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  1. This guy has CTE written all over him.
  2. Remember that one time Mo “wasn’t worried about his contract situation” , until he became very pissed about his contract situation...and then turned into a scorned b#tch. Good times
  3. These f#ckin guys get free rides home from the league...with no questions asked. What a bunch of a$$#oles!
  4. ...couldn’t have happen to a better guy.
  5. TnT

    Can we talk Flowers?

    Yup, this.
  6. Scenario: Teddy starts, Teddy plays well, Darnold proves by mid/late season he can start and play well. End of season Teddy walks and signs somewhere he gets handed a starting job. Starts all 16 games, plays well. Anyone have an “idea” what we would be looking at comp pick wise?
  7. On a side note...it’s shear brilliance how he got the crocodile to transform into an alligator!!! So there’s that.
  8. Sam “Dick Hammers Grandson” Darnold
  9. The Mrs due date was 4/20. So who TF knows where I’ll be. If I’m lucky, and she’s not...they will begin to induce labor on Fri midnight and Sat/Sun is the day I can be surrounded by 3 and not 2 women until my heart explodes and they enjoy the fruits of my life insurance. Go Jets!
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  11. TnT


    Please stay in here until further notice, @T0mShane
  12. Duhhhhhh! That’s obviously what I meant.