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  1. How exactly do u go 1 game over .500 over 14 games? 8-6 is 2 over. The only lights out here should be your thread starting abilities. U say the season comes down to the 1st 4? Get a grip. So if we go 1-1 and win the next 2 what's the difference if we go 2-0 and split the next 2? 3-1 either way. Your post makes 0 sense.
  2. Only 42, probably heart issues from steroids. Still sad.
  3. Not true, I've heard many in the media today discuss today
  4. Good post. The guy I spoke with guaranteed me I could go from 4 to 2, only if the psl was more. Maybe they have a harder time selling those.
  5. Sorry chirorob, I quoted the wrong post.
  6. Thing is you can't say it's 3 bucks/game. We don't pay it on a per game basis. There's deposits of 10% to pay, and yearly of 400 per year per seat on the 15 year, of 800 per seat on the 5 year. Based off the 400 per year pmt (15 year plan) it's actually 40 bucks a game over the 15 years, hardly 3 bucks a game.
  7. My intentions here are NOT another PSL pro/con debate. Just rather Id like opinions. As some of you know I absolutely hate my seats. I have 4 seats in 202A Row 2. I feel they are just simply too far from the field. I have been kicking around the idea of dropping 2 and moving 2 in one of the goal line sections. The purpose of this thread is not to debate the goal line seat, the mezz end seat or any other seat. In keeping 2 they will let me roll all my PSL payments and initial deposit from 4 seats into 2. The reason id keep just 2 is I can't afford and do not want to get 4 seats for a 7500 PSL each. I was considering this cause I don't want to loose my payments I have made and wanted to keep some form of season ticket. But obviously id be signing a new agreement. My question is this, don't you think that almost 8 years into the new stadium that there should be some decreases to the PSL? Shouldn't something that is facing time decay deprecate like a car? This is whats holding me back. In looking at secondary markets for PSL they all seem to have some deprecation built in based on lower prices. Part 2 of my question is would you PSL owners who either paid 5 year and paid off, or paid in one lump be upset if they did lower based on time decay? At what point will they be forced to lower? in 5 years or so the stadium will be halfway done. (I think this stadium lasts 25 years tops) Buying a full priced one now bothers me, in a few years its like catching a falling knife. What are your thoughts?
  8. Not sure how trying not to overspend on a journeyman qb is like Tebow or remotely close to anything circus like .
  9. No dreams yet , but he's the 1st thing I think about in the morning.
  10. Cue Sar talking about how only fat burping and farting slobs tailgate. And how there should be more non-tailgating lots. And how only upper deck broke non-psl holders tailgate. And how he's tired of walking through glass in the lot and how he's tired of hearing offensive language.
  11. Oooooooohh it burns!! Man that shoe salesman comment really really got your bloomers Bunchy. Did he sell those also? u can call me dumb all u want. But Sar thinking that total attendance means psls are successful is just that. U choose to attack my shoe salesman comment. But if u stop being buthurt for a second I think you'd agree with me that % of capacity is the better indicator. Not total attendance in a city with so many people.
  12. You are so far off base that I'm embarrassed for u. What your pea sized brain misses is that the capacity % is near the bottom, like 23rd bottom. Having a attendance 4th means what to u? There are more people in the ny metro area than anywhere in the country. But the % tells a story about open seats. Basic supply and demand. The supply goes up when the demand goes down. That's why my seats as well as yours are overpriced, psls excluded. There are so many seats available from game to game that they are all under face, thus meaning your regular retail price is set too high. This Isn't complicated stuff here. U like being a sth for status, and laziness , not buying tickets game to game, and parking game to game. Fine, I get it, but there's no value in that, the numbers tell the story.
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