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  1. Muhammed is most likely NOT celebrating Christmas .
  2. Lol, I almost feel like I shouldn’t even have to say Manish...but MANISH!!!
  3. Remember when Mo money Mo problems was the ever patient saint waiting like a good little soldier for his contract...well he got it and showed his true colors. C’est la vie Mo
  4. Why this scumbag is even let in the building makes me wonder, ”whos back is he shaving?”
  5. But...But Casserly And Wolf said..............
  6. Baker Mayfield

    mayfields jersey # would be 4185389-6. guy really needs to work on his initial burst and keeping a lower center of gravity. Goes down way to easily. weeping after poor performances may also be an issue with him. Dont really have a problem drafting as long as we draft another shortly after for insurance , ala Griffin/Cousins.
  7. Feel bad. Wouldnt wish injury on one of our players. But 3-4 games back would’ve been better timing. Let these young ?’s play. Get on with the moving forward or moving on.
  8. Million dollar question: Does Cade McCown fumble or throw an INT?....or three straight sacks?
  9. Alright!!!! Cade McNown time!!!
  10. The conspiracy is, if he doesn’t get the ball to his receivers at certain times...he’ll remain the best player on offense if they can’t contribute. Somebody call Jesse Ventura!
  11. I don’t blame McCown...he shouldn’t even be a starting QB
  12. TD! ok, INT time McCown!
  13. How did Moore’s helmet come off?
  14. Roberts turn to get dishragged