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  1. Exactly. Pretty good players in a bad situation are great to keep when you're looking to make the team better while trying to keep chemistry with players that were pretty good in those bad situations. Just like rookies aren't always reliable as day 1 plug and play options, it's also not good to remove guys who the QB had chemistry with in order to bring in a new guy who we hope can do the same thing for less money along with that rookie and now we're not sure about reliability or chemistry. The Jets arent strapped for cash.
  2. It's clear that the only salt is the guy who brings up Mayfield in a Breshad Perriman thread where there is absolutely zero relevance. Here's the thread that you should be in.
  3. Aww, Baker Mayfield. Someone's in their feelings. lol. I'll entertain. Baker was a 1st round pick and played like it. Perriman was a 1st round pick, never played like it. It is a different tune.
  4. You ignored my point to your opinion again while reiterating your opinion then trying to conclude the conversation with "That's all. You dont see it. Fine". I did see you opinion, which I didnt ignore, you ignored my opinion because you can only see yours. Im also fine with that. No need to triple down on the fact that you're ignoring my point.
  5. Instead of explaining how Perriman was given an opportunity as a 1st round selection with the Ravens or how QB J. Winston threw 33 TD's and over 5,100 yards, in which 4,500 of those yards and 27 of those TD's went to players not named Breshad Perriman, let me instead do this. Breshad Perriman started 4 games for the Bucs and folks are hung up on his last 5 games, so lets break those games down. Lets start with his last 5 games. 1. Against Jax he had 5 catches on 6 targets for 87 yards 2. Against Indy he had 3 catches on 5 targets for 70 yards and 1 TD 3. Aga
  6. OT. We have no choice in the matter. I hope that we can trade down with a team like Minnesota and get their 22nd and 25th picks and trade them our 11th and 48th picks. I can see us getting Josh Jones and either a Denzel Mims or Tee Higgins in that scenario. We cannot walk away from this draft without at top tier OT and WR. I'd be satisfied with OT Jones along with either Jefferson, Mims or Higgins. With that said, if all we had to work with is the 11th pick, then OT is the answer as nothing in the passing or running game will matter if the Oline isnt addressed.
  7. Except Robby was putting up "Robby numbers" before receiving a "stud draftee or two" along with a healthy Crowder. Robby Anderson was 60 yards away from a 1,000 yard season in 2017 with McCown and Petty throwing to him all while Enunwa was out for the season and his other WRs were Charone Peake, Ardarius Stewart and Chad Hansen. You guys can continue the "this isnt T.O. or Jerry Rice" remarks while suddenly playing semantics when you hear "savior", but the bottomline is that we're talking about the Jets not having a clear #1 or #2 on the roster and will have to depend on all of this help
  8. The difference is Perriman was expected to be a #1 given his 1st round grade. He's never even been a starter outside of injuries to actual starters. No one expected Robby to be a #1 or a #2, yet he's been the #1 his entire career and will be the #2 for a team who signed him to play that starting role. But I guess a 1st round draft pick who's accomplished being a backup on his prior teams is unimportant when we have "if" statements. C'mon Jet Nut. We both know better than that. Perriman's a depth player until proven otherwise. There was no "if" with Robby Anderson. It was clea
  9. Nice motor and his get-off makes his teammates look like they're working in quicksand.
  10. Honestly, AB clearly has some issues but this timeline is super weird and is one of the main reasons why I dislike the social media culture overall.
  11. Riddle me this. For a Wideout who can do "so many things", why is he on his 4th team in 5 years? And why did Robby get signed before Perriman? Mind you, he wasnt some Undrafted Rookie Free Agent like Robby was. It's extremely difficult to solidify a career and earn a nice contract based on how Anderson did it. Perriman was a 1st round pick and all he's done is get released and passed to the next team. You guys are exaggerating reality and extrapolating his last 5 games while disrespecting the career of the only homegrown WR we've had on this team since Jerricho Cotchery.
  12. And that's the fact of the matter. Add to the fact that Robby established his stats while going up against the opponent's best corner, and probably would have produced better stats had the Jets had an actual #1 and Anderson was in his rightful position at Wideout #2. With that said, Perriman has produced a fraction of Anderson's stats and he didnt accumulate them going up against the opponent's best corners. Reading comments from some folks is like If I didnt know any better I would have thought that Anderson was some lazy bum who has attitude problems and constantly gives up on plays. T
  13. Football isnt track. Robby is clearly a better wide receiver than Breshad Perriman.
  14. And this is why Im concerned about what we did in free agency. We didnt get a certified starter at any of the tackle positions and we downgraded at WR. Now were in a situation where we are desperate for a receiver but because we didn't fill holes in free agency but instead made one in the WR room we may have to trade down and not get any of the top teir OT/WR on the board but hope that we can get a Josh Jones or Ezra Cleveland while addressing WR in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. We either needed to sign Conklin or keep Robby, but instead Conklin and Robby signed elsewhere for less than a
  15. This is the reality of that discount folks dont deal with when dealing in broad strokes comparing the savings in comparison to what Robby got. Perriman signed that contract for a reason.
  16. Exactly. He's a piece that you add to a WR room. He should never be the best wideout on the team heading into the draft.
  17. I appreciate Coleman being honest about free agency so far. Depth and value signings overall. Nothing that we can say the team can depend on at this time to fill and secure a hole. We need to hit big time in this draft.
  18. Great players are few and far between. Great players can change the dynamic of a game and cover weaknesses, but if you have good players, which are more plentiful then you have less holes to cover with great players. That same approach is why QB's are now "Franchise QB's" because teams are trying to get great QB's to cover the fact that GM's and owners either arent or dont know how to build a team. Look at Andy Reid. Everywhere he goes he knows how to build a football team. That team was stacked with talent before Mahomes was even a pro. Mahomes didnt cover up holes on that team, he was
  19. I never said that you accused me of not having optimism. General statements have general implications. So since you sent it to me I figured I'd specifically state where my optimism was. Stay safe!
  20. That's true, you didn't. But you said that there was nothing wrong with having some optimism, when I never said or suggested that there was something wrong with optimism. And that is why I explained the difference between my optimism and the current reality of things. You jumped the gun a little. It's cool my guy.
  21. Then everything is good. Which is basically what I said in my initial comment.
  22. I think everyone does. I for one am not impressed with JD's decisions thus far. However, am I optimistic that by his constant attempt to address the Oline that something will stick? Sure. Am I impressed by players so far? No. I can hope for the best, but the reality is we've signed multiple tackles and guards and I still feel like we have holes at tackle and guard. I feel like our WR room has downgraded. Im not killing optimism, im just saying that my optimism shouldnt be what I use as the differentiating factor to past GM's. I remember seeing that with Macc when Idzik was fired. Today
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