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  1. I laughed and then realized, I too am a card carrying member of Sams Club and Cowherd is just climbing on the bandwagon.
  2. It’s not a download, just press play. if skeptical keywords on YouTube Lions Patricia players upset it’s like the last 6 mins of 12 min video
  3. Compares Jets to other franchises including Giants. Talks on Darnold, McCown, Staff, and Salary cap issues. Rare Feel Good Vid D096EE33-9E0C-448A-A9F5-E73C1591C8C0.MOV
  4. TnT

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    Lev Bell is a gifted RB, Im just not sure I want the Jets to pay him enough money to where he isn’t gonna holdout in 2 yrs.
  5. Who knows. Buff was a playoff team last year...and it wasn’t out of nowhere. This year they’ll be bottom 5...and that’s not out nowhere either. Certainly not gonna defend Buff, but trading McCarron seems to be throwing in the white flag...I mean, was/is he NOT clearly the best option to start while Allen looks and learns. Buff is a dumpster fire right now, giving up for who they deem worthy might be crazy sauce, but it’s not that far fetched, is it?
  6. TnT

    Will Pryor be revitalized?

    Whole post...spot on. QE is a certified beast. The year before last I went and bought his jersey...he has serious potential. And is a great kid. A really big benefit is when you have a wr out a game...like Kearse yesterday...production doesn’t have to suffer. We gameplan to who’s on the field and we still have the ability to move the ball. This is alien, but I like it.
  7. Buffalo clearly tanking Hope for their sake Allen still has a spine next year.
  8. TnT

    Will Pryor be revitalized?

    Pryor is a little better than most people give him credit for...last year was def a down year with his injury. TP’s stride is so damn long, he can do some damage in spots. And with this team, that’s what I see...each week a different wr doing damage. i think our wr’s were underestimated, mostly by our fans here. Of course, QE health was/is the wildcard.
  10. UM Hurricanes Beat LSU!
  11. This reminds me a lot of the Demario Davis thread on JN his 3rd year in. Same critiques.

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