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  1. jetrider

    anyone going to training camp?

    Bosch is junk ... the GE of Europe for tiny kitchens. Don't you shop anywhere besides consumer grade chain department stores like Best Buy?
  2. Fact: McAdoo coached himself out of the NFL
  3. jetrider

    Don't watch Jet games!

    They why did HC Bowles want them? You keep missing the point. What you really mean is "No amount of Bowles' coaching ..."
  4. jetrider

    Don't watch Jet games!

    Figures. That again describes HCing not GMing. Bowles, Gailey, and Patullo joined Macc at Hackenberg’s predraft workout at State College. Bowles is directly involved in player evaluation and selection. Macc has zero involvement in actual coaching and development. It’s only reasonable to blame Macc for Bowles' flaws if he handpicked and hired Bowles himself which he didn’t.
  5. jetrider

    Don't watch Jet games!

    Fixed. How do you give Macc a lower grade and then reel off a mile long list of Todd Bowles fuçkage?
  6. jetrider

    Tarvaris Jackson's Wife is Savage

    June 24 2016
  7. jetrider

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    I carry one of these:
  8. Those two details go hand in hand. Pass blocking requires more hustle, more motor, more technique, more quickness, more stamina, for a longer duration. It's more work. Dennison (and Bowles) better get those lazy-ass loafs in gear for Darnold. Just sayin'.
  9. Thank God for Jordan Palmer! Jets wouldn't have Sam Darnold if it weren't for Jordan Palmer and the fabulous job he did on Christian Hackenberg.
  10. jetrider

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    No. The suspension is for failing to report the incident for further investigation. By taking the punishment now and losing $1000s he avoids the risk of losing $Millions if it spills into 2019.
  11. Last year Hansen had 7 grabs in preseason; 0 yards YAC ... 9 grabs in reg season; 18 yards YAC. Two things I remember most: He catches everything within reach. He goes down immediately. Just like the gif above, going down is part of the catch. No effort to stay on his feet. He was a different WR for Cal with much better wheels. My guess is he's afraid to take an NFL hit. Chrebet was fearless.