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  1. Lets atleast give him the opportunity to show that he does. Douglas has yet to even manage a draft.
  2. Maybe you should stop playing the victim. I initially made a statement about the Jets and their constant failures, you responded about my paragraph writing habits, which had nothing to do with the thread topic.
  3. Yeah, if you disregard the Jets squandering over the past decades, including Darnold. 5-6 paragraphs would look paramount to those who can only deal with Twitter-sized chunks. My apologies. Hopefully this was under 140 characters.
  4. Ban the two who give this thread it's entertainment credibility? Why do you think we HAVEN'T been banned?
  5. I dont think you can go wrong with any one of these guys, talent-wise. My concern are the Jets as an organization. The Jets know how to do 2 things very well. #1. Squander opportunity. #2. Squander talent. And yes, Im generally speaking here for those who may want to come to the defense and mention that JD is new...as if the Jets only had 1 GM the past 50 years prior. Im being general based on the historical so no need to explain the obvious.
  6. This may be good news. I follow a youtuber who's a Broncos fan and he basically said that if the Jets put McGovern at Center then it's clear that they have no idea what they're doing. Maybe I should go to a Broncos forum in spy mode and see what their feelings are on McGovern.
  7. I would see no problem. He'e one of the best run blockers in the draft. And in terms of his movement, he's not immobile. He'd be able to make his blocks
  8. Yes, but Sam is righty, which means we have no idea how he'll play on the right side. I remember Michael Strahan being a complete dud rushing from the right defensive side. Then he switched and began rushing from the left side and suddenly became a HOF'er by career's end. Im not saying that Wills cant do it (I would have no problem if we drafted him), but I wont act like switching sides is as simple as "switching sides". I know Andrew Thomas can play LT.
  9. Becton's hype is his height, size athleticism and his combine. It happens every year. If Andrew Thomas is there it should be a no-brainer. If we trade down then it should be Josh Jones. If not those two then Jedrick Wills, even though he played RT. In this league you need elite tackles on both sides. Becton is a developmental player. His ceiling is high, but dude could be a bust just as easy.
  10. Boring? Never. Gold? Only during that Hard Knocks era. Those last two years....
  11. Goes to show that medical reports and physicals are most definitely a thing at this time. I mentioned that when someone was writing in the Clowney thread that it's hard for teams to get a clue about his (Clowney's) medical situation. CV isnt stopping teams issuing millions in contracts from getting the low down about a player in regards to medical status and their availability.
  12. Edwards-Helaire is a beast. Picking him up in the 3rd round should be considered grand larceny. Helaire vision and agility as running back is equivalent to Jerry Jeudy as a route runner. Dude's talent is elite.
  13. Edge rushers that rush on their left side, or to the side of the Right Tackle. 1. J.J. Watt (future HOF'er) 2. Joey Bosa (Both sides) 3. Von Miller (future HOF'er) 4. Chandler Jones (Both sides) 5. TJ Watt (nightmare) 6. Brandon Graham 7. Danielle Hunter 8. Shaq Barrett (Both sides and just led the league in sacks). RT is not a walk in the park. Both tackle positions need to be legit.
  14. Im upset that I cant even argue against this.
  15. That top catch is ridiculous. With that said, we need to go Oline.
  16. I just appreciate that the Oline is being held with regard
  17. Then had the audacity to think following the Browns would fix that wrong. Shoot me already!
  18. I began to favor the Jets after the "Fake Spike" Marino play at the end of 94. I became an actual Jets fan in 1996 in terms of seriously being invested in the team and following their progression daily. Also from the Bronx. I grew up a Pacers fan. That was the first ever sports team that I rooted for. My favorite sportsman of all time by far is Reggie Miller. My first time seeing him play was walking into the room where my aunt was recording the 94 Knicks/Pacers playoffs game 5 at the very moment when Reggie began that 25 point 4th quarter complete dismantling of the Knicks and Spike Lee
  19. This below... Is not elite edge rusher money. It would place him 13th on the top average salary list. You can have the last word.
  20. Best believe if a team is looking to sign a guy they're finding a way of doing medicals to confirm. The link isnt going to tell anyone anything that they dont know about Clowney's medical history. If you're worried about stats then dont give him a big contract. If you're looking at his ability to be a disrupter, help out the coverage by being one of the best in the league at pressuring the Qb while getting about 8 or 9 sacks then you sign him. Or, go into the season again with nothing.
  21. And where was Namath running with those knees? How deep was Pennington going to throw the ball? That was the best option available.
  22. If I made this trade I'd throw in Sam Darnold, keep our 2nd rounder next year and then draft Tua.
  23. Can we get a mod to pin this quote where everyone can see it? Thank you Jet Nut
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