somehow one-up'd them. Manish is simple.
  2. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    That's really impressive work. Has your daughter made this her profession?
  3. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    You're welcome Auntie. You sound like a awesome and dedicated mother. There are many autistic geniuses. You may know this gentleman, but if not, look up Stephen Wiltshire and his artistry. The guy's ability is unreal. The book im currently reading is "The valley of the dry bones" by Rudolph Windsor.
  4. Villain The Foe

    Spencer Long to the Bills

  5. Villain The Foe

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    That would only guarantee another Giants championship season.
  6. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    He was too busy trying to associate feeding birds in the park in your 70's and 80's with being a crazy person. Speaking of crazy people and pets... You want to know what's actually crazy? Tesla's competitor, Edison was stealing and electrocuting animals as part of a smear campaign in order to frighten people into believing that Tesla's AC electricity was dangerous in comparison to his DC version...even though he knew that was false. The same guy who invented the electric chair. This Dude would rather kill and lie than to lose. But, because he didnt die penniless and was electrocuting birds, not feeding them like Tesla, that makes Edison more of a sane individual.
  7. Villain The Foe

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    As long as he's not a Jet.
  8. Facts. Seems like you'd do a better job as our GM than that asshat we currently have.
  9. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    This is your way of conceding. I'll accept this.
  10. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    Saying this, is empty words without proof. What you mean to say is "what you said to support your argument I will ignore in order to conclude that you supported nothing". That's more accurate. You'd rather fuss than deal with the topic. To "support" that statement, you'd rather talk about me than the topic.
  11. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    Supporting my position with facts will do that to people who seem not to be able to do the same. Always going the ad hominem route. Typical.
  12. Credit when credit is due. If you called John Walford then good job. He did have a very good performance.
  13. Villain The Foe

    Sean McVay: Genius or Overrated???

    Yes you did. Here it goes below. #1. He didnt just imagine a ton of things, things that are being created today are things he discovered 100 years ago. #2. Here's a clear instance of when Tesla got ripped off, and anyone with just basic knowledge of the history behind Tesla would know this. He was ripped off by Thomas Edison when working for Edison's company. Edison stated that he would pay Tesla a sum of money if he could fix/enhance his DC electric issue. Tesla created something much more efficient and practical than Edison's DC in every way. Edison went back on his word of paying Tesla and that's when Tesla left Edison's company. This is how Tesla even ended up in a position to begin working with George Westinghouse. 3. I asked you again "A whack job based on whose account", which you conveniently ignored. The truth is, Tesla was simply an eccentric individual who wasnt the center of attention, money hungry type that wanted to be idolized by "underlings" for his accomplishments. He was about his ideas and giving those ideas to the world. This is why he would stay in his home or in his office. Also, if this guy was so crazy and off his rocker, then the FBI wouldnt have confiscated everything in his room and keep it under wraps for 80 years, only to release some "declassified" information on the case in 2016 due to a freedom of information act that was filed. That's why Auntie Linda said this to you... You did attempt to negate his contributions by solely labeling him as a crazy whack job who had nothing but imaginations and became a weird poster boy for allegedly getting ripped off. Also, Tesla didnt die penny-less, given that his room and board was paid by the board members of Westinghouse, which was partly, a function of his royalties. Royalties are an asset, is it not? He did however not become the 2nd Billionaire in history (Family of the Red Shield being the 1st) given the fact that he wasnt driven by money like Edison and others. His success was based directly on his contribution to the world. And to prove this fact along with showing how he was not crazy that this is a direct quote of his that you can also find on his wiki page: "Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine" https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla 100 years later, is this quote not true? Is Tesla not the most impactful inventor of today, even after his death almost a century ago? Do crazy people say brilliant things like this and it be true? How rich and important are his inventions in todays time??? The only thing crazy about Tesla was how "crazy accurate" this quote of his was. Also, no one had a problem with my Einstein position because I wasnt trying to make people believe that he was some sort of whack job crazy person. I simply showed that Einstein really wasnt a scientist, but a philosopher, given that what Einstein is most praised for are his "theories", not "discoveries" or "inventions". And the only thing that I was TRULY NEGATING was his "Genius poster boy status" that society has declared him, by asking the simple question "How is Einstein impacting your life on a daily basis" (Which you also never answered by the way)? And my questioning of Einsteins contribution is valid, simply by using the above quote by Tesla and then associating it to Einstein's contributions while looking at the world today. You werent comprehending what was being said, and that's why Auntie L said it was done. She could clearly see that you werent dealing with anything being presented to you, all you did was deflect or try to move the goalpost by changing the topic of discussion, like you tried to do below. Oh, and speaking of rants and tirades, lets re-review this quote of yours again and highlight those tirades. Lets see who's really ranting here. Even worse, you try to save face with this "Your Einstein quote was wrong, he never said it" statement as if I didnt explain this to you right here... But the best thing of all, is you trying to flip this conversation as me being wrong about the quote that I cleared up before you were then checked for the incorrect statement you made back at the beginning of this response to you. But more importantly, look at how I didnt run from the fact that you made a valid point, but instead acknowledged your position by explaining why I even used the quote. Before you call this a rant, then proceed to go on a rant, how about accepting the fact that maybe your position was a bit off. OR, present facts to support your position rather than talking about my 10,000 word responses, stupid rap quotes and saying that I have no idea what im talking about...meanwhile my 10,000 words and stupid quotes clearly show's that I've been the only person in this conversation supporting my position with facts and truths...instead of feelings and emotions...such as: How does "Wow" support your position? You accept no defeat, but all you can think up is how "wow'd" you are by the thought that someone felt like you should take your defeat with some class? The only thing I can say to this response of yours is..."Wow". Now that I addressed these shenanigans, I will go and do what Auntie said and leave it here.
  14. Villain The Foe

    PFF shows Deontay Burnett some love

    My bad. I just seen the Kareem Hunt thread. 😋👍
  15. Villain The Foe

    Mehta:Hard Knocks wants Jets, but Jets don't want them

    I hope they do it. Entertainment for me id more important than alleged distractions.

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