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  1. I dont understand. Perriman is there as an example of how to not be a pro player?
  2. I generally understand what you're saying and it does make sense...generally speaking, but I dont like it as much as you do for the very same reason. Perriman is a project with upside. We're paying 6 million for a player with upside potential who could possibly out perform his contract if he does reach his potential. We pretty much knew what Anderson was. A guy who's capable and has upside himself if we're able to allow him to play his role which is #2 and bring in or draft a guy like Jeudy/Lamb to play the other side. Here's my issue. Perriman has never proven to b
  3. Today saying this is of no consequence, however, I remember when saying this "in the moment" made this entire forum triggered. Ah, the good'old days.
  4. That contract would have made alot of sense, so I am not surprised that the Jets didnt make the offer.
  5. What makes this even more insane is that the street value of that weed Robinson probably made with 1 game check.
  6. Sounds like the last thing you say to yourself before you fall asleep every night.
  7. Lol. Here's Gase's quote when asked "What was Darnold seeing out there.
  8. Im going to bookmark this page so when it happens I can pull this haha.
  9. Their rebuild is going much better than ours. Only a hater would deny that.
  10. Facts. I'll also factor in providing them with a running game. If you can provide a rookie QB a stable offense to where the offense isnt based on not just their ability, but the requirement to carry the offense then you're in great shape. Our best run over the last 20 years came with arguably the worst QB we had in Mark Sanchez. Some would argue "worst" when thinking of guys like Geno Smith and Christian Hackenberg (Hack was so bad I dont even count that dude), but my point is this. The only QB that we drafted that we built a complete team around was Mark Sanchez. So in many ways w
  11. The only thing factual are folks who dont know how to follow the context of a conversation
  12. Because Robby was a #2 WR playing out of position and when he finally got a respectable WR here to play in the slot, Darnold decided to kiss on some nasty women. No matter how you cut it, there is no reason for Perriman to be such an underachiever with John Harbaugh, Bruce Arians and Greg Williams as head coaches, Flacco, Mayfield and Winston as your QB, Evans, Godwin, Steve Smith, OBJ and Landry as receivers you can learn from as well as take attention away from you. Robby dealt with the worst coaches, the worst collection of QB's, and no talent around him. Yet while playin
  13. That's a hastag. Not a question. If you want to now my answer, ask me a question. Or you can continue to allow me to use your energy for my enjoyment. If you really wanted me to answer your question, you'd simply ask the question the way im telling you do to it, which is like the way a person would normally ask a question. You didnt ask me anything, you made a false statement that I wont entertain. Ask the question or TL:DR.
  14. Cant wait for us to trade Perriman in next year for a cheaper version. IN about 4 years we can field a bunch of WR's what are a shell of a shell of a shell of a shell of Robby anderson for vet minimum but call it smart because we saved money.
  15. Maybe, If we make that work for everyone involved then I'll take Perriman 2 seasons to accumulate that amount....
  16. No, you didnt. You said that it was a question these folks had yet to answer. How could I answer something that was never asked of me. Ask me the question.
  17. All this sounds good until we get to the part that folks who usually make statements like the one above never mentions. Production.
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