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  1. "Shaken" is not "drastically altered". Let's not jump out the window here. There was much to Sam's game he was quick to address, such as ball security in the pocket. I can go through more, but ultimately you went way left with what I ultimately said.
  2. Villain The Foe

    NFL preseason week one reaction: Sam Darnold | PFF

    Still endorse Mike. He's a good QB in terrible situations. Lets not forget how trash Trubisky also looked with zero receivers an injured Jordan Howard and turd for an online. It wasn't like Glennon didn't produce and some kid picked up the pieces and ran with it. Chicago was a bad football team last year. With that said though, the criticism so far is warranted, for the amount of talk I've put behind Glennon, the bottomline is...he's not the top 15 QB I said he was. Facts.
  3. Villain The Foe

    NFL preseason week one reaction: Sam Darnold | PFF

    lmao! That's also true. Look now, the QB's that I've supported have been getting some burn and have been looking good during the preseason. David Fales (San Jose St.) Looked good in his Dolphins debut. I felt like Fales should have beaten out Cutler for the starting job back in Chicago. Nathan Peterman (Pitt) Looked good for the Bills. Extremely accurate and was the fastest QB in respects to getting the ball out to his receivers this first preseason game. Baker Mayfield (OU) Looked like he could seriously compete with Ty. Mike Glennon (The long necked one) I actually didn't watch the rest of the Arizona game after watching Rosen. I should go back and check him out.
  4. Villain The Foe

    NFL preseason week one reaction: Sam Darnold | PFF

    Baker Mayfield. However, the QB for the team I root for is Sam Darnold. Weird, I know. 😅
  5. I agree. I think I was overly critical of Sam given some things I seen from him, but mostly because he comes from USC. Alot of my thoughts were shaken given his performance on Friday. If he can keep it up we definitely got one for sure.
  6. lol, I'll PM you next time and you can post it!
  7. Sam Darnold made PFF's "Team of the week" as the QB.
  8. For those who didnt see Brian Baldinger's breakdown of Sam Darnold http://www.nfl.com/videos/baldys-breakdowns/0ap3000000947637/Reviewing-Darnold-s-debut-Baldy-s-Breakdown
  9. Because its one performance, not even a complete 4 quarter performance...and it's a game that doesnt even count. I'll say it again and again. Baker Mayfield is in the best situation. He has talent around him offensively, a decent oline, an offensive coordinator with some stripes in this league and a guy in Tyrod to compete with. Lets not forget, Ty went 5 for 5 for 99 yards, a TD and a perfect QB rating. Lets also not forget that this is the same Ty that took the Bills to a playoff birth after like 20 years. Baker Mayfield can sit out this year, learn under Hailey, become a pro and next year take the league by storm. They need to treat him more like Aaron Rodgers, not like the last 20+ QB's they drafted and threw out there. And dont get me wrong, I think Mayfield could hold his own, but there's no need to rush him when you have Tyrod Taylor...a guy who's a starter-quality QB in the NFL. Let it be Tyrod's job to lose, not it being thristy to get Mayfield on the field. Let Mayfield earn it in that regard.
  10. I never liked Sam Darnold, but I didnt hate him either. I really liked what he did on Friday night. Sam made a case for himself like Baker has. Sam and Baker were clearly the two best rookie QB's of week 1, and not just stat wise. How they played the position and managed the offense, like a point guard if you will, was very impressive.
  11. That's cool. I've been siding with Baker since 2016 before folks knew the name Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield even. I'll be siding with him afterwards. He literally has me following Browns football. I liked what I seen from Darnold on Friday, the dude is talented, and to be just 21 years old, he literally reeks of talent. But he still has some work in front of him, mainly ball security. Darnold is most likely going to start for this football team sometime this year, if not, by week 1. If he can maintain ball security and play "Sam Darnold Football" then we may FINALLY see a guy dethrone Joe Namath as the face of this franchise. I think Baker Mayfield is a generational talent. I could be absolutely wrong here, but I believe that's what I've been seeing. Im talking one of the "all time greats" type potential. I've been riding this wagon for almost 3 years, might as well stay on and see where it goes. Im just loyal like that.
  12. Im siding with Brian Baldinger on this one. Baker Mayfield is f'ing special. http://www.nfl.com/videos/baldys-breakdowns/0ap3000000947413/Breaking-down-Baker-Mayfield-s-NFL-debut-Baldy-s-Breakdown Glad to have the 2nd best QB in Sam Darnold tho. I can always say that "The Jets didnt pass on Mayfield, he simply wasnt available". Im content with that.
  13. Villain The Foe

    NFL preseason week one reaction: Sam Darnold | PFF

    Your guy looks good @The Crusher