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  1. My main point in regards to Harvin is he has always *felt* like someone else was keeping him

    down...even at UF.

    Methinks he came to UF (with the standard issue championships hype that became reality this time) hoping or counting on getting center stage, or at least an equal share of center front.

    Not many things will drive someone to assault and leaving a winning team, and it has reared its ugly head again.

    Percy has suffered (after Favre retired/humiliated himself) under Mcblab, and now his hopes and dreams of being higher on the lists are hanging on an FSU QB that like most paper tigers coming out of the NCAA these days will last about 8 months... Christian Ponder, and Leslie Frazier... No offense, but Frazier isn't taking the Vikes anywhere north... sry, it ain't happening.

  2. Since when in sports has there ever been a direct correlation between hype and talent? Tebow's NFL career is the perfect example as to how much greater a person's hype can be than their actual ability. I'm not even getting into the debate of which was better, but the point is that you need a little better reasoning than whichever one was given more of the credit. Any Jets fan should be able to give an endless list of examples supporting that.

    I know where you wanna go with this, I am new.. so it is time to be cast upon the heap of "Are you really a *any Jets fan*" flame... olol...

    I still maintain that no one can overshadow someone, unless they are better.

    The world isn't that big, I don't count hype.

    Now that Percy Harvin is gone from UF, and Tebow is gone from UF, we can count their numbers.

    Tim Tebow wins.

    when they were both there, Tebow won... He scored more, and he won the Heisman and Harvin left for the draft.

    I don't measure hype, and Rex Ryan doesn't measure hype, regardless of opinion, money is money..

    btw, I disagree with the statement "QBs get all the credit or all the blame" , maybe from someone who has no

    interest in the game, but not from a football fan...so those people and anyone who thinks like them , don't count..

  3. I never saw Spurrier...but I did watch Tebow and Harvin...and Tebow never won without Harvin.

    Have you ever noticed how QB's get all the credit and all the fame? I have. And I'm not taking anything away. Chris Winkie was a great QB, great but Peter Warrick was that team. Chris wins the Heisman, gets all the accolades, but Warrick was that team. Hands down. I guess the Heisman voters never took notice to Peter Warrick? I think the Harvin and Tebow conversation is very comparable.

    Everrybody loves the QB, but there were lots of non QBs voting during the year Tebow won the Heisman, and Percy got some votes..

    He was *overshadowed* by the better player, just like the next year, Tim Tebow was *overshadowed* by the better player..

    Your statement though, "Tim never won without Harvin" is absolutely incorrect.. Harvin did play a huge role, no doubt, and he capped on his

    ability by leaving college early and getting the best deal he could, and also getting more attention.

    Harvin is an attention whore, period... He wasn't getting it at UF, so he went to the big league, and he got it for a while.

    He is a great player, but especially I disagree with him being a great Gator, he abandoned the team in my opinion.. not a team player at all.

    Tebow could have entered the draft early, and he was tempted...and chose not to. Good for him.

  4. I just guess I am having a hard time understanding how someone is overshadowed by someone who is not *as good*, to you, in terms of the greatest such and such of a certaing team.. It doesn't make sense.

    No one can overshadow someone unless they are better.

    In MY opinion, Steve Spurrier was always the best Gator of all time..He was the first to bring home what was then the championship, and he did it

    in style, also..doing his own kicking.

  5. Why are you quoting "not as good"...who said that?

    Heisman's are cool, Championships are better.


    Actually, he's bent because he's quite the opposite. He was only on the field for 52% of their snaps.

    Oh I thought you said that Harvin was better between Tebow and him...

    still, even with 52% appearance, his production was better.

    Hey, just think how good Harvin could be, if he actually got everything he wanted...LOL. He was bent at UF because he thought he wasn't getting credit for his efforts, and he has the same issue now.

    Percy is HOF, in my opinon..IF he could find a way to stay in the game...

    I watched every game Harvin played at UF, and even the ones he didn't play in... I was in the Swamp the day he wore a Gator uniform in a RS game the first time, and the last.

    I guess it is a matter of opinion, but Harvin is NOT the reason the Gators won their last two BCS trophies..He played five plays in the game against OHIO, scored on one carry. Tebow scored with a passing TD and a rushing TD. The UF Gators scored 41 points that game, Percy accounted for one 4 yd TD.

  6. Percy Harvin was the reason the Gators won 2 National Championships. Dude was unreal. He average 12 yards per touch. He's the best player I've ever seen in a Gators uniform he was just overshadowed by Tebow who couldnt win a title without him.

    How can someone "not as good" over shadow someone ?

    Did the Heisman voters not see Harvin playing at all ?

    Tebow threw for almost 5 bills his last game in the NCAA. Percy was in Minnesota.

    (He rushed for one too...Percy was still in Minnesota, and had a headache.)

    Big headache. Beat the sh*t out of a couple of his teammates one of them so bad the university feared civil repercussions, punched his WR coach, choked a conditioning coach, smoked a lot of weed, couldnt finish his senior year in high school because he assaulted a ref...jyou know, nothing major.

    Still not as bad as Newton.

    Percy's prob now is the same as when he was in Florida, he wants the good stuff, and he wants hit now.

    He is bent because he is the workhorse, and is getting paid less than the packhorses are...I would be bent too.. The Vikings better get some good bud lined up for Harvin or they will be watching him take an Excedrin on someone elses sideline.

  7. I guess a good answer to the OP question would be... How unlikely was the last JETS SB win ?

    Was the defense a "once in a generation" defense ? No.

    I think the key element in the last SB win was determination. It was special determination.. It was determination derived from an unlikely source... the source wore a houndstooth fedora, and he brought tears to Joe Willie's eyes the day he died.

    Joe Namath won the last JETS SB... I don't think the day before they won, that Vegas would have favored Joe Willie over Johnnie U.. The Colts were supposedly the best football team that ever existed at the time.. very similar to the pats legacy now... lol.

    The problem the JETS have had for too many years has been they eat themselves and their young... I am hoping there is a revitalization of football and less business in Florham Park in TC...

    I believe if everyone on the JETS believes, and the fans believe, it can happen.

    All it takes is two or three prominent individuals to be ***wipes and no, we won't play in January...on the other hand, all it takes is two or three prominent individuals to be believers and ballers, and yes , we will get our chance for a helmet catch like Eli did.

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  8. Yeah, I just found out. I thought Rewind meant that right after the game. Its hard to not find out the outcome until the following day. Its still good though, there's a few other teams that I want to follow this year. Cam, Griffin III and Alshon Jeffery.

    I *thought* the Coaches Film was part of the package, but it was only on certain plays last year and since 09 when it started.

    I am kind of surprised, I thought just about everyone who was an NFL fan had Game Rewind.

    Until I got the NFL package from my sat provider, I lived on GR. In fact, I think I liked it better without NFL LIVE... I could go fishing on Sunday, and watch every game through the rest of the week..

    I spend more time on Game Rewind than anything else. You can watch every player, every play, over and over, 10 sec backups, or forward, no commercials..it is really sweet.

    They have effectually doubled the price since last year... It was 40 bucks for everything, now its 70 and 40 for just the season without the playoffs.

  9. Been watching Game Rewind since it was made available..a while back, and the coaches film has always been a part of it.

    Not sure what this difference is supposed to be.

    My renewal always comes at an odd time, and I have to pay a full subscription just to get the last two months before the

    new *release* or whatever this is, so I can watch games on vacation... I can hook up my laptop to most displays

    put it on full screen and voila, football 24/7/365.. all the games, any game, with no commercials.

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