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  1. I actually answered his question before his semantics. You're the mod though, so whatever you say I'll run with it. I'd like to keep my account active.
  2. I answered his question an hour ago. He's not accepting it and wants to continue, so him trolling him.
  3. I think they're the perfect trade partner. The Vikings have 12 picks in the draft! They can't use all those draft picks. Just look at the amount of talent on their team. Here are all their picks. Round 1, No. 22, Round 1: No. 25, Round 2: No. 58, Round 3: No. 89, Round 3: No. 105, Round 4: No. 132, Round 5: No. 155, Round 6: No. 201, Round 6: No. 205, Round 7: No. 219, Round 7: No. 249, Round 7: No. 253 As stated, the problem is that they cant use all of those picks. Sure, the Vikings lost some talent, but overall
  4. Brother, if that happened...in THIS DRAFT. I may have to walk away for good!
  5. I really hope the Jets can trade down out of 11 and pick up the Vikings 22nd and 25th picks in the draft. If there was EVER a draft that we could trade down in and get solid day 1 starters it's this one. I'd take Josh Jones over Becton. Id' take Cleveland over Becton. I'd also like to have a couple high picks in the top 50 to spend on WR as well. This draft is going to be exciting.
  6. Sam has done nothing to me. Sam Darnold is in a bad situation, and like Robby I wish he was in a better one. And that's coming from a guy who didnt like Darnold at USC. I seen enough on the pro level to know that the kid has the ability, he's on the wrong team. So when I say that he's not going to throw for 5,100 yards and 33 TD's it's not because of him specifically, it's because the last time a player did that in a Jets Jersey it was NEVER. The last time a QB had 4,000 yards we have to go back to the 1960's. You put Sam Darnold on the Bucs right now he'd be a top 15
  7. I said he's the #2 Wideout Nothing was ignored. my simple opinion. That’s all. You dont see it. Fine
  8. This WR class is stacked. I wouldnt be surprised if future HOF'ers are found in between the 2nd-4th rounds. There is talent to be had in this draft. Which is why we should be trading down. Imagine coming away with drafting Josh Jones in the early 20's while being able to pick up guys like a Pittman. Bro, there are WR's that I like in this draft that I havent even mentioned Killa such as James Proche out of SMU. I got a feeling that this draft is going to be legendary when it comes to the receivers in this draft.
  9. Which is why I made sure to add context to the teams that he was playing. I've also seen Robby torch lousy defenses, but I also know that Robby never had the plethora of top talent WR's to draw attention nor has he had future HOF coaches. Perriman produced his numbers in FANTASTIC situations, now he's coming to the Jets where Sam will not be throwing for 5,100 yards and 33TD's nor is he being coached by Harbaugh or Arians. Context.
  10. Aaaaaaand look at how quickly Mogglez decided to make this thread about Baker Mayfield lmao. You're salty about my opinion regarding this topic. Can we atleast stay on topic though? lmao.
  11. For the record, I believe you. You mentioned how tremendous Perriman played, and I agree. Im simply adding context to it. The man played against defense that gave up yards like that was their purpose on the field. When he played against middle of the pack teams his stats reflected what we'd generally see from him.
  12. That's not true. Sam Darnold has done it and we love em! lmao.
  13. So the TL:DR of this is. Baker Mayfield is like Perriman, except Baker is an actual Starter and had an historical rookie season...though this topic is clearly in the wrong thread. You failed at this Mogglez
  14. Nope, but to show context, like I did when he went 1 for 3 for 20 yards against the 11th best defense in the New Orleans Saints.
  15. The only one trying here is you reaching with Baker Mayfield references. Nice try though.
  16. Against bottom defenses with a much better team and coaching staff around him.
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