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  1. Brian Jordan...very underrated athlete. Yeah, they probably started including it in the contracts.
  2. Greatest RB I’ve ever seen. A human cheat code.
  3. OP way too long, forgivable... quoting whole post in reply, UNFORGIVABLE!!!
  4. Minus Wetting the bed against Buffalo (Mosely injury) Dolphins (we beat 15 out of 16 weeks this year) This team should be 6-5...not that lowly
  5. Enjoy your lifetime transpo on Greyhound young fella.
  6. If Baker were an old overweight HC, he’d be Rex Ryan.
  7. D7195581-3C54-4FD1-B501-12D63FDE6DD8.mp4
  8. Forget CTE, If he grew up in Liberty City on the streets he’s probably got PTSD.

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