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  1. I had to just stop for a minute when I first read this...

    BB probably considers it a losing season when they don't win the SB.

    Just because the JETS haven't been back in almost fifty years doesn't decry the value of that trophy, it doesn't matter how you rationalize it.

    YOu play with what the rules and the environment offers...and you play to win, every time.

  2. Tom -- Rex won't be fired. Marty will also be back next year. Stop be soooooo negative.

    I know I am stupid but I agree .. Woody is the ..hate to say this.. *key*.. He doesn't know football, so it takes him a long time to figure out what is going on. He has been played by Rex, he *believed* in whatever his staff was doing this year, until it was blatantly obvious it was a disaster.. All he knows is what Tannenbaum and Rex told him..period. He is too scared to even try to empty the bag and start over, and with the no out contract they have with Marky Mark, he felt *comforted* keeping at least RR.

    By years end, he will start to put together what happened, and keep the new GM and go in a different direction.. whatever Izdik can come up with ..

  3. I have full faith and confidence that neither Tim Tebow nor Greg McElroy will be on the 2013 New York Jets roster.

    I admit, I have much less confidence that the Jets will aquire anything more than a bag of slightly used and as yet unlaundered jackstraps in exchange for Mr. Tebow.

    Still, addition by subtraction.

    Actually , the last few years in JETS land has been subtraction by addition.. it's not looking good, if Woody and Rex are trying to infuse more of Rex Ryan's "personality" into the team.. I'd keep my socks on as much as possible if I was in that locker room.

  4. Exactly. After Jacksonville declared they weren't interested his trade value basically became nothing. Very likeable kid, I wish we either hadn't gotten him or at least used him once we did. Stupid Jets. I wish him well.

    Really.. really ? Jacksonville is the end game of any player they aren't interested in ? How long have you been following this sport ? He's "likeable"..He kept the Tide out of the championship game a year or two..and exposed the JETS defense with like 8 starts in 2011 ? If the JAgs said anything other than .. "I don't see a scenario where Tebow is a Jag" it would have been tampering.. and more than that..What team, coach, GM , owner is going to announce they are interested in ANY player.. FA or not.. ? That is like telling the guy you want to buy a car or house from how interested you are in it..

    Think of this sport at the pro level as real estate.. You have to be some serious stupid to say to the world how much you want a player if he becomes available.. BTW, if you actually believe in what reporters say, based on what GM's don't say.. Why then , is this not the general tenor of this thread : "How much could we get for Tebow ?" .. or " Does this FO really know what it is doing, trading a QB that got a team into the playoffs more recently than Mark Sanchez ?" The proverbial *word on the street* is, unless you haven't heard, is the NEW YORK JETS are looking to TRADE Tebow, that means he automatically has value , according to people who get paid BIG bucks to manage teams.. not what some reporter thinks, or what some BAma fan thinks..

    Damn. This ain't rocket science..

  5. Even better. Then what is the rush to cut him? To sign FAs they don't want to sign before they can sign anybody? I was going off the first post, the "news report." I thought they meant he was getting some kind of a bonus for being on the team at the start of the league year, rather than just counting the cap savings.

    They aren't looking to "cut" him.. Izdik wants to trade him..according to the *rumor*. Rumor.. HA HA HA ..

  6. I have full faith and confidence that neither Tim Tebow nor Greg McElroy will be on the 2013 New York Jets roster.

    I admit, I have much less confidence that the Jets will aquire anything more than a bag of slightly used and as yet unlaundered jackstraps in exchange for Mr. Tebow.

    Still, addition by subtraction.

    Oh yeah, Tebow sucks...that is why the JETS are a mind boggling mess. He will be kicking ass before you know it..The JETS fans are going to be seriously calling for blood soon, and Woody will be more than just a dumbass that is head over heels in love with REX..seriously ? Damn..you guys need to step outside the box and look around.

  7. Wait.. .the Jets didn't let Tebow have a chance because they didn't want to bench Mark? Then why did they start McElroy? Confused.

    You're only confused because its comfortable there.. you know as well as anyone with a brain that Gmac was a failsafe in that situation.

    I love these numbnuts articles about the whole fiasco, especially the one about Sparano not feeling confident in Tebow.. Sparano is about as stupid as the day is long.. amazing it took this long to expose that phony ass bs artist..amazing that he ended up on the JETS coaching staff ? Not really, Rex is the ..and I say this only as a point of reference, head coach of the team....

    Bottom line is, the JETS are staring at a nightmarish scenario when the owner can't spot a disillusioned (to put it lightly) coach, who is content to let them celebrate 50 vulkan years without a SB appearance.. it's insane. The best thing Woody could do is hire someone else to do his job, someone who can make decisions that aren't laced with dysfunctional interests in personalities..

    Rex MAY have been a decent defensive mind, just based on his family history..but that ain't gonna cut it when it comes to being a head coach. The numbers don't lie, and when it comes to evaluation of players he damn sure can't be used as a viable source of information..unless you think whatever BS he is going to feed the media/fans about Mark starting and playing the full year in 13 is real.

    So to answer your question.. Do you really think Rex has the ability to make a clean decision ? I don't.. and the split tongue pundits don't have to be honest about anything in referencing the JETS activities, because who could trust anything the owners or staff says.

    The worst part in all of this, is the people that made "changes" at the end of the season are still here..and they aren't credible.

    I should have just answered "you're kidding right ?" You have to be..

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  8. So we lose $1MM in cap money if we wait until March 12th to cut him? What about March 11? if so, maybe someone does want him on the cheap (salary and pick wise). All it takes is 1 team that wants dibs and I dont really believe that JAX is out. If that GM said anything it could be considered tampering. Tebow will be at least a back up QB on a roster bext year, book it.

    San Diego is one, Rivers is Romo ver.2

    Arizona.. no explanation needed.

    Jax ... as per the usual "Tebow who ?"

    Philly also. there are a few teams who have wtf QBs taking up space currently.. the JETS are in lock down with the 8 million dollar buttfumble man.

  9. I don't think there has to be a leak. It's just the press figuring that the guy is due a bonus. We all know Jason Smith is getting cut. We have a pretty good idea Scott and Pace are goners. It doesn't take an insider to know these things. Get confirmation from the mailroom or janitor. Just like Sanchez staying. People aren't leaking that he will be on the team - we just know it because what else are they going to do with him? Costs too much to cut/too big to fail.


    The same reason they didn't let Tebow get a chance.. Then they would have Markatross sitting around collecting cap space for nothing, ironically, he will be doing the same thing even if he starts.

  10. Likely landing spot in Adam's mind..

    No reasonably intelligent GM will even hint he is interested in a player likely to be dealt at this point.. that would be nuts.

    Just because Caldwell said something like he doesn't see a scenario bla bla bla ..doesn't mean squat, even though I don't think Jax wants him..nor would I, as a Floridian with lots of family in Jax, and a long time Tebow supporter want him in Jax, it is a train wreck along the lines of Tampa bay.

    Yeah, Tebow posted a under 50 completion percentage, and 125.6 PER against the Steelers.. in his first playoff game, no ints, threw for over 300 yds. the JETS blew it, and they continue to blow it. Wonder what kind of trade value Ol Buttfumble has ?

    Not much if he comes with a 8 mill deficit.

  11. Fenelon is a dumbass, who else would even repeat the stupidest thing I have heard about this teams performance, Mike T is the scapegoat for Woody the insane owner, and his crush on Rex.. Tannenbaum wasn't on the turf with Cromartie, what a idiotic idea that Tannenbaum affected Marks buttfumble moves..

    The biggest dent the JETS took was Revis and to a lesser extent Holmes.. Sanchez of course will start every game this year, they got away with it this season, who is going to stop them from starting him this year, the new GM ? He has all but said he is going to take the heat for every stupid thing Woody and Ryan have to cough up as reality, which by now, every JET fan that has ever lived should realize is the problem.

    The JETS have a tight window to make a SB before the 50th anniversary of there last one, its a damn shame that these guys have their heads so far up their ass they aren't even concerned about it. Woody will be trying to figure out if next years changes were "exhaustive" or not...or if what he is saying *sounds* like an NFL owner.

    He would be well served to hire someone to be proxy owner and gtfo of dodge for a few years and maybe something like a team will develop. Sanchez traded whatever potential he had for banging washed up hags and teenagers, only the most warped staff would think he could turn it around, and the new GM is going to be a yes man for Woody.

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  12. The question that will have to be answered by teams looking to draft these pistol QBs is, if they break a leg and lose a few ticks off the 40, can they throw it well enough to compensate? RGIII can. Kaepernick can. Manziel can't. I don't know enough about Bridgewater.

    Got a little inside info from you ...which is just what I learned sawing people's knees out and putting titanium back in it's place..

    RG3 is done. He won't last another full season..if you think those were some hairy leg bends last year, his first...just wait, it will be in HD too. Shanahan in turn will be done also.

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