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  1. There is a Redskins joke in here somewhere, yeah...no?
  2. I stand corrected... Thought I had also read in the past that he was a better zone cover corner. Trade for this Beast!!! kidding
  3. Waynes is a zone cover corner. G Williams runs a heavy man cover defense. Square peg, round hole.
  4. Weird, I dont remember reading anything about booze and weed.
  5. 1. LevBell lives 15 mins away from me 😮 2. Short term goal ass B#tches will be caught in less than a month.
  6. Mehta being Mehta. I also clicked on the link...”Gase denies backstabbing Mac”...or something along those lines. Lol, the whole thing was Mehtas skepticism on whether Gase was being truthful about his input and/or influence on Macc’s firing. NO EVIDENCE, NO CONFLICTING FACTS, NO ACTUAL JOURNALISM...Just Mehtas special d bag way of writing that face during an actual conversation when you pucker your lips to the side when you don’t believe what someone is telling you. Real weaselly sh#t. Enjoy the upcoming years and repeated verbal nutpunch while dealing with Gase, Womannish!
  7. Whatever you say,...ODELL!!! 😉😂🤣
  8. Put on weight on purpose to bulk up and then tweaked his hamstring 10 days before combine and still bothered him some at his proday. Hes faster, quicker, and more explosive than he tested. His misfortune is our fortune. Kids a beast.
  9. I was almost expecting to hear the Pats trade their pick to ARZ.
  10. Totally justified. I wanted Allen. I just don’t see the point in criticizing Mac for not trading back if we have no clue what was being offered. I do think Q is damn good DL, and yes if he makes L Will look great...we’ll just wind up paying too much or letting him walk. That Mayfair working out for you? 😁
  11. Soooooo, everyone in here complaining knows what Mac was being offered to trade down, right?

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