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  1. Geno's not a diva, I go to WVU and one of my pledge brothers is on the football team. From what I hear from him, Geno's a pretty quiet guy who studies a lot of tape. He's a leader by example and only gets vocal when he really needs to, also says he's a confident guy but all this "diva" stuff is just more media fueled nonsense. I see him around campus from time to time too, doesn't ever cause trouble or act like a "diva"
  2. Free Agent Davis Cancels Visit To Jets

    Strip clubs are overrated
  3. Fred Davis Visiting Jets

    Free agent tight end Fred Davis is visiting with the New York Jets on Wednesday, according to Pro Football Central. Davis has been quite the hot commodity on the free agent market in what is a very soft tight end class. Davis has already been courted by the Buffalo Bills, and the Cleveland Browns also expressed their interest in him. All this while he is supposedly in negotiations with Washington to keep him in the nation's capital. Now, Davis is looking into the bright lights of New York as a possible landing spot after the Jets watched Dustin Keller walk out the door to sign with the Miami Dolphins. Rest of the story is on SB Nation, on my phone.
  4. Your mocks are fallacious. My mock is the truth.

    I thought the Tanny commentary was great. Especially the Jets' pick.
  5. Jarvis Jones butchers pro-day workout

    Why would we get an additional draft pick in the 3rd round for drafting Jones?
  6. Jarvis Jones butchers pro-day workout

    Haven't been posting lately but Jarvis Jones size has scared me since the beginning of the draft talks. His medical questions still bother me and his athletic ability is subpar. Honestly, would prefer Dion Jordan, Mingo, or even Ansah over Jones. Sure he put up huge numbers, but that doesn't always translate to the NFL (see Gholston).
  7. Jarvis Jones butchers pro-day workout

    Ogletree is no doubt an ILB in a 3-4 scheme
  8. Ropati Pituitary Pitoitua

    Solid Devito replacement
  9. Which would you prefer at #9?

    Let's say all of these guys are available at 9 which is almost 100 percent impossible. Who would you prefer the Jets take? 1. Jarvis Jones 2. Ziggy Ansah 3. Dion Jordan 4. Barkevious Mingo
  10. No love for RG3?? Dude took a terrible team and made them into NFC East champions. Everyone likes to undermine RG3's throwing ability like Luck is so much better when he was actually one of the most proficient passers in the entire NFL last season. Honestly, give me RG3.
  11. Is it just me or did Luck look like trash against us?
  12. If you could keep 5 Jets (forget the cap, etc.)

    I mean its not just the whole fake girlfriend thing, Manti got exposed against Bama, he looked awful in that game
  13. Any potential breakout guys on this roster?

    I think the simple answer here is Coples, he led the team in sacks with limited reps. Coples breaks out next season. I still like Hill, you can't teach height and speed, dude will eventually catch on.
  14. Who should be in the banner?

    Use smaller image on the right
  15. is Landry's price being overrated?

    Love what Landry brought to the defense this year. A real enforcer in the secondary. I hope the Jets re-sign him for the right amount and like T0m said earlier, sure he proved his health this season, but it's hard to bet on Landry being healthy year in and year out.