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  1. Rosen's first career concussion
  2. #1 pick Michael Vick .... 6'-0" ... hands 8-1/2" Tony Romo ... hands 8-7/8" Jared Goff ... hands 9" Colin Kaepernick ... hands 9-1/8" Brady too ... 9-3/8" http://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?i=4732
  3. Darnold is due another 8 pts minimum from the remaining 8 teams. So Darnold's 95 still beats Allen's 93
  4. Eight votes won't affect Darnold's position any. I'm still at the boobs that argued Darnold should stay in school.
  5. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    Too bad he won't last 7 seasons
  6. Baker Mayfield meeting with Jets Brass(yesterday and today.)

    I imagine Chris and Woody will appreciate Rosen's personality the most ... Darnold's maybe second.
  7. Can a #3 overall QB in Rosen

    Tom Brady never gets injured, is going on his 19th season with no sign of decline. Rosen is one kick in the head from eating with a bib and his career hasn't begun yet.
  8. That hit on Mayfield would give anyone a concussion. Here's a hit that knocked Rosen out of a game: Notice the pass protection. Rosen had enough time to eat a cheese calzone lunch special. Whichever team drafts Rosen will set the record for most commercials per game. Every time he takes a hit trainers will be on the field.
  9. No, you're wrong. I reacted to his. Don't you have any schoolwork?
  10. I said that after your BS to correct you. If you can't follow a discussion then you shouldn't participate. You are completely lost because ... you lost. I also told you to watch road games because that's where he mostly struggled. Look, I like Rosen. He has a fabulous arm, a fun personality, and his politics don't bother me. The way I see it, Dump will be hauled away in cuffs when Mueller is done (hopefully before Sept) and Woody will rethink his political image, not Rosen. The fact he couldn't win on the road and threw 8 picks his last 8 games isn't great, but those things are fixable. The one thing you can't throw tens of millions of dollars at is his fragile health. We need that money on the field. That's why Mayfield looks like our only choice. Now grow the f–k up.