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  1. Maybe people here like someone who is soft like girl. That's where you come in..... BD
  2. Jets don't want a player like Kerry Rhodes around. Way too productive..... BD
  3. The whole world is stacking the defense against AP, still 3 straight carries for 15 yards.... BD
  4. And Schilens can't catch for %$#@, so they're even. But he Schilens was worth a damn, the Jets wouldn't have found him walking the street last summer.... BD
  5. They took down the Live Blog Game Center at NYJets.com because they know the Jets suck, and are done. Tired of listening to fans make fun of their ineptitude.... BD
  6. Look at the bright side. At least he didn't eat ass again.... BD
  7. Mark is playing better than I thought he would. Usually, that's a Pic-6...... BD
  8. Your name is listed as the one who started this forum, so I called you out on copying Jason's post from his site. I really don't care who you are. I don't know what the other jabroni was babbling about, but if you cut and paste from another site, which is what happened here with Jason, you should give them credit for the post. Unless you are just a plagiarist. You disagree? BD
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