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  1. Why give u perks? U are already the best fan in the building. U made the ultimate commitment right? U paid your 16k upfront. Now u pay almost 6k in tix and parking each year. They got u already. Your too busy guzzling Woodys knob to realize the only thing that makes u special is that u are a sucker. I'm in the same boat as u, only difference is I'm smart enough to realize it. Ur sctick is old sar. U have this wonderful personality on here that u wish u were. Bottom line is if u were Rich u wouldn't try and convince yourself that u love your seats. It's just all u can afford is all. Smart money
  2. Fallout 4 is like crack, all I wanna do is play, I have 15 hours into it already. I get ready for work I play, I come home for lunch I play, I get home i play. This game is ruining my life!!!
  3. U want vip and access to the clubs then pony up for the clubs you wanna be dingbat.
  4. Hey if u like them who am I to say if they are good for u or not. I will say this, row 1 with 0 elevation is rough. U can't see much other then what's right in front of u. U watch 75% of the game on Jumbotron. I sat row 2 endzone for a game last year. Very disappointed. Elevation is necessary in this stadium, but my big complain about the new stadium is all the mezzanine or just way too far from the field. If you're going to go Endzone I would recommend you get it least row 15. That little bit of elevation helps.
  5. Your gonna drop 40k on a pool but considering endzone seats? Skip the pool, buy better seats. Que sar, but endzone is endzone. Weather its mezz or lower. Weather its sars "corner" or not.
  6. Meh, I've sat in both, for the extra$ believe me, yours aren't much better. Actually a 300 level seat 1st 7 rows between the 40s are actually much better than mine or yours. Which is why yours can had tomorrow but the 300 prime are sold out!
  7. U almost fell out of your seat cause u were squinting hard to see the ants that are 2 miles away from the god awefull mezzanine.
  8. If u really were rich you'd have a better seat.
  9. U wanna bring up that because of the psl u would have paid 50 / game more ?U can say that all u want, bottom line is your sh*t seats aren't worth the 125, let alone the xtra 50 per game.
  10. Fair points. I love going Tailgating, and yelling my lungs out also. I have been doing all those things for many years. But u don't need to pay a inflated price, bs psl, or pay full price for pre-season to do those things. For the 171/ per ticket I pay, I'd rather go to 5 games rather than 8 and sit in a good seat, and skip the preseason costs. The things u stated u love about going can be had without a season ticket. So where is the real value of having season tix for a team that doesn't sell out? It does really bug me that when I sell for my sons football game I loose $
  11. Good for u that u like them. I wish I did. Endzone, corner endzone all the same resale value wise. The mezzanine is just too far away from the field to charge a premium price. As far as expensing them, that's cool I guess. Helps u justify anyway. Still have to pay for them though. You u by any chance SARS 2nd handle. I think his seat is on the other side from u. But similar in view and u2 sound the same. i can't believe that pompous fool hasn't made an appearance in this thread yet.
  12. So u are buried back worse than me. I sit in 202 2nd row, and the view blows! I can't get 60% of the face unless it's vs the pats, and by the time I pay the psl off they will be building another stadium. Needless to say the 200 increase has me pissed!! With the psl my seats were 166/ per game last year. Now 171, that's nuts for a seat thAt sells for 80 most games. I'm ****ed.
  13. 5 per ticket is 200 bucks for my 4 seats. Hardly a ******* coffee and a ******* bagel.
  14. My seats aren't worth 125 , certainly not worth 130, what a ******* joke!!!
  15. personal attacks are not allowed here, but I'm sure with a asinine post like that the mods know U have it coming. Jumping for joy? Really? If that's supposed to be funny u failed miserably. What a moronic thing to say! You sir are a world class a$$hole!!!
  16. wrong about what? All I said was u contradicted yourself.
  17. So u say minny isn't that great. And then u say Gb wins going away. Ur credibility is shot. Minny dismantled gb when they played for the division, so how can u love gb but not like minny?????
  18. well then to borrow a phrase from beningo, "from your lips to gods ears"
  19. agree, he's been great, a fan favorite since he's been here. But I'd be worried about an extension. Mac and Bowles know this too I'm sure.
  20. my biggest worry right now is that it's only 6pm and you are already sauced.
  21. it probably wasn't, that's the point. Not really sure why I said that. I guess I figured that since the game matter to us ticket prices would rise. Although after I checked prices since I was looking for between six and eight tickets some of the batches in decent locations did rise a little bit or were selling more .making them a little more expensive. My guess is Buffalo fans might be holding out for a few more dollars hoping that jet fans will overpay. But the prices will go a lot lower headed towards the game.
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