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  1. Brian Jordan...very underrated athlete. Yeah, they probably started including it in the contracts.
  2. Greatest RB I’ve ever seen. A human cheat code.
  3. OP way too long, forgivable... quoting whole post in reply, UNFORGIVABLE!!!
  4. Minus Wetting the bed against Buffalo (Mosely injury) Dolphins (we beat 15 out of 16 weeks this year) This team should be 6-5...not that lowly
  5. Enjoy your lifetime transpo on Greyhound young fella.
  6. If Baker were an old overweight HC, he’d be Rex Ryan.
  7. D7195581-3C54-4FD1-B501-12D63FDE6DD8.mp4
  8. Forget CTE, If he grew up in Liberty City on the streets he’s probably got PTSD.
  9. And just like that... Glennon makes his triumphant return to JetNation.com 😂🤣😂🤣
  10. I know it’s never acceptable to wish injury on somebody or like disastrous fatalities or events... but how about a minor to major outbreak of the smallpox virus thus disqualifying the team from play for a year??? Asking for a friend.
  11. Bingo...and it was evident to me the moment I saw they didn’t suspend him right away after the Mayock fiasco. They were following legal advice and seeing what their options were. And they got AB apologizing publicly...that’s self incriminating...should’ve exercised his right to remain silent. 😂🤣
  12. Unless he has history with a HC/GM...I find it hard to believe someone gives him a shot like the Raiders did knowing what we know. He may be TO’d / OchoCinco’d...the NFL might be done with him.
  13. I feel fine, thanks. Just pointing out a fact.
  14. Cracker is pretty insulting. He wouldn’t call him that if he werent white.
  15. Sooooooo, racist comments are ok now?

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