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  1. Mark Sanchez To The Eagles

    Watch him kill it in philly now
  2. Sidney Rice has interest from Jets

  3. In an interview he said his like favorite qb was Brett Favre. Idk I kinda see the same throwing style in him. I think he looks better then Johnny football ateast
  4. Statistical Breakdown of Geno Smith

    Statistical breakdown of Geno Smith He sucks The end
  5. Does winning out save Ryan's job? Even if the D continues to play this badly? I mean if Rex is all about defense and they aren't playing well. Why do we even need him?

    This team looked horrible against a horrible Raiders team. If we played a good team they would of put up 100 points.
  7. God I hate Holmes

    I think Bryd had 8 targets that game too and he only had 2 catches. So Holmes is comparing himself with Genos favorite recever that game
  8. This one? Those are stats from last season didnt say anything about yards just that he only had 4 Tds ... I think Jason hill had 3 Tds just saying not very impressive. And the other was a wiki of Super Bowl 2004 which was ten years ago - "decade" = 10. All I said was Steve smith should shut his mouth a worry about this team And I have know idea what you were tryin to point out
  9. And that was how many years ago? plus I don't understand posting his stats from last season were he had like the same amount as Tds as Jeff Cumberland
  10. I don't think Steve smith should be worrying about mark Sanchez throwing him the ball. He should be worrying about trying to make the playoffs sometime this decade
  11. Oh man Geno completed passes with practice players against practice players "instant starter" Mark Sanchez somehow completes passes with practice players against NFL starters "worset qb ever" I dont see how its genos job to lose. Im pretty sure they are going to go with whoever is the best QB and sorry to say to some of guys but thats deff Sanchez. As much as you guys keep thinking only about this last season, im sure John idzik isnt. New year new team Since that was probly the worst jet team iv seen take the field in a long time and it had little to do with what qb was taking snaps
  12. Banner looks good

    I wrote this b4 they put him on the banner because i wanted him on the banner... and i got my wish and yes he is in the HOF
  13. The Rookies are in the House

    Uhh a touchdown is worth 6 points