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  1. 2013 starts with great news to this Jet fan---I own 2 dogs they are part of my family -If the Jets signed Vick I would have abstained till he was gone.
  2. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/01/28/ranking-the-2012-offensive-lines/4/ Our so-called skill players are the worst.
  3. I want to apologize to Kyle Boller for comparing you almost 2 years ago to Mark (the franchise Killer) Sanchez . Sorry Boller you are much better. I blame Mike Tannenbaum more then Sanchez---Sanchez is what he is, a bad NFL QB --Tannenbaum is a bad GM for resigning this guy.
  4. On Francesa's Sunday show Phil Simms wanted to talk about his comments that Eli Manning wasn't an elite NFL QB, but fat mike declined stating there wasn't enough time ---for a month during his Giant's bad streak all the sleeping fat F#@%k has been talking about is the Jets. F hypocrite .
  5. All I know is in 1984 the Jets traded Todd to the Saints and got a number 1 draft choice (which they wasted of course)---the Jets would be lucky to get a 3 - 4th rd draft choice for Sanchez?---id take Richard Todd over Sanchez any-day and I hated F-Todd---Mark Sanchez has made one of my great joys in life--watching my New York Jets---UNWATCHABLE ---I know the team as a whole isn't the greatest BUT Sanchez is an albatross on the whole team -even the defense -Back when the team was in the playoffs Sanchez still was a hindrance ~we should have made the Superbowl at least once !
  6. Johnson is a scumbag ----for another scumbag like Parcells not to want to work for him he must be a skank.
  7. The Texans liked him he must be good -due to injuries he might play Sunday http://www.tribeathletics.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?&db_oem_id=25100&id=870499&DB_MENU_ID=&SPSID=606208&SPID=80810&DB_OEM_ID=25100
  8. Burgess Owens 82 yard kickoff return-October 28, 1973-- This was the Jets' only TD scored on a kickoff return during the 1970s
  9. unless we get real lucky and get a real good QB that can keep the Jets competitive with mediocre talent things will be getting pretty bad around here for a while.
  10. With this team as it is now -w/this QB who I think is the worst in the NFL- we will be lucky to win another game this yr.
  11. Its not Coples--its Jones of the pats who we passed on! Lets face it --we have dysfunctional people who pick dysfunctional malcontent players who suck! http://sportsillustr...0938/index.html
  12. It was 10-0 midway though the 3rd period---the defense could hold the rope just so long---Sanchez makes everybody on the team worse physically, mentally and spirituality
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