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  1. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    No way we cut Robby. He's a clutch underpaid fearless playmaker that made grabs other WRs are paid millions for. He made our games watchable. He showed heart every week in a tankable season. Robby may be crazy but the charges are a joke. No crash, no injury, no weapons, no drugs, no intoxication. Not even a ho motel. The goal is to minimize the penalty and keep Robby on the field. If McCown made Morton look good, Robby made McCown look good. Get real.
  2. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    ... that's why MagicMacc got Kearse + 2nd rounder. Pay attention.
  3. Product of Todd Blowes' Attitude Health Training Center mindwash factory. "One team, one LOL"
  4. Addicted to nightlife and partying is more like it. For the record: I would be totally stoked if Jets got Mayfield
  5. He loves to party. That's a given. Didn't say he's already a cokehead. My guess is he couldn't afford it in school.
  6. Are you UnhappyWho's Siamese twin? I can't tell you two apart ... both love to argue about nothing
  7. It isn't about football, it's about South Beach babes and the best cocaine supply

    We won too many games

    You missed the point. It's just a stunt to make the new QB hype go away. Firing Bates would be overkill.

    Blaming everything offense on Morton is Bowles' way of dancing around the QB issue and using our top picks on D again. DeFilippo was Mark Sanchez's QB coach in '09. He also coached McCown in Cleveland. Bowles is gambling that flippo can fix Hackenberg, so with a new OC we're good to roll with McCown, Hack, and some shiny new defensive toys. Haley is plan B. Reminds me of when Reid bolted for KC and Jets scooped Mornhinweg from Philly's dumpster. Plan C is Bowles misses out on both by waiting too long to see what flippo does.
  11. Pats haven't used a top 10 pick in 10 years (only two in 19 years). Belichick would trade down anyway and find a way to win with wherever he picks ... so BB for a #6 is all win.
  12. Your point (or whatever it is) makes no sense. What you described is HC failure. But like always the HC factor sails over your head and out of the equation. First off, Bowles in his own words was totally onboard with Hack at #51. Secondly, Hackenberg hasn't developed, wasn't coached up. That's not Macc's job. Thirdly, Bowles' refusal to start Hack in a lost season proves HC Bowles has final say. He decides who practices what and who plays when. That is the ultimate final say for all intents and purposes. Therefore, it's not possible and makes zero sense for Macc to make moves behind Bowles' back or force-feed players Bowles doesn't want, which is what the anti-Macc circle-jerkin' tartcart tardholes' fairy dust rhetoric rides on. "Same page" according to real quotes and real reports, not the garbage Spam Edwards spills with his Bigfoot saliva ink pen. This thread is about Macc's performance. If you're saying Macc should go straight to Woody and say, "I can't work with a one-dimensional jackhole" and have Bowles fired then you and I agree.