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  1. Where is everyone going to on Saturday night? It’s my final weekend as a bachelor. I eschewed a bachelors party to hang with people who bleed green. Thx.
  2. I won tickets to go to the combines on Saturday!
  3. It took me a week before I saw the video. I never listen to the "Sports Dope", We just went through six very tough opponents and our record is 1-6. Maybe we should be 2-6, but we are 1-7. This gives us a variance of -1 over on our expectation. The "Sports Dope" is ragging on this...Child Please. In his eyes his team should be 7-0, yet the record is 3-4. His variance is -4! He should gouge his own eyes out...like I said...Child Please We knew our secondary was weak going into the season and picks on that, I'm surprised he had his eyes opened on that low hanging fruit. Now he getting fans to buy a billboard ad for $10,000. Stop It. Stop empowering the dope! I hope he is actually intellectually honest because in the next four weeks, his broadcast buddy who has a weekly call in with him on Mondays will be quarterbacking against four very tough qb/teams...IND, SEA, SF and DAL (combined winning pct of 66%). I would want him to speak as passionately about that team as he is about the Jets. I'll never will find out since I don't listen to the dope.
  4. The "blackout" rule prevented the NFL from scheduling games on Fridays and Saturdays between the second Friday in September through the second Saturday in December. Whilst the NFL and the networks can negotiate a gentlemen's agreement regarding blackouts, now the NFL can schedule games on Fridays and Saturdays. This will hurt local high school and college sports. This will be an example of unintended consequences.
  5. Neil Glat, president of the New York Jets, mentioned a Jets themed restaurant will be opened in Long Island and a special club
  6. I will be at the Draft for all three days. I've be going to the draft for over twenty years. I do DVR all three days to see if I made it to the TV. I also try to listen if my J-E-T-S chant is audible.
  7. I though the reason was to keep the NFL relevant for every month in the calendar.
  8. Just received this text from the NY Jets: 2104 preseason opponets announced: WK1 vs IND, WK2 @ CIN, WK3 vs NYG, WK4 @ PHI
  9. Spread sheets doesn't work. So I will summarize: Opponent strength: NYJ-18-37 OAK-19-36 BUF-21-34 SD-22-33 CLE-23-32 KC-24-31 JAX-25-30 PIT-27-28 CIN-27-28 IND-29-26 MIA-30-25 TEN-30-25
  10. The team could really use our help now. We are only two games behind from a playoff spot with five to go. The Jets have the easiest schedule from the twelve teams seeking a playoff spot. TEAM WINS WK.13.OPP WK.14.OPP WK.15.OPP WK.16.OPP WK.17.OPP TOT OPP STR NYJ 4 4 2 4 4 4 18 OAK 3 3 8 1 3 4 19 BUF 4 2 4 6 5 4 21 SD 4 6 6 3 4 3 22 CLE 3 3 1 5 8 6 23 KC 1 3 3 3 7 8 24 JAX 2 4 4 5 8 4 25 PIT 6 9 4 5 6 3 27 CIN 6 4 5 3 6 9 27 IND 7 4 4 10 1 10 29 MIA 5 8 8 2 4 8 30 TEN 4 10 7 4 7 2 30 The data is accurate as of Week 12. With the Colts playing Texans twice more, maybe, just maybe we can secure a number five spot.
  11. The brothers from www.tailgate32.com will be stopping by MetLife Stadium on 12/2/12. These guys are creating a documentary on tailgating in all 32 stadiums this year. They are looking to film Jets fans and their tailgates this Sunday. To get their location of the tailgate, follow @tailgate32 with your twitter account. To understand their scope, go to their website and watch the twenty mini episodes and let's make Jets tailgating the best of the NFL tailgates. Full disclosure: I have contributed to the production of this film.
  12. Anyone here running this race? http://www.nyrr.org/races-and-events/nfl-back-to-football I don't want to be a green dot in a sea of blue.

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