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  1. You don’t get solutions if you don’t ask questions. but yeah, next question?
  2. A competent front office and coaching staff can put the quash on any attempted circus narrative in the media....thats where it’s created and where it’s fueled. Not a SD loyalist, I do feel that he is better than last years performance(s)...and there’s internal value in having an initial 1a, 1b. So they F’d up...you’re ok with riding that fkup til the wheels fall off or finding the best solution from there? Without a team desperate because of injury, whats the get for Darnold right now?
  3. But it’s a stupid idea according to the 10+ successful GM’s on this forum.
  4. This. and if Joe D can’t use the 20 picks in the next couple drafts...as much as I like him, maybe he’s not qualified.
  5. Yup, I think a backup QB that can play to possibly win games in case the other isn’t or is injured is valuable too. I think with a good front office and free agency, we can afford the EXTRA 2nd rounder...let’s revisit this when/if we see where the pick is that we get for him.
  6. Play Wilson in garbage time and blowouts
  7. Haven’t really read much of people suggesting this...it’s usually one or the other. I have read here...on many occasions in the past...draft a QB every year until you have one. At this point, SD is only going to garner MAYBE IF WE’RE LUCKY a mid-late 2nd rounder...if JoeD can’t get us going without that 2nd...as many picks as we currently have, don’t want HIM here. Dont care about the cap...we’re not going to use it all...not my money anyway. Whichever one outshines the other, starts...don’t care about feelings, don’t care about media, don’t care about anything but enjoying my FCKN Sundays again,..cause I’m at the end of my rope with this money machine of a franchise. And that goes for the Knicks too.
  8. Jets fans: “We have so many holes to fill!” Also Jets fans: “Why the hell do we keep signing these one year deals?!” After this election, I’ve realized that HALF the country is filled with morons...no matter which way you swing.
  9. I’m more of a Louie Rankin guy miiself
  10. I understand the hurdles, I do he signs for 6.5 mil....it’s not terribly overspending...adds depth and versatility at S and WLB...AND...he’s good. im just getting that cheap feel man.
  11. ...I get a slight Johnny Manziel vibe from this guy. Sorry, I just do.
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