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  1. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Completely relevant. Being able to manipulate cap space isnt solely exclusive to the Vikings, and they're 20+ million behind a jets team that can also msnipulate cap space. The only irrelevant thing is the glennon comment.
  2. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    He gets it. Nevermind the title of the video.
  3. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    I see our point, but a lot of our positions aren't solved not because of the players at the position, but the play design and the QB throwing the ball. ASJ and Jordan Leggett won't be bad options if we have Kirk Cousins on the field. In other words, we can maximize the talent on the field simply by having Kirk. This is why securing Kirk will allow us to do a lot of things offensively. We get a stable QB and concentrate on building this Line in the draft as well as picking up a RB and a PR/KR and we'll be good to go. Sure, we may not have a pass rusher still and we may need to get a CB in free agency but we won't have to worry about going through another season asking the defense not to allow a team to score more than 10 points in order for the Jets to have a chance to win. In 2016 Washington's offense averaged almost 25 points per game and in 2017 it was almost 22 ppg. The Jets in those same years were 17 and 18 ppg. The Jets need to solidify the QB position.
  4. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    The bolded is the operative word. And the deck shuffles every year. If you're not the cheating Patriots more often than not if you made it deep into the playoffs the year before, odds are you're not going to be seen again. going that deep. There are not so many consistent teams making the playoffs. If you're not the Steelers or the Patriots then it's pretty much a crap shoot. Trust, the money is 1st priority BECAUSE the contracts aren't guaranteed. If they were then players would consider places much more seriously, like in the NBA. With the NFL he gets a bad injury in the first game and then it's not about him signing with Minny, it's about the guaranteed money. Best believe is agent is going to remind him of that. Now if its 2 or 3 million difference then sure, you go to Minny, but if Minny is offering 40 million guaranteed and the Jets are offering 55 million, best believe he'll be a Jet.
  5. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    And that here is the problem. Guys think that because their favourite QB has a higher upside that means that it will suddenly happen through development or at worse that QB will be as good as Kirk. Andrew Luck had the upside to be the best QB in the league....he has yet to achieve that. You don't pass on Kirk Cousins when the entire franchise history has been based on not having a qb and not being able to develop QB's. If you have the opportunity to stabilise the position you do it. It doesn't mean that you can't still draft a QB to learn behind Cousins but We've drafted Hackenberg, Petty, Geno, Sanchez, Boyd, McElroy, Ainge, Clemens, Brad Smith, Bollinger and Pennington. That's 12 QB's drafted by this franchise since 2000. None of them are as good as Kirk Cousins. Outside of Penny, none of them developed and became anything, and the only one that amounted to anything is Chad Pennington but injuries Tom Brady and Peyton Manning cut that one short We can go back to the beginning of this franchise history and look at all of the QB's we've drafted and the only 3 names that will pop up is Chad Pennington, Ken Obrien and Joe Namath. More than a half century and we have 3 QB's that we can look at with some sense of a positive outlook. Thats pathetic. Buy Kirk Cousins services and stop pretending that rather picking "our own QB" is so much more easier to develop and make into an better QB than Kirk Cousins. We've haven't had a 4,000 yard passer since Namath....and we've been in a passing league for almost 2 decades and we've drafted 12 QB's since that time.
  6. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    The Vikings have 49 million in salary cap https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/minnesota-vikings The Jets have 73 million in Salary cap and thats before cutting Mo Wilk. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-york-jets Minn has the money for him, but the Jets have more money for him.
  7. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    My bad, I know it took a minute but Im here now!
  8. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    This isn't about desperation but about stability. The "elite" QB's in the league for the most part aren't even on elite contracts. However, you're not paying elite money for elite QB's you're paying premium money for premium players, and Kirk Cousins is a premium player whether you want to admit that or not. If the Jets go 8-8 it won't be because of the QB position. I'd rather spend the money to get a premium QB rather than trading a crap load of draft picks just to move up a spot or two just to draft a rookie QB that isn't guaranteed to pan out, nor has any actual professional history. This elite money is nonsense. This money is easily replaced, draft picks aren't. Get the QB and then build around him.
  9. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Do you not care about the info in the thread?
  10. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Then I fold. I dont want 1 Hackenberg let alone 2 lol
  11. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    The money isnt more or less the same. Denver would have to strip their team to afford Kirk. Jacksonville wouldnt have enough cap even after cutting Bortles. Vikings dont have a ton of cap. None of these teams can offer whay the Jets can money wise except Cleveland....and if it came down to us and Cleveland i would be confident. Denver cant offer $150 million and 75 guaranteed without getting rid of the guys that made them SB contenders with Kirk. If you have to cut them then whats the point for Kirk?
  12. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    Its not an issue. It is obvious that the man can play the position. No matter the contract, if we can get out of it halfway theough then i dont see the problem. We've wasted years on cheap rookies that didnt develop as well as overpaying career journeyman qb's past their prime. Now we have an opportunity to get a guy in his prime that is certified top 15 and is arguably top 10 in the league and were talking about money? No. Im not doing that. Why? Because when the jets put crap on the field then i hear fans talk about money...but in the form of PSL's. Kirk Cousins resume is worth the shot because there is actual success consistently at the position in the NFL. Its not elite, but its the best we've seen in many of our lifetimes. I doubt SanFran fans are pissed at JG's contract...and he's played a whopping 7 or 8 games. Putting this current team and coaching staff on a rookie qb or 40 yr old journeyman is the wrong move. Spend the money for the most important position in sports.
  13. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    I can do a Mike Glennon thread if you like.👍😁