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  1. 30 minutes ago, LockeJET said:

     But the relationship between father and son was often strained. Antonio's parents split when he was young. When his mother remarried, Antonio was thrown out of the house at age 16. He spent much of that time either living with friends or homeless in Miami's Liberty City.


    Forget CTE,

    If he grew up in Liberty City on the streets he’s probably got PTSD.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    Classic Good Cop/Bad Cop management strategy. 

    Don't look at this from a football angle; look at it from the business angle.  The Raiders have been advised by legal counsel on how to behave in the last two weeks so that they could build a paper trail and have an air-tight case to get a disgruntled employee under contract out of the building without spending any money. 

    Mayock "all in or out" and Gruden "I love this guy" is merely documentation on the ways in which the employee was given specific instructions (and was subsequently insubordinate) and was shown compassion and a path to rejoining the culture (Gruden's "the video was awesome") so that the Raiders are the innocent, offended party.

    SAR I

    Bingo...and it was evident to me the moment I saw they didn’t suspend him right away after the Mayock fiasco. They were following legal advice and seeing what their options were.

    And they got AB apologizing publicly...that’s self incriminating...should’ve exercised his right to remain silent. 😂🤣

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