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  1. Faith is all you have with Hill. putting up those crazy number on just 50 catches isnt impossible. White has over 300 catches for his career, but given that you gave me stats for Hill let me give you the stats that impressed me about White. He's doubled his stats every year in every major category in college. Here you go. http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/14991/type/college/jordan-white
  2. Agreed, but he's also a potential bust. Cant deny that. Meanwhile, White has shown great hands (140 catches his last year, 306 for his career) as well as running tight routes. What Hill has shown is awesome, but he's shown little to nothing when you look at it over his entire 3 year period. Thats all im saying. His numbers are ridiculous when you're speaking averages. averages 10 TD's for every 50 catches. Averages 24 yards per catch. I know this, but again, 50 catches in 3 years in not getting overly excited about. But yes, the potential there is huge. This is a new account. My old ac
  3. I think Hill could be Usain Bolts lil brother, but that doesnt make him a WR. No one on this forum can tell me that this guy has legit hands. As I said to Gato, I see his point, but im just not convinced enough to make such a statement. I think White in the 7th was a better pick up than Hill in the 2nd. Then again I've been very outspoken about Jeffery so maybe thats just a bit of hate, but I do think that what im saying has legitimacy though. How do you get less than 50 catches in 3 years and end up a 2nd rounder? Average about 24 yards per catch along with 9 out of 49 catches being TD's I gu
  4. +1. Football is the only sport I follow. I followed the knicks for a couple months but then the Jeremy lin situation got kinda old.
  5. Outside of White, im not really convinced. But I understand what you mean.
  6. Greene will not lose his job before some o-linemen lose theirs, though I must say that Greene, McKnight,Ganaway on the roster looks goooood! I see Cumberland as TE. White could be the 4th WR, I think Schilens has his hands full.
  7. Hill, Schilens and White need to prove that they can be NFL quality targets. So far all we know is that Holmes, Keller and Kerley are good to go given Sanchez success with them.
  8. When did Hill prove this? A track star with 50 catches for a college career doesnt convince me the way it convinced you. Jordan White is a beast though. Got to agree there.
  9. Yeah man. Im really excited over White, Allen, Griffin and Ganaway. White is going to abuse people in the slot.
  10. Statistically White was t 140 receptions & almost 2000 yards his last year????
  11. He reminds me alot of him. This guy seems like a tough dude. He'll put his shoulder down for the hit, he'll concentrate on catching the ball ignoring the hit coming to him. He's not the fastest guy but I think he'll be able to beat most slot CB's/Safeties because he's an effective route runner. We may finally be able to run 4 WR packages. White and Kerley on the field with Holmes and Hill using his track speed to keep Safeties from cheating. Nasty. Chrebet made a career of out doing that. White, Allen, Griffin and Ganaway I cant wait to see suit up. I really think we had an a
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