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  1. Allen Hurns Released

    Really like Hurns, wish he could stay healthy. We’ve had some luck with signing players with an injury history. He’s def Worth a look.
  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/are-you-serious-insane-Ni4cpi0uUkd6U
  3. Said to be pretty adequate in coverage. So maybe special teams and 3rd downs.
  4. What position do you want taken in Round 3?

    BPA on offense (excluding QB, FB) or Pass Rusher.
  5. Either Mac knows who’s picking what in front of him, or he’s completely ok with 1 of 3 or 4 QBs avail. So, like the Jets...if Cleveland felt the same way, not feeling the drop offs were significant in 3 or 4 of the QB’s...why not pick Barkley first?.. one of the 3 or 4 will be there at 4 as well. I only think it’s possible because opinions are varying from board to board on who’s ranked where outside of Darnold being everybody’s 1 or 2. Just a thought.
  6. I like DD and all, but who does he think he is,..Mo’Nique?!?! Then they didn’t want you bruh.
  7. Thanks for the heads up man. I agree with you in knowing that Teddy was a special talent before the injury and a pretty good guy. I was fortunate to cross paths and was impressed just by his demeanor alone...I can see why he would gain the respect of a locker room. I’m with you, hope we are fortunate at the end of this year to have the problem of what to do with bounce back Teddy on top of having a flourishing rookie QB. Cheers..and just like your jab...I hope your defense has to carry Kirks crappy play. Lol Dont mind some of the crap you get in this thread...the disease has spread...the Lynch mob mentality sucks...just be glad it’s not something you have to deal with daily. 🙄 Be easy bruh.

    I’m suprised by this one.
  9. I’m not sure I see this as a fit...I do think Ty is a hell of a player tho. Curious to see how this unfolds.
  10. Just to clarify, he does play a different role on D then Skrine, yes? I feel the hate coming hard for Bowles if this doesn’t happen. Lol. He’s coming in at 12-14 mil. I’d like to see it, but not so sure. And if you were HB, would you want to work with your baby momma’s Dad, step or not. Iffy...fingers crossed.

    Has the chick from Good Morning Football always had that bump on her lip?...it’s making me uncomfortable.
  12. Optimism!

    😂 Crush on!