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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Thought about Denver but think Elway will get Darnold. The second part is pretty much guaranteed.
  2. Baker Mayfield

    Prediction: Mayfield to Miami, Pittsburgh, or Buffalo. Lands in rehab before training camp.
  3. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    It works both ways. Bowles needs a truckload of vet superstars delivered to his door and plug-n-play draft picks from every round. Anything less is a failure by Macc. Don't you read JetNation fan forums?
  4. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    That logic only applies when prosecuting Macc
  5. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    Translation: draft picks/raw talent doesn't remedy bad coaching
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    With 33 secs left in the half leading 14-0, Pats fight from their own 7 to get in FG range and nail a 62-yarder before halftime. Jets would've had McCown run the clock out at :33
  7. Any links? Sperm sure couldn't find any. Happy Valley is the brewery/restaurant they (Bowles included) ate at after the workout. The story is posted.
  8. Selflessness ... ultimate team player ... but Cannizzaro forgot to mention how McCown's contract is rigged to keep Hack and Petty off the field. McCown is paid an extra $125K for every game he plays 50% of the snaps (max $2M) ... plus another $5M tied to postseason incentives.
  9. Makes you wonder how dumb he'll be with an NFL-sized bank account. If he can't get his act together while auditioning for the NFL, will he ever? As a QB talent on the field I think he'll do well somewhere.
  10. Sure, if you ignore Rosen's redzone INT that cost UCLA the game. Last night showcased Rosen better than Darnold (Rosen threw 52 times to Darnold's 28) but anyone who watched all their games knows what Darnold is capable of. Last night alone doesn't tell the whole story.
  11. Or the new Jernie Rosar in Cleveland
  12. Why would I rep that one post and not others? You even suck at psychology. Never once did I say anywhere that Hackenberg was mainly Bowles' doing or he gave "the main push." If you only knew how to read. My point was, and still is, they were all in on it together, not a one-man show by Maccagnan as you foolishly believe. The claims I actually did make were confirmed by the story, so you’re wrong there too. Your reading comprehension is seriously flawed. And, of course, the Edison analogy sailed over your head ... lol Lastly, you keep referring to what other people think. Do you actually go thru life like that?
  13. Lol ... I flagged it to get your attention – because you didn't read the story that proves you wrong – and it worked like a charm. No, your typical 80,000-word rectal splooging is the message board version of masturbation.
  14. Edison developed ideas and made them popular and commercially successful. It's the correct comparison. BB didn't invent Tom Brady, he developed him to super stardom. Also, he had the smarts to do so.