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  1. And had he reported, the talk this time of year would have been..”how much tread is on those tires” and “nobody wants to pay top dollar for a rb with all those miles on him” He may have ended up adding a year or two to the end of his career by sitting out. Bell might be a jerk, but he’s no AB.
  2. TnT

    Jimmy Graham

    Signing a name like that you might feel obligated to put him on the field at times you shouldn’t... don’t let him take any snaps from Herndon, or even Leggett.
  3. TnT

    Forget about Hunt

    Don’t mind not signing Hunt,... But do mind not doing the due diligence. Bring him in, talk to him, investigate, offer to help/rehabilitate, assign him a sponsor/babysitter at his cost. Perhaps turning around an offender can help eliminate a future victim. Macc is willing to take a personal stance, in regards to doing business. BUSINESS HAS BEEN S#!T. Made up your mind, ok fine, then keep it to yourself, Dummy! People do make comebacks...which may be exactly what Macc might be doing after some of the really questionable choices he’s made here.
  4. He removed some popular cancers in that Dolphins locker room...maybe one too many. I thought the Dolphins overachieved based on their roster the past 2 yrs. Keep him away from roster control. Hopefully he doesn’t become the dominant alpha male in the front office...that seems to be his problem. Decent Head Coach, hate that he is from the Dolphins.
  5. I’ll take that over wearing a player we lost to dolphins/pats/bills etc etc. 99.9% chance I would never wear it again.
  6. TnT

    Packers hire LaFleur

    lafleur laflah eshkoshka
  7. The curse of getting a jersey and the player leaving the following year has been lifted!!!
  8. TnT

    Gase Red Flag

    Thing about that is...he most certainly DOES know more about football than Stephen Ross...he’s no liar.
  9. Remember the good ol days when every QB FA/Release thread like this turned into half wanting to sign, half not...then arguing about it for pages and pages. I heart Sam
  10. TnT


    Man, our D should be embarrassed
  11. I laughed and then realized, I too am a card carrying member of Sams Club and Cowherd is just climbing on the bandwagon.

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