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  1. Million dollar question: Does Cade McCown fumble or throw an INT?....or three straight sacks?
  2. Alright!!!! Cade McNown time!!!
  3. The conspiracy is, if he doesn’t get the ball to his receivers at certain times...he’ll remain the best player on offense if they can’t contribute. Somebody call Jesse Ventura!
  4. I don’t blame McCown...he shouldn’t even be a starting QB
  5. TD! ok, INT time McCown!
  6. How did Moore’s helmet come off?
  7. Roberts turn to get dishragged
  8. McCown can’t be that clueless, can he? Is throwing the ball away an option?
  9. No, he’s busy missing tackles on special teams
  10. And they’d be 3-4 if it wasn’t for Hurricane Irma
  11. The gay fish could make the switch to the NCAA tomorrow and still only be ranked #8 in the AP poll
  12. We need to protest these yellow flags
  13. Leo wasn’t held or anything.
  14. Doesn’t he know to wait 30 mins after he eats to swim with the Dolphins?
  15. Speilman summons Mo’s greatness
  16. #58 Darron “Bruce Lee” with the Kung fu grip!