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  1. Maybe people here like someone who is soft like girl. That's where you come in..... BD
  2. GMC won't play, because he might help.... BD
  3. Jets don't want a player like Kerry Rhodes around. Way too productive..... BD
  4. That might have been a pic, but that spiral was sweet! BD
  5. You're a waste of human life.... BD
  6. He hit Kerry Rhodes in stride..... BD
  7. The whole world is stacking the defense against AP, still 3 straight carries for 15 yards.... BD
  8. And Schilens can't catch for %$#@, so they're even. But he Schilens was worth a damn, the Jets wouldn't have found him walking the street last summer.... BD
  9. Pros catch that pass. Jets not so much..... BD
  10. How fast can I put on the Vikings game? BD