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    Joe Namath's return from injury against the San Francisco 49ers.
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    I Was. I transferred the PSL to my son
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    Mark Gastineau roughing Bernie Kosar on 3rd and long in playoff game
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  1. Great - send me an invite and a link for the league fee
  2. Like the trade. For what will probably be a very late 6, you're getting a young guy with starting experience. Who knows if he doesn't make the Colts roster, or someone else trades for him or the Cardinals (who are desperate for CB help) claim him before we can? Gotta imagine he's an upgrade over the crap we currently have. Low risk trade.
  3. Just got the auto renewal for the old league. If that one is not going to happen, I’m up for the new league if there’s an opening. Norm
  4. Have we even asked for permission to talk to him? Can't hire him until we get permission and then there's that Rooney Rule thing. Hope this doesn't drag out.
  5. I’m ok with whatever format the majority agrees with
  6. David Lee was let go in the Buffalo purge. We could do worse.
  7. Maybe DiFilippo was the plan all along, before Laurie put the Kabosh on it. If the assumption was that he would be free to take the job, maybe this was what Bowles was thinking. Real sc*mbag move by Laurie, if there was a promise in place.
  8. Morton as OC, Godsey as QB coach. I could live with that
  9. Umm, wasn't Osweiler signed before the draft? After signing him to that ridiculous contract, did you expect the Texans to take any QB in the early rounds?
  10. If we really want Lynch, we're trading up to get him. If you think he's a FQB, you don't take a chance and hope he falls in your lap at 20. If Lynch is still they're at 20, we're not taking him because if he wasn't worth trading up for, we probably have other players rated higher. QB is the only position I feel this way about. Mac traded up a spot for Petty. If he really wants Lynch, he'll trade up for him too.
  11. Why do most people think that any ruling will be successfully appealed? What grounds for appeal could there possibly be? Brady has shown no contrition. He continues to lie and make a mockery of the situation. He absolutely should be suspended for a minimum of 1 year. Precedent has been set in bounty gate. The obstruction of the investigation is serious. If this was any other team, is there any question of how severe the punishment would be. The Cheatriots are floating that they fear 6 to 8 to the public, to get public opinion away from what should be a minimum of 1 year. Cheating, lying about it, obstruction of the investigation. Jeez, if the NFL lets them off easy, how can they possibly punish anyone else going forward? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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