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  1. More smarter than you and you're smarter than John Elway and a league full of talent evaluators(other then Mike T) who say he's not an NFL QB

    You guys always want to cite that only no one wanted Tim Tebow.. at that time of the year not many teams are shopping, bud. ..If what you say is meritorious...then tell us why only four teams wanted Peyton friggin Manning. ?

    Is Manning 1 so bad that only four teams wanted him ??

    Tebow hater. Tebow thrives on hate. Keep it up.

  2. Ask the Steelers if they can still believe they lost to him?

    I would bet to a man that is the most embarrassing loss of their lives.

    btw, you aren't in lonely company...

    All Ohio State fans hate Tebow.

    All Oklahoma fans hate Tebow.

    All FSU fans hate Tebow.

    All Bama fans hate Tebow.

    All Chargers/Raiders/Chiefs/Steelers/Jets/Texans/Dolphins/ and more fans hate Tebow.

    You just happen to be a sorry worthless cheater that hates Tebow.. guess what he could care less how much disease you want in your body from all that hate..and cheating. Why don't you go back to massaging Brady's cod sack and dreaming of the new cheats BB and co. have dreamed up ?

  3. And what does this have to do with him being an NFL QB? Nothing.

    He was a great college player. A perfect for Urban Myers offense, but he is not an NFL passer.

    The Broncos with their sparkling 24th ranked d had a 1.8% chance of making the playoffs.. with the addition of even a raw ass rookie with no FO support whatsoever, and hardly a receiving corps to write home about, Decker..the return man from '10, and D. Thomas.. had some of the worst, ugliest games ever, but when they opened up the offense and just let him game, BOOM.

    When some smart coach figures out what or how or whatever in the **** makes that kid tick..it will be katy bar the door, and you know it..

  4. PKFISH is a career Tebow hater....guess he's not ready to admit Tebow was one of the best college players EVER

    If he uses draft position as a sign of quality he probably would have scouted BRady differently.. who has z ****in ro NCAA Div 1 records.

    Tebow has more determination to be a successful NFL QB than ten other NFL qbs combined, at least. He has put off everything in his life other than saving souls etc. , to do just that..and he looks fairly well positioned to make a decent stab at it.. better than most. I don't see the wires lit up about LEftwich or whoever is backing up Brady..

  5. he'll find work in the nfl...but ,

    not as a starting qb. seriously.

    cheers ~ ~


    The one absolute constant in Tebows lurid past is that everywhere he was won titles and awards was exactly where he was told, and his parents were told, and it was commonly put forth that he *could not do it*..

    They said he couldn't play high school football.

    They said he couldn't be a high school quarterback.

    They said they wouldn't win the state title.

    They said it wouldn't work in college.

    They said he couldn't win a championship in college.

    They said he wouldn't win the Heisman because he was a sophomore..

    They said he wouldn't be drafted in the first round.

    They said he couldn't win a NFL starting position..or win an NFL game.

    You are in a large contingent of people that say things about Tebow.

  6. So?

    If he was a hot QB draft prospect, he would not have gone at the end of the first round and be considered a reach when he was drafted.

    There are a thousand Timmy Changs and Casey Keenums that have NCAA records that never made it in the NFL. Why? There college talent does not translate to the NFL.

    This was your original quote: "He was never a good passer...even in college."

    Everything after that, and the fact that you are a pats fan to boot makes you, in my book, an idiot.. I didn't read anything you wrote.

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  7. He's a QB with a unique skillset that has been highly touted by at least some sources. You and I may not agree with that analysis, but all it takes is one coach out there who thinks he can make something of Tebow. You really think anyone is going to give a sh*t what the Jets did with him in terms of their evaluation? Like I said, it could be minimal, but considering that the Jets were one of two teams willing to offer up what they did for Tebow last year, you really think some team won't be willing to toss a 6th rounder out there for him? There are QBs out there who have had much larger sample sizes of their sucking who have managed to garner something in a trade. Of course it's possible a team could just wait it out, but declaring there will be absolutely no interest there seems a tad over the top. Again, this is still the QB position we're talking about and in the NFL, you have to be Jamarcus Russell bad to not have at least one team out there interested in giving you a shot. Matt Leinart is still in the league for crying out loud.

    If Byron Leftwich can find work in the NFL.. Tebow should be able to.

  8. Why?

    He was never a good passer...even in college.

    He was never quick...and is know heavier.

    And a team with a horrible QB situation went with the 3rd string instead of going with Tebow.

    Like with Sanchez, why would anyone wnat to trade for him? Wait it out and he will be free.

    And as far as his value to other teams as a QB, this is not a player for whatever reason has not gotten his $hit together. Again, he was not considered a good QB prospect coming out of college. He has only re-enforced that with his 14 starts over two years. In an age where rookies are coming in ready to play, why would a team wnat waste practice tim eon him in the hopes he might become a decent passer someday when he has not done anything in 3 years?

    You're an idiot... He still holds 4 NCAA Div 1 records with his arm..

    His last BCS game he was 31/35 with almost 500 yds in the air against a div 1 conference winner, Cinn Bearcats..

    He has 14 SEC passing records unbroken..

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  9. I think that's what people don't want to accept. Everybody loves to say "The Jets see Tebow in practice everyday and know he can't be an NFL QB" but they ignore the fact the same coaches see McElroy in practice too and proceeded to not suit up the guy in 13 out of 14 games. I don't get the decision at all. Even when Tebow was hurt and wasn't going to play, they didn't suit up McElroy. On what level does that make sense at all?

    It seems the last two games are throw away games.. Ryan knows he's out, Tanny knows he's out, and they never wanted Tebow around in the first place. So start the kid who you never bother to suit up. It's the who cares at this point instead of lets see what we have philosophy. And for whatever reason, they really can't stand Tebow and if Tebow wins, the media would have a field day. If he loses, it's already assumed he sucks as a QB. McElroy, win or lose, nobody cares.

    should they deal McKelroy in the offseason, or not ? Are the two drives he had *Tebow moments* only, based on a pissed off crowd and a team that was through with Sanchez long ago, that obviously played twice as hard for him ?

    The rub still lies in my opinion, that the same baffling principles that guided the decision to keep Sanchez in the pocket are still being used to put Gmac in.. There also has to be the other issue that Tebow is not comfortable playing the type of offense suited to Sanchez, and it is near impossible (unless you are Harbaugh) to switch between the two offenses..or Sparano and company can't see through his shades propped up on the bench in his location. (On a side note, I don't think dumping Smith for Kapernick was as much an dump on Smith as it was a dump on conventional offenses into something more of a hybrid option offense)

    Seattle, San Fran and the Redskins are all using a suitable offense for Tebow.. Sanchez and any other pocket only passer would get crushed (even more) trying to run a spread option offense..

  10. Not sure what he's supposed to say at this point but I'd love to know who is really making the decisions. How much of Mark and Tim was forced on him. Clearly Tim was, there is no doubt about that...but even with all this blind loyalty to Sanchez, you got to wonder if he wanted to commit to McElroy weeks ago but got resistance and was forced to play Mark.

    Wonder how Rex would look if he put TT in and he actually rejuvenated the team ?

    (hey Rex you idiot why not sooner?)

    My question if Rex knows so much (provided he really is making this decision, which I don't think it is..its Tanny) how is it that this decision is so much more informed than the one he made to keep Mark behind center weeks beyond its worth...?? He was an idiot then, and he still is.

    Gmac has what seven plays under center in the NFL ?

  11. rumors from beat writers a month or so ago was that Woody pushed to bench Sanchez and start McElroy while keeping Tebow as Wildcat. Tanny/Rex argued against that and pushed to keep sanchez. maybe Woody needs to grow a bigger pair.

    What happened to Rexees secret sensai ?

    Woody should stick to being a humanitarian and hire someone to run the football thingy.. someone smart enough to dump Tannenbaum, the core of the issues of this team lie in his lap... cap expert my ass.

  12. IF GMAC gets 2 wins and saves Rexey/Tanny their jobs, he gets disowned by me mon. jets should play tebow, they paid him 2.5M let him earn it, deactivate nacho though

    If he shines the next two games, he will increase the value they get when they deal him in the off season... its in the plan. Snatchez starts next year. Tebow to Arizona.

  13. how do you explain all his come from behind wins last year? magic pixie dust?

    Tebow does fine when the offense is more like what the Reds and the 49ers and others are using now.. He will always looks stupid trying to run

    the putrid offense that Mark is limited to.

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