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  1. I'd be shocked if Clowney's agent would allow him to sign a "prove it" deal with a team like the Jets who's coach and staff are notorious for having constant injury issues with their players, while at the same time having past players file injury grievance against the team. Not to mention the ability to control him after that one year with a franchise tag while in his prime years. If we can get him on a prove it deal, I'd take it for sure, but if that's all that Clowney can get he should take it then fire his agent. This guy isnt washed up, and even with the injury history, he's impactfu
  2. 16 million is the sweet spot. Offer him 4 years 64 million with 50 million guaranteed, call it a day then go get our WR.
  3. Why sign a guy you would never want to see on the field if Sam goes down (Which he misses games every season)?
  4. Im glad that you actually see it. Dude is a really good QB and im sitting here like "This dude reminds me of Mike Glennon without the neck" lol.
  5. You're thinking as a fan so I understand your response. Im trying to think as JD who's looking to build a team and provide talent, value and competition at all positions. The reality is that Sam is the guy because no one on the team is better than him, but I haven't seen anything out of him that screams that he's without a doubt the guy for the next decade. Anyone saying so is lying to themselves. He still has to prove that, and adding talent to the team will help his case, but that talent should also be at his position given that we should be looking to build the best team.
  6. This will not help his case AT ALL, but he's the rich man's version of Mike Glennon. Dead serious though. He reminds me of a more athletic Mike Glennon playing in a very Patriots-like offense actually.
  7. 2019 highlight of Luton throwing to his #1 target Hodgins
  8. I really like this kid and I hope JD takes a flyer on him in the later rounds. It's clear that we have nothing behind Darnold and it's also clear that there are no guarantees that Darnold is the guy. I'd love to see Luton come in and compete, not for the starting position but to keep the QB room competitive with young talent. There are alot of pro traits and qualities with Luton.
  9. That's not the only trade down that makes sense, especially with this being a stacked WR class.
  10. This is definitely a stacked receiver class for sure. It wouldnt be a reach if Mims was a 1st round pick. I didnt know much on Mims until I started really looking to finalize my mock. Dude is a beast and could easily force a guy like Ruggs or Jefferson to be pushed down. Reager is another good talent. The only thing hard to find is press coverage matches...but that goes for alot of college WRs. How many WRs do you see being drafted in the first? I can see the WRs going off the board as early as 11th with us and as late as 17th with the Cowboys. It's hard to see the WRs
  11. Dude makes the entire field look like they're moving in slow motion.
  12. Mims is a 1st round talent. I also think Reager is a 1st round talent. I dont think either will be drafted in the 1st, especially this year with scouts not on the road and no private sessions happening given CV. To be fair, I'd pass out with joy if our draft fell like that.
  13. I guess you have a point. I've never used a value chart to value my mock trades. I always looked at my trades as benefiting both teams, in otherwords, making a trade that's not just wishful thinking as a Jets fan. I may have left value on the table if charts indicate that. However it'll probably be viewed as a friendly trade than the Jets getting fleeced.
  14. I see your point, however there are tons of surprises every single draft and you cant draft 50 players in 40 slots. Players rise, players fall. Every last one of these guys may be off the board by the time I have us picking them, which means someone had to drop In order for that to happen. My first mock had Jones as a 2nd rounder picking him up with our 40-something pick. Today I drafted him at 21, which means that 20 players fell a spot. This is my mock based on draft projections, not what other teams may do. I would have to do an NFL mock if I expect to present the realism
  15. Here are the facts. The Jets went into free agency and really didnt solidify any of the major position concerns outside of Center, however they did pick up guys who are immediate contributors and in that respect have upgraded the roster as a whole. Here are the major additions. Breshad Perriman was picked up after moving on from Robby Anderson. Outside of how folks feel about the comparison of players, what is safe to say is that it's a bit worrisome when Perriman is the best wideout on your team and our current #2 outside receiver is a massive health liability in Quincy Enunwa. The most
  16. 9-7/8-8 teams will have a shot more often than not. In a prior thread I used this new playoff scenario to show what teams would have made it the prior decade. It's two extra games that they'll make money on but diluting the quality of the entire season. I dont like it.
  17. I'd rather see the Jets trade down once or twice and then pick up a guy like Jones or Cleveland at the back end of the 1st, then rack up on receivers and other positions with their additional picks.
  18. Why are we even talking about Lawrence Taylor and Isaiah Simmons in the same breath? We do this every year. 2015: Leonard Williams is the next JJ Watt/Richard Seymour. 5 years later...he's Leonard Williams. 2019: Quinnen Williams is the next Aaron Darnold. 1 year later Williams rookie season wasnt even as good as Ed Oliver, let alone being anywhere near Aaron Donalds. Just because we compare a guy to a HOF talent doesnt then mean that we're passing on a HOF talent. The Jets need to address the offense because they drafted a QB 3 drafts ago and provided him nothi
  19. "Sam Darnold, you better put those passes on the money. You got a good one man".
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