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  1. Put on weight on purpose to bulk up and then tweaked his hamstring 10 days before combine and still bothered him some at his proday. Hes faster, quicker, and more explosive than he tested. His misfortune is our fortune. Kids a beast.
  2. I was almost expecting to hear the Pats trade their pick to ARZ.
  3. Pats take happy feet Lock?
  4. TnT

    Quinnen Williams

    Totally justified. I wanted Allen. I just don’t see the point in criticizing Mac for not trading back if we have no clue what was being offered. I do think Q is damn good DL, and yes if he makes L Will look great...we’ll just wind up paying too much or letting him walk. That Mayfair working out for you? 😁
  5. TnT

    Quinnen Williams

    Soooooo, everyone in here complaining knows what Mac was being offered to trade down, right?
  6. Would’ve been there at 17
  7. Yikes...wtf Gruden/Mayock?!?!
  8. Ok Mac, don’t get a doxing.
  9. 2 Bud Lights and 6 Stella’s... if I blow a gasket...Black Label on deck. Lets Go JETS!!!!
  10. TnT

    Tyreek Hill Tapes

    Done DaDone Done DONNNNEEEE.
  11. We need Leonard Williams 2.0 to help improve Leonard Williams 1.0!!!
  12. TnT

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    Pre Dynasty... I weathered the storm Hopefully the same can be said about the Jets one day!
  13. TnT

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    Met him during spring training when he was with the Yankees. He was so horrible, all he did was ground (and try to beat it)out back then...after like 3 ab’s of this the whole stadium boo’d him. After the game we would all go to the parking lot gates for autographs...he says, “only the kids, the kids don’t boo!” I boo’d him and still got his autograph. I was a little a$$hole, I asked Fred Tolliver if he was Roberto Kelly. 🤦🏻‍♂️ oh yeah, and F U Brien Taylor!
  14. TnT

    Best photos of new unis

    Looks good. Hopefully with a new look, good things to come.
  15. Robby lived 3 miles from me...it’s not impoverished. I think he just writes how he talks.................he talks terrible.
  16. Salute, HBD young Sir
  17. TnT

    Gronk Retires

  18. There’s a robbing Indians joke here...I’m gonna leave it alone.
  19. TnT

    Siemian to Jets

    This is a good move in just the fact that we didn’t get Sanchez alone. Great job Macc
  20. If you pay 20 dollars a month for GearsTV, you’ll get access to every sports channel and ppv. It even comes with an additional app called Mayfair Pro that spreads it out like a TV guide. If interested dm me, i’ll can send you pics of the set up...greatest thing I’ve ever done...ya know, besides the wife and kids thingy 😂

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