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  1. 2013 starts with great news to this Jet fan---I own 2 dogs they are part of my family -If the Jets signed Vick I would have abstained till he was gone.
  2. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/01/28/ranking-the-2012-offensive-lines/4/ Our so-called skill players are the worst.
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  4. Kyle Boller Im sorry.

    I want to apologize to Kyle Boller for comparing you almost 2 years ago to Mark (the franchise Killer) Sanchez . Sorry Boller you are much better. I blame Mike Tannenbaum more then Sanchez---Sanchez is what he is, a bad NFL QB --Tannenbaum is a bad GM for resigning this guy.
  5. Jets Get Destroyed By Fans

  6. Francesa, Simms- Eli

    On Francesa's Sunday show Phil Simms wanted to talk about his comments that Eli Manning wasn't an elite NFL QB, but fat mike declined stating there wasn't enough time ---for a month during his Giant's bad streak all the sleeping fat F#@%k has been talking about is the Jets. F hypocrite .
  7. All I know is in 1984 the Jets traded Todd to the Saints and got a number 1 draft choice (which they wasted of course)---the Jets would be lucky to get a 3 - 4th rd draft choice for Sanchez?---id take Richard Todd over Sanchez any-day and I hated F-Todd---Mark Sanchez has made one of my great joys in life--watching my New York Jets---UNWATCHABLE ---I know the team as a whole isn't the greatest BUT Sanchez is an albatross on the whole team -even the defense -Back when the team was in the playoffs Sanchez still was a hindrance ~we should have made the Superbowl at least once !
  8. The Woody Johnson Problem

    Johnson is a scumbag ----for another scumbag like Parcells not to want to work for him he must be a skank.
  9. Jonathan Grimes

    The Texans liked him he must be good -due to injuries he might play Sunday http://www.tribeathletics.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?&db_oem_id=25100&id=870499&DB_MENU_ID=&SPSID=606208&SPID=80810&DB_OEM_ID=25100
  10. Burgess Owens 82 yard kickoff return-October 28, 1973-- This was the Jets' only TD scored on a kickoff return during the 1970s
  11. The Jets Drafts From The Past Five Years

    unless we get real lucky and get a real good QB that can keep the Jets competitive with mediocre talent things will be getting pretty bad around here for a while.
  12. NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month for September

    With this team as it is now -w/this QB who I think is the worst in the NFL- we will be lucky to win another game this yr.
  13. NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month for September

    I hope you guys are right----
  14. Its not Coples--its Jones of the pats who we passed on! Lets face it --we have dysfunctional people who pick dysfunctional malcontent players who suck! http://sportsillustr...0938/index.html
  15. It was 10-0 midway though the 3rd period---the defense could hold the rope just so long---Sanchez makes everybody on the team worse physically, mentally and spirituality