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  1. TnT

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    Pre Dynasty... I weathered the storm Hopefully the same can be said about the Jets one day!
  2. TnT

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    Met him during spring training when he was with the Yankees. He was so horrible, all he did was ground (and try to beat it)out back then...after like 3 ab’s of this the whole stadium boo’d him. After the game we would all go to the parking lot gates for autographs...he says, “only the kids, the kids don’t boo!” I boo’d him and still got his autograph. I was a little a$$hole, I asked Fred Tolliver if he was Roberto Kelly. 🤦🏻‍♂️ oh yeah, and F U Brien Taylor!
  3. TnT

    Best photos of new unis

    Looks good. Hopefully with a new look, good things to come.
  4. Robby lived 3 miles from me...it’s not impoverished. I think he just writes how he talks.................he talks terrible.
  5. Salute, HBD young Sir
  6. TnT

    Gronk Retires

  7. There’s a robbing Indians joke here...I’m gonna leave it alone.
  8. TnT

    Siemian to Jets

    This is a good move in just the fact that we didn’t get Sanchez alone. Great job Macc
  9. If you pay 20 dollars a month for GearsTV, you’ll get access to every sports channel and ppv. It even comes with an additional app called Mayfair Pro that spreads it out like a TV guide. If interested dm me, i’ll can send you pics of the set up...greatest thing I’ve ever done...ya know, besides the wife and kids thingy 😂
  10. Bro, pay 200 for a nvidia shield (best streaming device, BY FAR) and pay 20 dollars a month to GearsTV...you will get nfl, nhl, nba, and mlb. plus PPV, all hbo, all starz, Max, etc 300 stations from US and Uk Kodi capable as well i sound like an advertisement, but I’m just 1000000% satisfied with my setup
  11. I think it’s really key that Gase and LevBell are both Spartans...an exceptional talent like LB 100% riding for his coach being an example for his teammates and them following behind can lead to some magical sh#t. I hope they work out whatever kinks in the offense/team early and consistently improve...this team (players/coaches) has Cinderella story capability ALL OVER IT. The kind that the national media eat the F up.
  12. TnT

    Bell interview

    I’m downloading this F’n guys mixtape.
  13. Two words...Lev Bell, B#TCH! I’d say “see ya in the SB” but we already know Cousins gives you no shot. 🖕🏽
  14. I’d rather have Frank Clark

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