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  1. Yes the great defense that lost twenty point leads against the Steelers and the Pats. They were ranked 24th in the league when he became starter in the middle of game 5 that year. But the donkey s had teh 30th ranked running game, so that helped.. gtfoh
  2. Doesn't matter they hadn't whiffed a division title in seven years, and the brass said Orton was more of a winner, they were wrong. The stats say they had a one point eight percent chance, Tebow came through in the clutch and won some great games against worthy opponents, get over it.
  3. Except that was make believe as in "in a movie" Bill Superfoot Wallace retired undefeated, he fought kicking ONLY with his left leg as his right leg was useless for kicking from an accident. He had more contacts with his one left leg, than his opponents would with two. Undefeated. period. Wallace>>>>>> Norris
  4. I am basing it off the rankings at the time.. Look, I watched this kid from his start at college to watching him thread the needle on every team he faced...He will eventually do the same in the NFL. Watch.
  5. Bill *Superfoot* Wallace>>>>>Chuck Norris (in his prime)>>>>>Segal
  6. Yes he did suck it up pretty bad at times, aside from the usual *Tebow fan* litany of bullet points about the people he was stuck with during his "first start(s)" he still took a team that had the 24th ranked defense, and the 32nd ranked running game, and a 1.8% chance stumbling into the playoffs.. and there is a QB in there somewhere.
  7. If Tebow had been given a chance to start last year, he would have won the starting job, just like at Denver (even though THAT coaching staff said he sucked) and then JETS FO would have been trying to shop Mr. 8.5 million dollars at the combine. For what its worth Tebow is 10-7 / 2753 yds passing, 17 TDs 9 ints 901 yds rushing and 9 rushing TDs all the while his coaches said he sucked.. btw, compared to Geno Smith in college (even though college doesn't count) Tebow went 26-2 his last two years in college and engineered an NC, routinely throwing for over 3 bills against every top team in the country..with I think three ints over that span..it was unreal how his stats were.
  8. To whom would you suppose a willing trade partner would be found , pray ...tell ?
  9. Doesn't everyone feel ripped off by people in Jets garb ?
  10. The pats dont want him because he ****s around every time he catches a ball.. plus he didn't make the Brady test, other than that he is an excellent acrobatic receiver perfect for a dipsh*t like Mark to throw to .
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