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  1. But it was Yahoo, mon..

    What has ruined football is the owners, and below them.. the schools.. hear me out.

    Football is now OWNED by a group of people , who decide when and how it is played..when it was owned by the people, mon.

    Football didn't originate with a bunch of billionaires and school administrators getting together and devising a scheme to make money..but that is what it has devolved into.. I guess coaches and football players are easy to manipulate.

  2. That was my first thought but this idea probably increases action, considering all the touchbacks in the NFL now, rather than decreasing it. I'd prefer that reasoning over the desire to eliminate high speed collisions.

    Want to eliminate high speed collisions ? Take the carbon fiber helmets away.. and use something that reminds the players not to lead with their head.. maybe put a nose ring in the helmet so if they lead with it, it tazes them ?

  3. Winning games against the dregs of the league worse than us

    It's football.. amazing, isn't it ? This could get real exciting..actually.

    BTW, Chargers and Titans suck.. they can't beat the JETS, unless Mark gives them the game on a platter..

  4. I will hereby refer to him in the future as RexJoke. He is just burying McElroy for making him look bad last week. He fully expected Mac to be terrible and that this would shut the fans up once and for all. The benching is his revenge. As I said: RexJoke.

    Makes sense, he won't play Tebow, since he ran that TD last year against the JETS.

    That's a terrible nickname and McElroy didn't really impress either. The only thing he did was not be Sanchez. You could have put a goat back there and people would have been happy.

    ten or so snaps and he is the mckelgod ?

    JETS fans...

  5. I love that reference. Clearly in such a high skill set sport like football, playing longer, and watching the game longer, means you are better. This is why I have heard you are next up for coaching the Jets. I keep reading in the paper "fan that has played football for long time, wants Tebow, and will lead Jets to victories".

    When I first started watching football in 1996, i knew it was a long road for me to catch up to great fans like that dude that thinks Cotchery is the best receiver in the NFL and yourself. I figure, once all of you old guys start dropping dead, that I will have the insite to proclaim Tebow the next great QB.

    Tebow is not only the best QB in the NFL, but he is also the best person in the country. I cannot wait for this realization to become even more main stream.

    Actually that was well thought out, but you're barking up the wrong tree.. I don't portend to know anything, but I am entitled to have an opinion, and it's okee dokee too if I have to point out to whomever the key board jockey is on the other end, that I am not some complete idiot.. in regards to the game.

    Thanks for piling on.. cool, doesn't change my opinion one iota.

  6. IT is hilarious.. no matter which way you slice it..


    The Holy One approached Mark and knelt beside him. He was out of the battle as well, a rib splintered, like Adam. Mark used to fear the Holy Man, but now he felt a kindred bond had grown between them, as though they shared a mutual loathing for the McElroy boy.

    “Can you remember yet?” The Holy One asked him.

    {No. That’s not it. No, he was one of mine. A New York man. I crashed into the buttocks of one of my own.}

    “Not quite,” Mark conceded. “Though I believe it will come soon.”

    The Holy One nodded. “Bingo night at my place Tuesday night. My niece is coming. Is that cool?”

    “Yes. Yes, of course.”

    {And the ball… it came lose…}

  7. This is really funny...


    "He watched from the sidelines as the battle continued to unfold. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t out there with his men. The other inactive soldiers were being tended for fractures and head wounds. Mark was ready to get back to the front of the vanguard and march against the troops from the kingdom of Arizona, when Maester Ryan told to “sit his creampuff ass down.”

    {I took the snap.}

    Ryan had put another in his place instead, a young boy from house McElroy, in the south. A green boy, and a foreigner, Mark thought with spite. I’d seen two championship games before he’d flagged his first cabbie, I’d wager.

    {I looked to hand to a runner. He should have been there, I swear it to be true. Yet he was not.}

    Yet inexplicably, there were the patrons of the arena, a hundred thousand strong, roaring their approval for this unproven stranger. It was a familiar sound to Mark, and a warm sound, though he couldn’t recall the last time he’d heard it.

    {Panic overtaking me, I took off for the goal line.}.. "

    The rest is hilarious..it is actually two accounts or stories in one.. told simultaneously.

  8. In case you haven't noticed, the only one here arguing against the idea that the main thing the Bronco's needed last season was a QB is you.

    I distinctly recall several people on this forum saying that the kicker, the defense, and Marion Barber was responsible for the Broncos success.... after game 5.

    Maybe you weren't one of them..

    It was the QB, and had Tebow been the starter with the first team sooner, they might have had no reason to go to Manning, we will never know...and it wouldn't have been the first time talent was missed by supposed great evaluators .

  9. Slander? Seriously? Wow, you obviously have some serious issues. Seek help.

    Turns the team around? They went 8-8. Was the team overall more successful with Tebow under center than Orton? Sure. That still doesn't make him a good QB, just as the Jets success early in Sanchez's career doesn't make him one either. Keep in mind, the Bronco's offense was also setting league marks for incompetence with him under center as well.

    What exactly do you think you just proved here? That the primary reason, beyond all else, for the Bronco's struggles last year was their QB play? Congratulations, I don't think anyone here is arguing that with you. It would seem that you are admitting that the coaching and other offensive talent wasn't the problem last year.

    You've done one hell of a job proving yourself wrong, way to go! In case you haven't noticed, the only one here arguing against the idea that the main thing the Bronco's needed last season was a QB is you. That's why the Bronco's went out and got one this offseason and are much better off for it.

    You most certainly did, right here:

    So I guess we can add blatant lying to your bag of tricks.

    Because I see the end of Mark's ability as the leader probably occurred around the time you see a key player leave the huddle (kicked out whatever) that means I am a liar.. ok. I probably have it wrong anyway..He was NEVER the leader..if he was ever the leader, he sure didn't hang onto it, as a real leader would....

    You really get off on calling people names on the internet , don't you..

    So, I guess the only way to contend with you is how most people probably do.. GFY.

  10. You're so busy with your slander and idiocy as usual to see the point.. You got a two year unsupported guy turns the team around.

    You got a MVP SB winner who made that offense great.. with the addition of Jacob Tamme and Stokely whom Manning has

    had considerable playing time with.. He SHOULD have them perched at the top of their division..or they would look REAL bad.

    It is obvious to anyone, except someone who has an agenda..that what was there when Tim took over was in need of a QB.

    the rest was tldr, I didn't fabricate anything.. you fabricated it for me. thx.

  11. What, Holmes leaving the huddle and the entire team turning on Sanchez because of it isn't the same as Holmes starting sh*t with Sanchez in the huddle and the rest of the offense actually having Sanchez's back and subsequently tossing Holmes' ass out of the huddle isn't the same thing? Of course, I wouldn't him to expect to know what happened as I have no doubt the only Jets game he ever watched prior to this season was last year's vs Denver. The guy is clearly not a Jets fan, he's a Tebow fan.

    I was playing flag football when Joe Namath was the QB on the JETS, but you're right I am a Tebow fan. Sorry for ruining your JETS party. I remember my dad making me the designated remote control on Sundays, before cable. You are far more superior for being a long time JETS fan, that is for sure.

    I have only watched from afar on TV..and certainly not as MUCH as you.

    You probably have some special sway with the mods, with your reference, maybe I can get my named changed to remove the JET part.. say to just South.

    You're right I don't know what happened, doesn't that seem odd the truth is obvious about the team absolutely NOT wanting Sanchez to be taking snaps ?

    "What is any of this supposed to mean? What's been proven this season is that the supporting cast who you people try to blame endlessly for Tebow being an awful QB in Denver is good enough to be one of the league's best offenses."

    I haven't held anyone accountable that wasn't accountable, for any of the kids issues or failures..MY point was Orton was left in place, because he won out in the offseason, and because he "gave the Broncos the best chance to win" and that wasn't true.. when they started the year off 1-4 a repeat of the year before, they finally changed the QB. It happened to be Tebow..oh no.

    MY point was, insert Tebow, better team.

    insert Manning, way fricking better team (with BRandon Stokely and Jacob Tamme)

  12. i had an exchange with another Tebow fan who said that his ribs weren't broken. do you believe that too? I think there's a good chance Tebow would be the Qb now for jac game, if he was healthy. but I believe the news that he still has 2 broken ribs and you can't run people over timmy tebow style with fractured ribs.

    THAT probably is a good question.. out of all the factors regarding the rib injury, I am not sure which one is more likely.

    I think I will go with what is being reported. The conspiracy theories always seem to involve otherwise reputable *others* that count, as in doctors and the like in this case, and the more advanced the theory, the more unlikely it becomes.

    Another quirk I think that plays in here is TT has a history of playing through injuries, so that might factor in to the published truth or what conspiracy theorists want to surmise.

    By the way, I don't think he actually fractured ribs..I have worked a lot of trauma, and fractured ribs as in motor vehicle and such fractured ribs prohibit normal breathing for a long time.. I guess it's possible his metabolism would build up the kind of calcium deposits that return that area to normalcy in a three weeks, but it's unlikely.

    It's my understanding he had very contusion like fractures, hairline ..what have you, visible on MRI or CT..not so much on xray unless you're looking real hard. A real live rib fracture where the bone is broken and you likely have a pneumothrorax going on is a completely different story..It takes quite a jolt to break a rib.. I have had several.

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