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  1. Get a grip, dude. Better yet, get a thesaurus.
  2. Well, he might be the target but that doesn't mean he'll catch much. The NE offense with Garoppolo and that "starting" OL (nobody who started on that line in 2014 or even at the beginning of 2015 will play tomorrow) looked pretty inept against starting opposition Ds in preseason. They were dyn-O-mite against scrubs, though. Unfortunately for the Pats, the Cards will undoubtedly play their starters until the game is safely out of reach.
  3. You mean Brady is really concerned that Garoppolo might take his job off a 4 game starting stint? Seriously? I can't believe that. Brady being jealous of the coaching staff spending more time with Garoppolo than with him seems much more likely than Brady being fearful. Insecurity isn't a trait likely to be associated with a successful NFL QB who's considered "a legend in his own time". Only being a Bills fan, I can't claim to have personal knowledge of the inner workings of the mind of the exalted Tom Brady, but he's always struck me as an arrogant ass. Entitled, too, Afraid? I don't think so. BTW, among my peeps, the beer and wings make the party.
  4. If Garoppolo isn't ready for the season, it's because he's a crappy QB (which I happen to think is true) not because of Brady. My guess is the NE fans who are saying this are a handful at best as most on Patriotsplanet apparently assume that the NE offense won't miss a beat with Garoppolo. These fans have probably watched NE's starters with Garoppolo at QB struggle against other teams' starters and are looking to make excuses for him. I don't think that Brady's worried about Garoppolo taking his job at all; I think he just expects to first.
  5. Really? If he was so good, why did he end up playing in St Louis last season? If he was so good, why was he released by the Rams and finally wind up as a backup OLB in Indy (http://www.endzonescore.com/indianapolis-colts-signing-akeem-ayers/45037) .
  6. So Belichick's tried it before and failed. Maybe he should have learned from his past mistakes.
  7. I agree. When a team wants to move a second round pick after only 1 season and 2 TCs, that smells like a bust. When a team wants to trade the #6 player taken in the draft just four years before, it smells like another bust. NE used to trade for established players who might be on rebuilding teams looking to gain draft picks (Welker, Moss) to fill needs. Now they're trading for busts hoping for some magical improvement to fill their needs ... and at the last minute, too. Methinks all is not well in Cheatriot Land.
  8. You mean Bryce Petty. Kyle is a retired NASCAR driver who now does NASCAR broadcasts. As for Fitz, when he was with Buffalo, to paraphrase how one of his teammates described him: "Harvard in the meeting room, Alabama (or whatever the player's college was) on the field". If Fitz had an NFL quality arm and a bit less determination to make things happen all by himself, I truly think he'd be one of the best QBs in the NFL. When he's forced into "gunslinger mode", bad things happen. He needs a stout defense and good running game to have success, which he seems to have with the Jets, much more so than he ever had with the Bills or any other team he's started for.
  9. Do you think that the police in State College -- in the entire state of PA -- would NOT have gone to Joe Paterno FIRST with information that one of his assistants had been accused of a sex crime? I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I think that the cover up of these allegations went far beyond the PSU athletics department. I think that a lot of important and powerful people chose to ignore rumors or evidence that pointed to trouble at PSU over the years. I think a number of these same people actually knew what was going on and kept silent about it. Maintaining the reputation and prestige of Penn State, especially of its legendary football program and coach, was more important than people's lives.
  10. The only reason that this happened at Penn State rather than at Nebraska or Alabama or Wisconsin is because Sandusky was hired to coach at Penn State ... and Paterno's program was so successful that Sandusky remained at PSU for decades. In a less successful program, Sandusky would have been cut loose much earlier and then hired on elsewhere. What's a few little boys or freshman coeds getting raped compared to winning a national championship? They're essentially "collateral damage". I attended Nebraska in the early 1970s at the beginning of Tom Osborne's reign. As a starving grad student, I "tutored" football players for 1 semester before deciding that starvation was preferable to participating in the crass and calculated exploitation of young men who were just thrown away like so much garbage after their eligibility ended or they were too seriously injured to play again. It's why I follow the NFL but not major college football, and am glad that my alma mater stays safely mired in Div III.
  11. Brady is still excellent. From what I saw of Garoppolo in preseason, not so much. Most of his positive stats have come while playing against opponents' 2nd and 3rd stringers. He's looked pretty dismal against the first stringers of such well-known defensive powerhouses like the Saints and the Bears. My guess is that, at best, Garoppolo is very ordinary. Can an ordinary QB get the ball to Gronk, Edelmann and Amendola as often as Brady? I think that the NE passing offense requires more accuracy and consistency, not to mention leadership, than Garoppolo's shown so far. I definitely agree about the OL. I can't see it being all that good with either pass protection nor in the running game. Vollmer is hurt and is likely to go on IR for hip and shoulder issues, so he's not going to be around for a while if at all. That leaves Solder at LT as the one quality starter left. One of their guards is a rookie. Their center is a recent acquisition IIRC since their starting center, Stork, apparently has health issues (he failed his physical after being traded), although the original story was that he was traded because of his lack of discipline on the field. The right side is a journeyman guard and now whoever it is replacing Vollmer. It's a patchwork unit that the Pats are hoping their old OL coach can improve (he came out of retirement), but the reality is that while coaching can get the most out of the talent available, it can't create talent where it doesn't exist. Instead of a unit with high draft picks and Pro Bowlers that was the Pats OL a couple of years ago, it's now a unit mostly of journeymen and subs.
  12. Smith wasn't really all that great of a QB at WVU, either. He relied on his WRs to corral his wayward passes. He didn't make WVU "better", he just seemed to go along for the ride. When WVU got a big lead early, Geno shined, too. When they got behind or in tight games, not so much.
  13. The last time I looked, Fitz was a ginger, too, albeit not nearly as gingery as Dalton.
  14. Except that he hasn't done very well in preseason compared to his competition, one an unknown third stringer and the other a rookie. IMO, if Sanchez isn't cut, it will only be because the Donkeys figure "better the devil you know than the devil you don't". IOW, he'll only stick because the alternatives are so bad.
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