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  1. Villain The Foe

    Sources: Eagles' Wentz has fractured vertebra

    My fantasy has been ravaged this season. I drafted both Wentz and Garrapolo this year.
  2. Villain The Foe


    Enjoy the game tonight. In two days you'll be invited to another great show as well. Mayfield's playing!
  3. Villain The Foe

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    You obviously missed what I was referring to. Because of that, im going to pretend like you didn't write this.
  4. Which is why im enjoying Browns football. The Jets situation is just ridiculous. Woody and his brother does not make this a lucrative spot to come and coach or manage. We're going to get leftovers who are willing to compromise, probably because it's their first go'round and dont mind just getting a shot even though Macc is terrible. Then next year after we fire Macc then we'll get the GM who's just thankful for the opportunity and has no problem taking on the coaches from another regime. It's the Tannehill, Rex, Idzik situation all over again. Dont be surprised if we find another journeyman to throw 10-12 million dollars to in order to coach. So sick of this organization.
  5. Villain The Foe

    Mike Kafka QB coach Chiefs

    This IMO is the problem with teams trying to pick coaches from teams who have been wildly successful. Sure, Eric has the title OC out in Kansas City, but EVERYBODY KNOWS, the actual OC is Andy Reid. Eric Beniamy is really the Runningback's Coach for Kansas City with the promotion to OC based on the fact that it's a position that needed to be filled. Andy Reid controls that offense and Pat Mahomes is f'ing special. Not hating on Eric here, but I think that folks just look at Kansas City, looks at who's the OC and says "That's our guy". The offensive mind behind that offensive is Andy Reid and the engine that runs it is Mahomes.
  6. He should have been fired last year. My certainty comes from the point that leaving Macc here to appoint a new coach puts both the new coach and current rookie QB in a bind. If Macc continues his incompetency next year and is THEN fired, now the Johnson's are going to have to either convince the new GM to take on this 1 year HC or fire this HC after just 1 season. It's just like what we did this year. You keep this coaching staff for a 2nd rebuild, pretending as if the 1st rebuild is like water under the bridge, and allow them to pick a franchise QB only to know that before the end of the season Bowles and company on the coaching staff will not be here. They could have fired him last year and allowed the new CS/GM to pick the franchise QB and know that they have time to actually "rebuild". Ownership is playing stupid games, and because of this it's us, the fans, that are winning the stupid prizes. IMO, No respectable head coach candidate necessarily wants to take a job with the current GM on a flaming hot seat, and no respectable GM candidate is going to want to take on a coaching staff and even possibly QB's from prior regimes. Bowles and Macc are a package. For the Johnson's to conclude that "Bowles and his coaching staff is the sole problem" would require such incompetence and complete disregard on the lack of proper management in the past and currently by Maccagnan. The fact that we both know deep down that the Johnson's could actually "F this up" is exactly why I just dont care about this organization the way I used to. Im more interested in engaging you guys on JN for the fact that I've been here talking with you guys pretty much daily for the past 10 years. Im pretty much done expecting things to change from the top.
  7. Villain The Foe

    Neutral End Zones this Weekend at MetLife

    I wasnt going to say anything. Sometimes it's best to just move out of the way lol.
  8. Villain The Foe

    Josh Rosen's best game

    I agree. The kicker this year most definitely cost them 2 wins. However, how different would those two games have been if Hue Jackson actually gave Mayfield a competitive shot at starting and not just benching him? Imagine where this team would be if Mayfield started since week 1? It's like for everything that goes wrong that impacted the Browns team, I can also point to something that Hue did that was equally as impactful. I agree with the fans and players who feel that Greg Williams and Fred Kitchens should be retained. I feel so strongly about it, that if they were released I think that the Jets should seriously consider both of them, ESPECIALLY Kitchens. I've been watching his play design and it's like every week he has a brand new funky play that completely takes the defense by surprise. More importantly, I can really tell that he's about the details. I've been pretty much invested in this Browns this year so I've been following the coach press conferences and all. Freddie Kitchens reminds me of that guy who will end up being like the next Sean McVay or Kyle Shanahan before folks considered them. Im quickly begining to believe that John Dorsey may be the best General Manager in football. Two of the most exciting teams in the league he's built (KC, CLE). Thats not bad. Sam is not that far behind. But Sam is in a really bad situation being around a bunch of deflated players who dont believe in the folks in charge and there's nothing to get excited about. If we can get a motivating coaching staff here with some clever playcalling and some attention to detail, the Jets can be an exciting football team again. We need to find the right guys, and firing Bowles and keeping Macc isnt the answer.
  9. Villain The Foe

    Josh Rosen's best game

    I agree. Mayfield is making that situation a good one, but so is the coaching staff. They're doing a phenomenal job with dudes who were considered monumental busts. After releasing Josh Gordon, the Browns had no one step up to be WR1, they decided to sign and make their #1 Breshad Perriman...a guy considered a bust in Baltimore signed just a couple months ago and has been playing well. Greg Robinson is now the Browns LT, a guy considered a bust after being drafted 2nd overall by Jeff Fischer (figures). Once the coaching staff took over Gregg Williams immediately benched Desmond Harrison and put in Robinson as their LT. Mayfield has been one of the least hit QB's in the league over the past month and a half. When you have good coaching, you get the best out of your players. Today folks see the Browns as a good situation, all they did was remove the trash in the front office and the coaching staff and now players that Hue Jackson said he couldnt win with actually have a shot at the playoffs if things fall their way. Woody and Chris better clean house.
  10. Villain The Foe

    Josh Rosen's best game

    They got a shot!
  11. Villain The Foe

    Holy.... Sugar. Williams is the new Mo Wilk

    This is the difference between winners and losers, good games from poor games. it's the effort. Meanwhile, look at the high effort Luke Kuechly run down Jarvis Landry.
  12. Villain The Foe

    $80 Million Cousins

    The exact language folks was using with Ryan Fitzpatrick back in 2016. It goes to show that because your QB history is sh*tty, it doesnt make a guy who's having a better season than most/any Jets QB in history "good". With that said, I was also for signing Cousins this past Summer, but that was more based on him looking like a top 12 QB in the league. Maybe I should have taken his record playing against .500 teams or better much more seriously, as I thought that was more to do with the Redskins than it did Cousins. But, when a coach and front office decides that they'd rather constantly franchise you than to give you a contract, there may be good reasoning there. It's one thing to consistently lose to .500 or better teams when you're on the Redskins, it's another when you're now the QB of a Vikings team that felt like they were one top 12 QB away from winning it all.
  13. Villain The Foe

    Sam has elite accuracy

    Elite accuracy, skills and rare ability? Watching the game last night I came away feeling good that we got a QB that fought through injury and had a pretty nice 4th qtr. Instead of criticizing your comments, I'd rather ask you how did you come to this determination. Elite accuracy to me is Drew Brees Elite Skills to me is prime Aaron Rodgers rare ability to me is Pat Mahomes. looking at the names next to those attributes I think no one would disagree that those names fit, because those names display those attributes weekly. I cant say the same for Sam. I cant conclude that he's elite or a rare breed in any of those categories. I think that Sam had a good game and bounced back from some mistakes and the Jets won the game. Lets not jump out a window here
  14. Villain The Foe

    Sam has elite accuracy


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