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  1. Pat McAfee is f’n hilarious. Super good watch
  2. Jamal’s Twitter has been pretty quiet as of late...no shots, no subliminals, no complaining....while Im sure he may feel some type of way, he sure isn’t publicly. Which means he or his agent are feeding this directly...and ok, maybe. I just get a really bothersome strong feeling that some media are filling in the gaps and making assumptions. It appears that there is a lot of narrative steering going on. It’s almost as if they want a trade because.., “sameolejets” and stuff. “Jamal wants to go to Dallas cause he’s from there and now Ravens are in the mix cause they gave ties with JD and why wouldn’t he trade with his ex’s?!” THE SH/T REEKS OF SPECULATION. Jamal is a great young player. A tad overrated at a position of not the highest priority, but his name gets said A LOT and, “he MUST be the greatest safety to ever put on pants cause Stephen A. and Shannon Sharpe say so.” Id just hate to see him go because they aren’t communicating behind the scenes enough. But if the price is right and it’s in our best interest...it won’t be the first bout of heartburn this franchise has given me.
  3. Wait...I don’t see an option for...”moneybacker”
  4. America has been in a decline ever since the craze of wing restaurants has passed us 20 yrs ago...they used to be everywhere!
  5. I absolutely can NEVER respect a man who had a Justin Bieber haircut and was 15+ yrs his senior. NO NO NO!!!!!!!
  6. I know, I was just a little cranky from being hungry when I wrote that. The trip to Hooters has since calmed me down. Have you noticed that Hooters has changed their wings? Like, the quality AND size has lessened. It used to be the wings went perfect with the sauce and it’s just different now...that place has seriously dropped off cliff...in more ways than one.
  7. Go read the post about him selling placebo pills to capitalize off of a global pandemic and get back to us about whether or not he’s hate worthy.
  8. memba before Darnold how lots of folks on here were like, “you draft a QB every year until you hit the jackpot and then keep drafting one every year after...best case scenario is to get lucky and select some serious trade bait (like the pats), or a reliable backup that can step in and not give you that hopeless feeling.” You mean to tell me that drafting a “contributing player” over the next two years in the 4th round pays more dividends then a possible solid backup QB in 2 yrs for the following 2-3-4 yrs ORRRR a 1st-2nd-3rd round pick for a team that may get wet in the ass for Morgan (the alleged way some scouts and teams were). We are way further away from being a successful franchise than a “contributing player” STFU! People need to learn the difference between a good gamble and bad gamble. Percentage and probability folks...the same equation that there isn’t one employed GM posting here. Thanks,..I’ll be here all week.
  9. Thank you for posting the actual article because I’ve made it a point not to click on links for NYDN. This guy would much rather us go 5-11 than 11-5 and he creates false narratives to cover up for his missed false narratives. Divide and conquer. It also appears that if he’s not being fed inside info by Bell, then he’s working on it. Gore was good sign for the Jets AND for Bell who was so hell bent on “300 touches” and being “run into the ground“ and blah blah blah. This keeps him fresh throughout the season. We get quality touches when he sits and a good decoy for 2 back shotgun sets. Bell can motion to the slot where he’s had success, especially in the red zone.
  10. Cool story, Manish is a sc#mbag, you can have him.

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