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  1. No, one was a multi year starter, who signed a contract to be a starter for another team because he's starting material. The other one is Perriman.
  2. That the only person that can find words to rhyme with orange is Eminem.
  3. Im happy that Robby got the hell outta here. Im pissed that we're replacing starters with career bench players and using 5 games to extrapolate what his 4 year career doesnt say. The Perriman pick in general is a solid pick up....IF you have starters on your team. There is nothing regarding Perrimans career that doesnt shout that this is a huge risk. People are not fully taking in what im saying.
  4. You should, I've followed this piece of sh*t organization since the mid 90's, and im one of the lucky one's. Some of these posters are old farts who go back to the 70's and even 60's. I dont know how the hell they're doing it. lol.
  5. Sam Darnold really isnt that much better throwing the deep ball either. The difference? We know Bridgewater is just a place holder and the rookie that the Panthers bring in should hope to have that skillset in order to take full advantage of their targets. There is no replacement for Sam. So Sam's inaccurate deep ball will be the same unless he improved it. DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel is better than what Robby Anderson had around him. That's what makes this situation better for him outside of finances. He's also with an old coach and arguably the best RB in the league.
  6. No one has asked me the question. How about asking me the question.
  7. @Paradis @14 in Green Maybe you guys also noticed this. Maybe Im missing something here. Before Robby signed with Carolina and Perriman here with the Jets I recall folks calling Robby a one trick pony who can only run 9's. Yet we're replacing him with a person who's never been a starter, had a really nice 5 games before being let go that that same team, and all folks are talking about is how he can stretch the field like Robby. Isnt that what we heard about Vyncint Jackson (another Robby replacement with no actual production) before Perriman became a Jet? Can yo
  8. Oh, my bad. Let me jump on the 5 week Perriman train...while forgetting his other 46 games and simply say that he's a later bloomer and that he can easily replace Robby. You're right.
  9. That's easier said than done when it comes to the Jets. If Robby Anderson is so easily replaced then why has he been the only legit wideout on the team since he arrived? And that team he signed #2 money for is a team who was looking for a #2 who has a #1 and a #2 and has Teddy Bridgewater.
  10. No one is crying over spilt milk, just stating the facts while folks talk about milk and moving forward from a signing that's hours old. If that's the energy surrounding this guy, then it kinda supports the mixed feelings.
  11. Then folks need to stop talking about Robby and "great" since no one has said Robby is great, but had a great skill in particular Im very active when a signing comes off like we're going backwards. If this is supposedly Robby's replacement then we are replacing a starter for a guy who's never been a starter. I shouldnt be the only person having a problem with that. Generally I'm glad Robby's gone. Over the years I've seen how this organization has been ran along with how this fanbase really dealt with Robby. I think it it was for the best that he went to a better situat
  12. He is replaceable, but if this is the replacement, then it's a f'ing fail.
  13. If you can show anywhere else in Perriman's career that reflects that statline I'll rescind everything I've said here today. If you cant, then that's basically an abberation.
  14. I think stats like that should only be considered for folks who actually start football games as a norm in their career.
  15. That's what we call "late blooming" now? I mean sh*t, I thought something like Devante Parker's season would qualify as a late bloomer. Now all you have to do is play well over a 5 week stretch and you've come into yourself though you've produced less than 700 yards and of the 14 games you played only started 4 of them? lmao. For the record, SOJF is only a thing because the SOJ is still a thing. That doesnt bother me. This logic of yours doesnt hold water. So I'll ignore that SOJF comment, and stick with the "You dont move on from what you know because of
  16. Yet, the continued semantics shows that you're clearly being simple. I'll move on. My point was made.
  17. So we're dealing with "if" sitiations now. It's clear that the clue I knew was the one I spoke about, which was about the Panthers offering the contract that Robby sold. Im not over here selling "if" statements. then ending convo's with "Difference is youre running around telling people you know" I know the Robby signed with the panthers for a respectable deal and the "if" statements by damage controllers dont mean much at this point.
  18. I'll accept that if you can show me equal in statistics/production
  19. I'll wait for you to finish playing semantics. When you're done, then deal with the actual topic at hand. Stop telling me about Troy Brown, Welker and Edelman if Tom Brady isnt our QB and Belichick isnt our coach.
  20. We already know that Robby isnt a great player. You've clearly made that known. What makes Perriman a great player then? I'll wait.
  21. That's what I said. Who are our staring #1 and #2 Wide receivers. Folks decide to play semantics, like usual when damage controlling stupidity that this franchise does.
  22. Lets not be simple. We're talking about starting wideouts. Nots slot guys who run sticks and crossers.
  23. Then based on the stats and circumstance, Robby is clearly the better player, since he had the lesser coaches behind him, the lesser QB's/talent behind him as well. Robby has had Bowles and Gase as HC's. Perriman has had Harbaugh, Greg Williams and Bruce Arians, Robby had McCown, Petty, Hackenberg, Simeon, Falk and Darnold as QB's. Perriman had Flacco while still good, Baker Mayfield and Jameis Winston. Perriman had overall better talent around him on every team from OBJ, Landry, Evans, Godwin and Steve Smith out in Baltimore. Robby had....no one. You can take this non
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