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  1. Oy!


    Tebow beat worthy opponents.  Ok.


    Beat Miami 6-10 in OT

    Crushed by 10-6 Detroit 45-10

    Beat 7-9 KC with a 2-8 performance.

    Beat 8-8 Jets

    Beat 8-8 Chargers

    Beat 3-13 Vikings

    Beat 8-8 bears

    Crushed by New England 41-23

    Crushed by 6-10 Bills 40-14

    Lost 7-9 Chiefs 7-3.


    His only notable win was against the Steelers in the playoffs and soon after that he was crushed again by New England.


    He came through int he clutch, because D and Special Teams ke[t them in the game long enough for him to get his $hit together.

    Yes the great defense that lost twenty point leads against the Steelers and the Pats.


    They were ranked 24th in the league when he became starter in the middle of game 5 that year. But the donkey s had teh 30th ranked running game, so that helped..


  2. Only, in the division. 


    They averaged more points with Orton (20.25) than Tebow (18.54).  While they did average more yards, their defense started to play better and it is no coincidence that their schedule became very easy.  The two teams they faced with winning records destroyed them (e.g. Lions 45-10 and Patriots 41-23).  They beat a bunch of teams that finished 8-8 or worse.

    Doesn't matter they hadn't whiffed a division title in seven years, and the brass said Orton was more of a winner, they were wrong. The stats say they had a one point eight percent chance, Tebow came through in the clutch and won some great games against worthy opponents, get over it.

  3. Chuck Norris vs Bill Superfoot Wallace





    Chuck Norris (in his prime)>>>>>>>>>>> Bill *Superfoot* Wallace

    Except that was make believe as in "in a movie" Bill Superfoot Wallace retired undefeated, he fought kicking ONLY with his left leg as his right leg was

    useless for kicking from an accident. He had more contacts with his one left leg, than his opponents would with two.


    Undefeated. period.   Wallace>>>>>> Norris

  4. For starters, I'm not sure I even believe this to be true.  What are you basing this on?  Regardless, even if it is true though, please let me know which one of these you'd like your position to be supporting exactly:


    1.  You're basing this on mid-season yardage totals in a desperate attempt to act like it proves something, while intentionally omitting the circumstances that Tebow stepped in with the Bronco's coming off of a bye week when many teams had not yet had one, and thus there being no legitimate point of comparison in total numbers at that time, only giving further support to the idea that there is no legitimate means by which to defend Tebow's play.




    2.  The fact that the Bronco's rushing game supposedly climbed from last to first in the league while their passing game plummeted to second to last proves how unbelievably horrendous of a passer Tebow is and that the Bronco's so-called "success" was more in spite of him than because of him.


    Because frankly, I'm not sure what you think these circumstances do to counter the belief of Tebow being an awful passer.

    I am basing it off the rankings at the time..


    Look, I watched this kid from his start at college to watching him thread the needle on every team he faced...He will eventually do the same in the NFL. Watch.

  5. LOL.  What are you talking about?  That Broncos team had the league's FIRST ranked running game that year.  Perhaps you're confusing that with their 31st ranked passing game?


    LOL.  What are you talking about?  That Broncos team had the league's FIRST ranked running game that year.  Perhaps you're confusing that with their 31st ranked passing game?

    When Tebow took over, they were dead last.

  6. Probably because he also led the NFL in incompletion percentage, sacked percentage, and -not surprisingly- three & outs percentage. He's certainly got the intangibles package, it's just that his tangibles leave a lot to be desired.

    Yes he did suck it up pretty bad at times, aside from the usual *Tebow fan* litany of bullet points about the people he was stuck with during his "first start(s)" he still took a team that had the 24th ranked defense, and the 32nd ranked running game, and a 1.8% chance stumbling into the playoffs..  and there is a QB in there somewhere.

  7. if tebow is so good , why is he still looking for a job maybe has to do with a QB who can not pass the ball


    If Tebow had been given a chance to start last year, he would have won the starting job, just like at Denver (even though THAT

    coaching staff said he sucked) and then JETS FO would have been trying to shop Mr. 8.5 million dollars at the combine.


    For what its worth Tebow is 10-7 / 2753 yds passing, 17 TDs 9 ints 901 yds rushing and 9 rushing TDs all the while his coaches

    said he sucked..


    btw, compared to Geno  Smith in college (even though college doesn't count) Tebow went 26-2 his last two years in college and engineered an NC, routinely throwing for over 3 bills against every top team in the country..with I think three ints over that span..it was unreal how his stats were.

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  8. The pats dont want him because he ****s around every time he catches a ball.. plus he didn't make the Brady test, other than that

    he is an excellent acrobatic receiver perfect for a dipsh*t like Mark to throw to .

  9. Be it here or elsewhere, Tebow has a "better chance of survival" , etc.. there is still a question about him being in the right

    place with the right system..BUT Mark proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to any sane person by coming in last in the league

    last season and closing his eyes and running into his guard's ass pretty much that he is doing something other than quarterbacking

    an NFL team .. as far as I am concerned.

  10. Why not trade Suckchez for Gabbert?   Ok we will throw in a ticket to the Super Bowl in "our" stadium for the Jags owner.

    THAT is the 8.5 million dollar question..    NO BODY WANTS Suckshez PERIOD..


    This is going to be the LMAO year for the JETS because they will start Mark no matter what, they are stuck with him.


    btw Kelly , Sanchez and Flynn both use the same BS to make themselves believe they can play...its called self delusion.

  11. I don't know what would happen if Tebow was give. "half a shot." What would happen?

    Historically, he wins championships.. I don't count 2011 as "half a shot".. that was a joke, he looked awful at times, completely out of

    character for his playing ability.  I think if he had *playing* time with the starters, he can make something happen ..how far, here ? Who knows.. the JETS won't deal with a complete rebuild it seems, and are happy just careening into oblivion ..

  12. The problem is that almost all people who evaluate QB talent feel that he has shown how badly he lacks the basic skills necessary to consistently win in the pro game.  The basic line is that he was a great college QB, (which does not necessarily mean a great pro QB), who took over for a journeyman who couldn't move the Broncos, got the team to believe in him, and went on a Cinderella run.


    Once that magical wonderful two month run was over, most coaches think his lack of passing ability will assert itself and they'll just have to start over and look for someone else.

    The problem is that a lot of the people who evaluate QB talent are idiots, like they have Drew Bledsoe as starter when BRady is on the bench... or they evaluate Mark Sanchez as the new golden boy with 15 college starts and no conference championships.. 


      If you're going to evaluate QB talent, you have to be a little more aware than just a Madden fan,   Look at the 49ers.. Harbaugh knew what he was doing by taking pocket boy out and sticking Kapernick in ..Look at the Seahawks, they had a perfectly expensive pocket boy waiting in the wings.. Matt FLynn.. (a lot of people around here want that loser to come to the JETS) and he didn't get to be starter, he lost it to a *read* option guy.. Wilson.


       Guess what ?  Rex Ryan is clueless about offense. Marty is still stuck in the dark ages, and the JETS offseason moves are just non existent.  Ego's are what is going to keep the JETS from advancing until they get rid of RR and his entire mindset of ME ME ME ME ME

    first, then the whole team and franchise is going to stay in the pits.

  13. NUTS.


    Tebow ran one of the fastest offenses that ever existed in college.. and I refer to college, because the NFL refers to college, every year at draft time...   They are scouring the underbelly right now looking for a Manning or a *traditional* QB, those who are looking are usually leftover has beens that never made anything happen when they played the sport, so now they are scouts and coaches.


    Tebow ran a spread option offense, the same one that Urban Meyer took to OHIO state recently and would have been in the BCS game against Bama had it not been for NCAA DIV 1 probation issues.. Of course they don't run the spread option in the NFL do they..well you better tell the Seahawks and the 49er's and the Redskins, because they are one step away from the spread option..the same empty backfield that Tebow ran against the JETS in his last game AGAINST them when he was with the BRoncos..  The only problem with the current QBS that run the *read* option as opposed to the spread option is they are as good as Tebow.


    Tebow can throw, sure he had some ugly games, but it wasn't just Tebow that produced those ugly results.. he had no support at all, they tried NOT to start him, the same as the JETS are, but for different reasons.. it sure as hell wasn't because the kid couldn't play.. Tell me another backup that will take a losing team and make the playoffs with a 1.8% chance ?


    You watch the JETS blow this.. all because Woody is a moron that shouldn't be an owner, and RR is a retard who is going to struggle getting a DC job when his ruination of the JETS is complete.  Mark Sanchez was never ready, he got thrown into it, and took the bait, now he is exposed as afraid of being hit, period.. 


    Tebow will probably wind up behind Stanton over at Arizona, and get the starting job about week 4, and the JETS will look like idiots again.

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