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  1. Here comes another deep pass and gift flag for NE
  2. He had Enunwa all alone in the endzone and missed a hittable Pryor for an easy TD. Those are throws he normally makes in his sleep so it's not asking for too much. The first pick was a terrible read. Definitive winning plays were there to be made despite the excuses mentioned above.
  3. Darnold left two TD throws on the field and gifted Miami a TD after the first INT. Take away those three Sam mistakes Jets win 26-13. Take away two of those mistakes Jets win either 26-20 or 19-13. Bottom line, Sam did more to lose than win today. Or enough to lose and not enough to win.
  4. He clearly grabbed it back. Didn't know you can strip the ball after it's down. Blown call.
  5. Darnold can't time his throws properly when there's no pocket to work with
  6. Bleh. Looks like a 70s gas tank off a Rupp minibike
  7. It's a spy cam on one end, a deflator needle on the other
  8. I thought f**k Detroit, that's all they get. Let's pound the living crap out of them. This team plays like they believe for real and #14 is the reason. I was actually bummed Detroit scored another point after that. The throw had the wrong arc. Should've launched it up higher and farther down the sideline to where only Powell had a chance. Not sure if anyone noticed but maybe it wasn't a pick-6 at the 19:
  9. Plus white shoes. A heartfelt salute to Namath and SB III. They looked too cool to not win last night.
  10. Lions have nothing but a gift pick-6 and here's how close it almost wasn't:
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